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17 ways to integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

17 ways to integrate Facebook and email marketing. 3 types of integration: strategy/metrics integration; audience integration; message integration.

From Jay Baer and Convince & Convert.

Includes links to several free online tools to assist with Facebook and email marketing integration

17 ways to integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

  1. Killer Integration ofFacebook and Email
  2. Integration, Not IsolationEmail Facebook
  3. 3 Areas of Integration• Strategic Integration• Channel & Audience Integration• Message Integration
  4. 1. Strategic Integration84% of Facebook fans are current customers! (DDB)• Facebook tries to keep the brand top-of-mind among people who have opted-in• Email tries to keep the brand top-of-mind among people who have opted-in The Facebook people in your company, and the email people in your company should be the SAME people
  5. Metrics Metrics are similar, with different names: • Email subscribes = Facebook likes • Email unsubscribes = Facebook unsubscribes • Email opens = Facebook impressions • Email clicks = Facebook feedback • Email forwards = Facebook shares
  6. Metrics
  7. Metrics
  8. Advanced Metrics with Pagelever
  9. Integrated ROI New cross-channel Google Analytics determines true impact of each channel
  10. Facebook Valuation via Email If you know your email investment, you can model Facebook value (free worksheet) Cost of 2 cents per email sent25% open rate = 8 cents per open • Determine TRUE cost per email sent 1,780,904 post views/month • Multiply by open rate = Facebook value of $142,472 • Equals true cost per email view • Value each Facebook post view event to find monthly value of Facebook
  11. Scheduling • Use email time of day testing to optimize Facebook status update schedule • Test nights! • Use email day of week testing to optimize Facebook status update schedule • Test weekends!
  12. 2. Channel & Audience IntegrationOne method of contact isn’t enough. Your goal should be to build a touch point corral around your best customers.• Email subscription• Facebook like• Twitter follow This is how you know you’re doing• SMS sign up something right as a loyalty marketer!• ….more
  13. Email Opt-ins on Facebook • Use your Facebook landing tab as an email opt-in opportunity • Test putting free content or special offers behind a “fan gate” with email sign-up ert
  14. Facebook Likes on Email Thank You• Promote your Facebook page on email thank you auto-responder • When they are in the mood to like you, ask them to “like” you!
  15. Email Opt-ins on Facebook • Encourage a Facebook “like” in the email unsubscribe process • Try to maintain at least one touch point Like Us
  16. Email Subscriptions via Social Log-in • Companies like Janrain serve unified log-in and database building systems • Convenience for your site visitors • Steady stream of data attributes for your company
  17. Use Social Functions in Email to Segment Audience • Most email providers have some sort of “share with your social network” button • Track the subscribers that click this button and build a “social media active” database segment for future use (great email blog)
  18. Include Best Performing Email Products in Facebook Store • F-commerce is easier than ever • Integrate email with Facebook store for special fan-only offers • Test social threshold deals
  19. 3. Message Integration Successful content in email can be used in Facebook, and vice- versa • Drive behavior wherever subscribers are comfortable performing it • Demonstrate integration and unification at the message level
  20. Headlines• Use email subject line testing to optimize Facebook ad headlines• The reverse also works• Consider ABCD subject line test in email (if your list is big enough)• Facebook also enables multiple ads
  21. ImagesImages have a sizable impact on click through rate for Facebook ads• Test multiple images (in combination with headlines) to determine best image for email• Note: This might also work with Google+, using different images sent to different circles
  22. Content Ideas • Use the speed and interaction of Facebook to source content for email and your website • Contest not usually necessary – just ASK
  23. Bring Facebook to Email • Popular and interesting status updates from fans can become not just “sponsored stories” as Facebook ads, but email content too.
  24. Real-time Email Push• Given the way Facebook’s Edge Rank (and now Graph Rank) formula works, likes and comments are critical to your content being above the fold – or at all• Status updates that are successful could be emailed (same day) to boost interactions even more, growing Edge Rank for the brand
  25. Cross-posted Email Components • Individual, popular pieces of an email newsletter can also be repurposed as Facebook status updates • Provides a second touch point for some customers • Gives the ability for instant interaction – boosting Edge Rank
  26. 3 Areas of Integration• 17 specific killer integration opportunities• How many are you doing today?• Do not tackle all of these at once• Tier the opportunities, and implement/test 2-4 to start• Remember, your Email people and your Facebook people should be working closely together – or be the same people
  27. Jay Baer Convince & Convert Free chapter: