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12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger

If you're serious about blogging for business, this is the presentation for you. Filled with real-world examples, data, experiments, and lessons from social media and content strategist Jay Baer, this 12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger presentation is from Blogworld Expo 2012.

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12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger

  1. Jay Baer Convince & Convert @jaybaerSign meat4:15pm!
  5. @jaybaerYour blog plays a serious role in your business.You make money from your blog (directly, orindirectly).You want to improve your blogging results andbreak through to the next level of success.
  7. @jaybaer ConvinceAndConvert.comBlog began July 1,20084 themesDesign byCopybloggerMedia/StudiopressGenesis platform660 posts75 authors (~500posts from me)~50,000visitors/month
  8. @jaybaer contentmarketing blog(Junta42)Top 10 socialmedia blog (SocialMedia Examiner)Top 20 marketingblog (AdAge)
  9. @jaybaerSocial and Content AcceleratorsCorporate and Agency ClientsInvolved in Dozens of Blog and ContentMarketing Scenarios Each Week
  10. @jaybaer Social Blog Sponsorship Revenue SpeakingSpeaking EngagementsRevenue Consulting Revenue Clients
  11. We’re in ThisTogether Flickr: pitel
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  13. @jaybaerMy Mom Read it First
  14. @jaybaer Exactly 3 years before I 2008 made my first nickel 2009 2010 Direct Revenue 20112012 (proj) $- $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000
  15. 2
  16. @jaybaerBlogging is an information meritocracyBlogging is the most competitive form ofcommunication other than word of mouthFor whom are you writing?Better to be the favorite blog of fewer people thanto be the “meh” blog of a larger group of people
  17. @jaybaer
  18. Key Question: “Because of this blog, <specific audience or persona> will <specific benefit>.”
  19. @jaybaerBetter understand what you’re creating, and forwhomEspecially useful exercise for group blogsWrite 50 headlines of posts you could (and wouldwant to create)Identify the questions you’ve answered and thetopical scatter patternWho needs those answers? That’s your audience
  20. @jaybaer1. Digital Marketing for Agencies2. Email and Social Confluence for Marketers3. Social Media for Marketing Directors and Owners4. Social and Content Acceleration for Social Media and Content Managers
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  22. @jaybaer
  23. @jaybaerDon’t value inspiration over perspirationYou always have “something to say”Every post has value to your audience, and to yourbusiness
  24. @jaybaer 6,8837000600050004000 2,959300020001000 14 25 0 Posts Visits
  25. @jaybaerBefore 2/5/12: 3 posts per week, 2 (or 3) by meAfter 2/5/12: 4 posts per week, 1 by me Guest post Staff post Podcast transcript
  26. 4
  27. @jaybaerMove beyond the word Interviews Videos Podcasts Presentations SurveysPublish at least one non-standard posteach week
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  36. @jaybaerGive away knowledge snacks to sellinformation mealsHow far will you open the kimono?
  39. Quote to Remember: “Giving someone a list of ingredients doesn’t make them a chef.”
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  41. @jaybaerSomething special you can put in your editorialcalendar every weekYour ONE ThingMakes content planning much easier
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  46. @jaybaerUnless you’re selling ads, traffic has very littleinherent valueIt’s about behavior, not page viewsYour blog must have an overall Call-to-Action andeach post should have one too
  47. @jaybaer
  48. Key Question: “After visiting this blog, I want readers to do <action>. Second best is <action>. At a minimum, <action>.”
  49. 8
  50. @jaybaerCommunity drives repeat visits and sharing behaviors“The difference between an audience and acommunity is the direction the chairs are facing.” -- Chris Brogan
  51. @jaybaerWelcomeFacilitateAnswer ConversationAgent.comConnectThank
  52. @jaybaer
  53. @jaybaerYour community isn’t your validation, you are (andthe numbers are)You want community, but you don’t need itBlog comments are not a business model – nor evena particularly sound metric
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  55. @jaybaer
  56. @jaybaer 4 Years Blogging.New Visitor % is still 70%.
  57. @jaybaerHome page is landingpage for 14% of visits.
  59. Key Question: “What search term will people use to find this post in Google, realistically?”
  60. 10
  61. @jaybaerWhat is your REAL goal?Your REAL goal is something that sustains you Blog comments isn’t a real goal Blog traffic isn’t a real goal Retweets isn’t a real goal Each of these is a link in the chain toward your real goal (maybe)
  62. @jaybaerNumber that count up from zero are usually inferiorto ratios and percentagesSet up Goals, Funnels, and Events tracking in GoogleAnalytics to measure behaviors that drivesustainability and financial meaningEven if you don’t sell online, there are behaviorsthat matter to your business
  63. @jaybaer % visits to newsletterpage, and conversions (subscriptions)
  64. @jaybaer% visits to podcast page
  65. @jaybaer% visits to speaking page
  66. @jaybaer% visits to consulting pages
  67. @jaybaerAfter looking at top-level goal completions andratios, examine where those conversions are comingfrom Search? Which keywords? Which posts? Social? Which venues? Which tweets/updates? Use Google’s new Assisted Conversions to credit appropriately
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  69. @jaybaer
  70. @jaybaerSlideshare!! (connect to Linkedin, too)ScribdComments on other blogs (huge, especially at first)YouTubePinterestInstagramPodcastsEtc. etc.
  71. Quote to Remember: “Think small. You need to be a digital dandelion.”
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  73. @jaybaerDo More Icons = More Shares?Scrolling or non-scrolling?Do you support the new kids on the block? Pinterest BufferIndustry-specific sharing buttons?
  74. @jaybaerBuild a well of good willShine the light on others, and the light will shineback on youIt’s not quid pro quo, but if you want your contentto be shared, be a great sharerShare down, not just up
  75. @jaybaerIt matters. A lot.Lists still workUnexpected wordsIncorporate keywords
  76. Download Convince & Convert @jaybaer
  77. Jay Baer Convince & Convert @jaybaerSign meat4:15pm!