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  • Explain that the information on the web won’t be arranged in any way (very different from library arrangement)
  • Internet searchingnewver

    1. 1. Add Your Company Slogan Internet Searching
    2. 2. Group Members Nashfa1 Zabir2 Visala3 Azhar4 Zaha5
    3. 3. Contents Introduction1 Directories2 Search Engines3 MetaSearch Engines4 Search Strategies5
    4. 4. Introduction With the arrival of the WWW came the widespread availability of online information Answers to your questions are somewhere on the web, but how do you locate them?
    5. 5. DIRECTORIES • Method of finding and organizing web information • Offers a hierarchical representation of hyperlinks to web pages and presentations broken down to topics and subtopics • Review and classified by human editors
    6. 6. Directories : classification General Specialized •Also called web directory or subject directory •Top level provides a wide range of broad topics. E.g. Music / Entertainment. •Also called subject guides or gateway pages •Deals with a variety of topics. E.g. law, medicine. Benefits Easy to use Need not know what you are looking for
    7. 7. Search Engines : introduction • A computer program • Submit a query describing the information you want to locate • Searches its databases to try and match your query • Collates and returns a list of URL’s which matches your query • Permits you to revise and resubmit a query
    8. 8. Search engines : classification General Specialized •Also called vertical search engine or a topic search engine •Retrieves information from a database that contains information on a wide variety of topics •Provides in-depth information on specific topics that may be valuable •Exists for a multitude of topics •MP3s •Shopping •News etc Not as easy to use as directories. WHY??
    9. 9. Metasearch Engines • Does not have their own database of information • Calls many search engines to do the actual work Advantage: You can access a number of different search engines with a single query Disadvantage: You will get a lot of results which will not be of interest to you. Therefore you will spend a lot of time evaluating the results and deciding which link to follow
    10. 10. Directories and search engines : Popular MetaSearch Engines Directories Search Engines
    11. 11. Boolean Queries : AND operator A A A A A A A A A A A A B B B B B B B B B B B B
    12. 12. Boolean Queries : OR operator A A A A A A A A A A A A B B B B B B B B B B B B
    13. 13. Search Strategies • Determine which search engine • Possesses a user-friendly interface • Has a easy-to-understand, comprehensive documentation • Is convenient to access; that is you do not have to wait several minutes before being able to submit a query • Contains a large database • Does a good job in assigning relevancy scores
    14. 14. Exercise
    15. 15. THANK YOU