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The future of IoT paper


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It is a Document explaining the basic structure a mechanism of the Internet of Things Technology.

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The future of IoT paper

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF IoT  Abstract  Introduction to IoT  Structure and model of IoT devices(explained how they are developed and how they works)  Explanation of different IoT models of different areas  Advantages with IoT  Challenges and barriers to IoT  Scope of IoT  Conclusion  References The paper introduces the introduction and explanation of Internet of Things concept with the advanced level applications of it in our regular life. It focuses on how the IoT devices work and how they are developed. It describes how it collaborates with human life and also how it is changing human life. The paper overviews the advantages as well as challenges. It discusses the concept of origin of Big Data and Big Data Analytics. The paper in detail explain how Internet of Things arelinked in severalareas like Robotics, Automobile Industry,SmartHoming systems, SmartCities etc. with the opportunities they providefollowed by scopeof Internet of Things and conclusion and references Internet of Things, Robotics, Automobile Industry, Smart Homing systems, Smart Cities, IoT, Big Data, Analytics etc., The word “internet” refers to network and “of things” refers that which if about objects. The definition of IoT can be given as the set of devices connected in a network which are able to communicate and pass collected data with each other devices.
  2. 2. It is not any newly brought invention it has present from past many years. When we consider people, animals, plants etc. as things then we can probably state that IoTis present from a long period of time. As a technically developed generation of today is implementing that in the senseof technical devices.This can also bestated as internet of everything. As we know we have many technical devices which are enabling us to communicate with each other in a passionate way. So many researches are being done to make that these devices to communicate by themselves and to make human life comfortable The mode of internet of things changes fromone scenario to another scenario. But the basic working model of IoT devices remain constant. 1. They might be micro controllers, embedded devices etc. but initially they must be embedded with some or the other type of sensors. It depends on the field on which we areworking on and whattype of data we wantto gain and with respect to that what type of sensors we are using for that. 2. After the sensors are affixed they are set for connectivity to where the collected data has to be sent. For this we use ipv4 or ipv6 format internet protocol address and we make the data to be transferred perfectly with the help of proper networking systems like network hubs, routers etc. 3. If the collected data is large then we make use of cloud services as a part of this IoT communication. 4. Last but not least the privacy and security is maintained for the data. Five models of IoT devices regarding four best fields are presented by us here 1. Medicine model 2. Robotics model 3. Smart city model 4. Industrial business model 5. Automobiles model
  3. 3. There are many advantages with IoT 1. Itreduces stress and strain to human life 2. Itmakes us live comfortable and happy 3. Ithelps in solving many difficult problems 4. Makes our life most efficient 1. Privacy Privacy is needed for each and every information or data which is gained by the IoTdevices. If everyonearegiven access to every data gained by any device it leads to many problems. Henceprivacy is one of the major issues of IoT. 2. Security The data collected should be kept secured so that it should be accessible to the authenticated ones. To preventdata frombeing hacked and or being manipulated 3. Unemployment Because of this IoTunemploymentis coming into picture where many devices are used instead of human resources which is leading to drastic problem of unemployment which is becoming a major barrier for IoTso this should be balanced every time. There is a large scope of IoTfor future. 1. Google invested 3.2 billion on IoTdevices through nest a part of google smartthings in 2014. 2. IBMinvested 3 billion on IoTin 2015 3. Wipro invested 4 billion on IoTin 2016 (published in your story magazine 2nd feb 2016) By the following analysis wecan say that how far IoTis being developed and how far it is being focused. Hence we can say there is a large scope of IoTin future. One who wants to build up their future and make up good money for their money can also be focused in this area.
  4. 4. By this we can probably state that this IoThas made our life so comfortableand we are able to live our life so efficiently with the contributions of IoTdevices hope to make the futurebrilliant by using IoTdevice and let us watch the future of IoT. 1. cture_of_Internet_of_ThingsIOT_business_operation_support_platform 2. investment.html 3. 4.