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about japan


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about japan

  2. 2. History of Japan Paleolithic AgePolished stone axes, excavated at Hinatabayashi B site, Shinano city, Nagano. Pre-Jōmon period,30,000 BC. Tokyo National Museum
  3. 3. Ancient JapanJOmon periodYayoi period kofun period Classical JapanAsuka periodNara periodHeian period
  4. 4. Feudal Japan (1185–1868)Kamakura periodKemmu periodMuromach periodSengoku periodAzuchi-Momoyama periodChristian missions Edo ("Tokugawa") period (1603–1868)
  5. 5. RELIGION RELIGIONUpper estimates suggest that 84–96 percent of the Japanesepopulation subscribe to Buddhism or Shinto, including a largenumber of followersestimates suggest that 84–96both religions. Upper of a syncretism of percent of the Japanese population subscribe to Buddhism or Shinto, including a largeonly 30 % of the populationofidentify themselves number of followers a syncretismof both asbelonging to a religion religionsthe level of participation remains high, especiallyduring festivalsone percent of Japanese are Christian
  6. 6. ShintoShinto, meaning "the way of the gods", is Japans indigenous religionand is practiced by about 83% of the population.Shinto originated in prehistoric times as a religion with a respectfor nature and for particular sacred sites.These sites may have originally been used to worship the sun, rockformations, trees and even sounds.Typical Shinto shrine with paper streamers made out ofunprocessed hemp fibre.
  7. 7. BuddhismThe history of Buddhism in Japan can be roughly divided into threeperiods, namely the Nara period (710-794), the Heian period (794–1185) and the post-Heian period (1185 onwards) The Tōshōdai-ji was an early Buddhist temple in Nara
  8. 8. LanguagesThe Major Language Speak in Japan is JAPANESEMore than 99 percent of the populationspeaks Japanese as their first languageJapanese is an agglutinative language and a mora-timed language. It has a relatively small soundinventory, and a lexically significant pitch-accent system