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Web advantage suite_brochure (nx_power_lite)


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Web advantage suite_brochure (nx_power_lite)

  1. 1. 21   Print  Manager  Plus®   WebAdvantage  Suite  Option  Brochure   >  Web  Private  Print  Cloud.   >  Web  Print  Job  Release  Station  &  Cashier.   >  Web  Add  Credit  and  Pay-­‐for-­‐Print  Kiosk.   >  Web  Print  Queue  Integration.   >  Web  Client  Billing  Integration.   >  Web  End  User  Inquiry  Tool.   >  PayPal  and  Authorize.Net  Integration.   At-­‐A-­‐Glance   Using  your  intranet  to  run  from  the  WebAdvantage  Suite  Option  will   allow  many  different  scenarios  for  organizations.  Integrated  with  all  of   your  print  queues  the  Suite  can  be  logged  into  by  users,  allowing  them  to   >  Simple  to  Install  and   Print  Via  the  Web,  View  their  print  job  metrics  and  choose  to  print,   Easy  to  Use.     delete,  or  even  pay  for  print  jobs  from  a  web  based  interface.   >  100%  Web  Based.   >  No  Hardware     This  fully  integrated   compared  to  more  expensive  hardware   accessories  needed.   web  product,  which   accessorized  products  that  require  long     >  Private  Print  Cloud.   ties  into  Windows   installation  wait  times,  and  services  that   >  Release  Station  and     print  queue   are  cost  prohibitive  by  any  means.  If  the   Cashier.   functionality   initial  sticker  shock  doesn’t  bother  you  then   >  Add  Credit  and  Pay-­‐for-­‐ whilst  fully  supported  by  Print  Manager   the  yearly  maintenance  costs  will!   Print  Kiosk.   Plus  metrics  gives  you  full  control  and   added  value  in  any  printing  environment.   That  is  why  we  built  this  product  to  give   >  Print  Queue  Integration.   you  an  inexpensive,  but  thoroughly   >  Print  Manager  Plus   Using  your  intranet  to  run  from,  the   integrated  software  only  product,  using  the   Integration.   WebAdvantage  Suite  working  with  Print   latest  in  web  technology.    The  ROI  while   >  Client  Billing  Integration.   Manager  Plus  will  allow  many  different   using  this  with  Print  M anager  Plus  is  very   >  End  User  Inquiry  Tool.   scenarios  for  Schools,  Libraries,  Healthcare,   fast,  and  further  use  just  adds  money  to   >  PayPal  or   Insurance,  Government  and  Corporate   your  budget,  so  don’t  wait,  download  a   Integration.   customers.   fully  functional  evaluation  and  try  it  for   your  organization  today,  or  call  us,  and  one   >  Supports  Active   The  product  install  is  easy  and  fast  taking   of  our  experts  will  walk  you  through  the   Directory  and  LDAP   advantage  of  all  Windows  has  to  offer,  we   setup.   Authentication.   do  the  work  for  you,  fully  setting  up  IIS  and   >  Acts  as  an  A ttended  or   preparing  the  machine  so  the  software  can   At  Print  M anager,  we  believe  in  great   Unattended  Print  Release   be  used  immediately.   technology.  We  believe  g reat  technology   Kiosk.   can  and  should  delight  people.  And  we   >  Compliant  with  HIPAA,   The  Administrative  interface  can  be  used  to   believe  in  going  the  extra  mile  for  our  users   set  user  rules  and  permissions  so  that  your   and  making  the  perfect  product.  We  hate   Sarbanes-­‐Oxley  and  EU   end  users  can  start  printing  files  via  the  web   waste  and  the  negative  effects  on  our   Data  Protection  Acts.   using  our  driverless  printing  technology  or   environment,  which  comes  from  a  printer   >  Pricing  by  Print  Server   just  allowing  the  user  to  login  and  view  his   industry  geared  to  sell  you  more  paper,   running  Print  Manager   print  jobs  or  account  balance,  and  adding   more  ink  and  more  printers.  They  are  not   Plus.   credits  or  releasing  print  jobs  themselves   incented  to  give  you  control  over  this     through  an  online  cashier.   waste,  but  we  are.  We  believe  that  great     technology  can  put  IT  in  control  of  waste   The  product  is  an  easy  alternative   and  let  you  get  on  with  your  job.     PRINT  MANAGER   CONTACT   WEB   PO  Box  7343   USA:  650-­‐521-­‐5275   WWW.PRINTMANAGER.COM   Menlo  Park,  CA  94026,  USA   EUR:  +44  117  205  0175     INFO@PRINTMANAGER.COM