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Version comparison print manager (nx power lite)


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Version comparison print manager (nx power lite)

  1. 1. Print Manager USA: 650-521-5275 Account Login | Cart (0) Europe: +44 117 205 0175 Solutions Products Support News Company Contact Print Manager Plus Features Grid by Products, Agent, and Options Licensing Licensed by Print Server X X Licensed by Number of Workstations X X Supports Installation on Windows Server 2003/2008 X X X X X X X Supports Installation on Windows Vista/Seven X X X X X X X X Supports Installation on Windows Server 2000 X X X X Supports Installation on Windows XP X X X X X Supports Active Directory X X X X X X X Supports Windows Workgroups X X X X X X X X LDAP Authentication X Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliancy. X X X Supports Data Protection Acts compliancy. X X X SQL Express Database for Single Servers and X X X X Workgroups Supports Local and Remote SQL 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 X X Database Special Licensing Supports Installation on Server 2008 Core Edition X Supports Installation on Microsoft Clustered Services X Works with Server 2008 Core Edition Installations X X X X X X Works with Microsoft Clustered Services Installations X X X X X X Terminal Services Environments and Servers X X X X X Supports Multiple Domain Active Directories and Forests X Basic Functionality Tracks Print Server Based Printing X X Tracks Direct IP / Workstation Based Printing X X X X Tracks Printing for all Brands, Manufacturers and Types X X X of Devices Tracks and Supports all Large Format Printing X X X Tracks, Totals and Sumarizes Printing Costs X X X Print Job Metrics Tracked: Page Count, Color, Copies, Duplex, Page Size, Linear Length, Square Area, NUP X X X and Bandwidth Print Job Information Tracked: Cost, Document Title,1 of 2 6/27/2012 6:18 PM
  2. 2. Print Manager Site Map Markets Links & Partner Sites Twitter Home Secondary and K12 Print Manager Solutions College and University Print Manager Plus Facebook Products Non-Profit Organizations Audit Printing Support Libraries Print Management Software News Small and Medium Size Business Reduce Printing YouTube Company Corporate and Global 2000 Print System Software Contact Local, State, and Federal Restrict Printing Blog Privacy & Security Government Manage Printing Legal Healthcare Track Printing Law Firms Reduce Printing Costs Real Estate Firms Control Printing Architectural Firms Monitor Printing Engineering Firms Software Shelf Support Public Relations Firms Marketing Firms Printer Consulting IT Consulting Print Management - Print Manager - Audit - Control - Security - Manage - Cloud Printing - At Print Manager, we believe in great technology. We believe great technology can and should delight people. And we believe in going the extra mile for our users and making the perfect product. We hate waste and the negative effects on our environment which comes from a printer industry geared to sell you more paper, more ink and more printers. They are not incented to give you control over this waste, but we are. We believe that great technology can put IT in control of waste and let you get on with your job. Copyright © 2012 Print Manager. All Rights Reserved. PRINT MANAGER HEADQUARTERS | 932 Santa Cruz Ave. | Suite B-1 | Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA | 650.521.52752 of 2 6/27/2012 6:18 PM