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Print Manager Plus


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Print Manager Plus

Monitor , Manager , Allow Quota for your Network Printer

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Print Manager Plus

  1. 1. Software Shelf International, Inc. ®Print Manager Plus 2010 ®
  2. 2. Print Manager Plus 2010 Introduction
  3. 3. Print Server Based TrackingServer Based Support Includes:Server 2000, 2003 & Server 2008X86 and X64 Implementations Fully SupportedSupports any Printing Processed by the Windows SpoolerVirtual Setups such as VMware ESX & MS Virtual ServerFail Over Implementations such as Microsoft Cluster Services and AMT Software’s Doubletake
  4. 4. Printing Handled by Print Manager Plus Job Sources Supported Job Destinations Supported • Windows Clients NT, 2000, XP, • Network Printers via TCP & LPR Vista, Window 7 • Network Shares using Local Ports • Other Windows Servers • Large Format Printers • Linux/Unix Servers and Clients • Locally Attached Devices (LPT, USB) • Mac OS9 and Later • Print to File Tracking • AS/400 and more • Any other port provided it spools • Any other client printing through the through the Windows Windows Spooler
  5. 5. What Print Manager Plus Does Tracks Printing from any client or source, that is spooled by Windows Provides Summary and Detailed reporting on printing Save on printing costs via Restrictions and Quotas Integrates tracking with Microsoft Active Directory Prompts for Job Authentication Apply restrictions per Printer, User, Group or Organizational Unit Keeps users informed about their printing usage
  6. 6. Information per Print Job Environment & Network Statistics Job Statistics • Time Submitted • Active Directory Username • Server & Print Queue • Active Directory Full Name • Document Title • Active Directory Group or OU • Job Size • Root Organizational Unit • Page Count (Adjusted for NUp) • Custom User Name • Copy Count • Client / Project Billed • Color vs. Monochrome • Network Bandwidth • Duplex • Page Size and Length (for Plotters)
  7. 7. Common Print Manager Plus Setup TypePrint Manager Plus Setup Types Single Stand Alone Print Server with a Local Database Multiple Print Server’s Sharing a single MSSQL Database Multiple Print Servers, each using it own local Database Single or Multiple Print Servers, sharing a Central SQL Database with Workstation Connected Printer Agents Print Server and Workstation Connected Printers / Direct IP Printing
  8. 8. Single Stand Alone Print Server with a Local Database Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  9. 9. Multiple Print Servers sharing a single MSSQL Database Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  10. 10. Multiple Print Servers, each using it own local Database Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  11. 11. Multiple Print Servers, sharing a Central SQL Database withWorkstation Connected Printer Agents Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  12. 12. Print Server, Direct IP Printing & Workstation Agentssharing a Central SQL Database Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  13. 13. Print Manager Plus 2010Main Product Overview
  14. 14. Main Product Overview Print Manager Plus - Administrator  Graphical Interface to view the Users, Groups, Organizational Units and Printers being tracked.  Customization of Tracking Settings, Restrictions and Quotas which are stored in the database.  Provides Reporting using over 150 different Reports. Print Manager Plus - Service  Passively monitors traffic through the Windows Spooler and logs and stores it within the database.  Reads Active Directory on an as needed basis and stores this information to the database.  Enforces Restrictions, Quotas and Authentication rules it finds in the database. Print Manager Plus - Database  Stores Configuration, Job History and Restriction/Quota information.  Usually SQL 7.0/2000/2005/2008 Full or Express Version. Can be MS Access in small Standalone setups.  Connected to using ODBC and Windows Authentication by the Server and Administrator
  15. 15. Print Manager Plus - AdministratorKey Features Sample Print Manager Plus Administrator – PMPAdmin.exe Active Directory View:  Users View  Group View  Organizational Unit View Printers:  Cost Settings  Restrictions  Grouping Reporting  Summary & Detailed Reports  Graphical Reports Management  eUpdate  Server Status  Advanced Configurations
  16. 16. Print Manager Plus - Service Print Manager Plus Service - Windows ServiceKey Features PQService.exe & PQCore.exe Passively Monitors the Spooler  Parses print jobs  Stores the information Enforces Restrictions/Quotas  Checks for Quotas  Checks for Restrictions  Deletes, Pauses or Resumes Saves Active Directory Information  Saves User Information to DB  Saves Group/OU Membership Can Prompt for Authentication  Username & Password Challenges  Client / Project Selection
  17. 17. Administrator & Service Comparison Print Manager Plus - Administrator Print Manager Plus - Service• Views Active Directory View Settings, and saves • Looks up Active Directory Information as needed settings on demand. when Users print. Saves this to the database.• Sets Configuration for Printers and Print Servers • Works off set Configurations for Printers & Service• Sets Restrictions/Quotas • Read and enforces Restrictions/Quotas• Sets Authentication Options • Obtains appropriately set Authentication• Saves configuration settings to database • Refers to database for configuration settings• Electronic Updates • Cannot update itself• Summary, Detailed and Graphical Reporting • Stores print history to the database for reporting• Is not required for the tracking of Print Jobs • Must be running to track Printing
  18. 18. Print Manager Plus - Database Print Manager Plus Database – ODBC DatabaseKey Features PrintManager.MDF & PrintManager_log.LDF OR PMPQuota.mdb Stores Print History  Stores a detailed record for each Print Job  Includes record of restricted Jobs Holds Active Directory Information  Stores AD Users and Information  Group/OU Membership  Custom Group Membership Configuration Settings  Stores Printer and Server Settings  Stores Restrictions / Quotas Administrative Information  MS SQL 7.0/2000/2005/2008  Uses Windows Authentication  Can be MS Access
  19. 19. Print Manager Plus 2010The Process of a Print Job
  20. 20. The Process of a Print Job Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  21. 21. Phase I: Document Spooling Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  22. 22. Phase II: Print Job Parsing and Processing Legend Flow of Print Job Pre-Tracking Flow of Print Job Post-Tracking Flow of Print Job Data Flow of Print Job Settings
  23. 23. Phase III: Release of the Print Job Data Flow Legend Print Job Pre-Tracking Print Job Post-Tracking Print Job Metrics Print Job Configuration
  24. 24. Phase I: Technical Notes  Windows Clients  Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 Clients  Windows Servers forwarding Jobs (Local / LPR Ports)  Other Clients  Macintosh & Linux Workstations  Main frames, Unix, AS/400  Anything spooling via the Windows Spooler Note: LPR Preferred for non-windows Clients
  25. 25. Phase I: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Unable to Connect or Print  Check Security within Windows Printers Folder  Check Server and other Routers/Firewalls: Printing Ports: 445 TCP (Minimally) 137 UDP, 138 UDP, 139 TCP (Recommended NetBIOS Ports) 515 LPR Printing (Print Services for Unix)  Check / Restart Windows Spooler Service  Last resort Stop Print Manager Plus service or Exclude problematic printer and re-test. If this allows printing, then the job is restricted within Phase II
  26. 26. Phase I: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Not Tracking  Check that Print Job Spooling through the Print Server. Example: Visually ensure the job enters the queue on the server (Pause the queue if necessary)  Ensure the Printer is not set to “Print Directly to Printer”. This is a windows setting within each print queue.  Check that the Print Manager Plus Service is running  Ensure the job is successfully printing. If not then it may be restricted. See Troubleshooting Phase II.
  27. 27. Phase II: Technical Notes  Job Parsing Occurs  The print job is pared for detailed print job metrics such as Pages, Copies, Duplex, Color and Page Size  User Name and Source Workstation also determined  Over 40 Printer Languages Supported for Parsing allowing proper tracking for virtually any Print Job.  No Print Job Alterations are Made  Print Job is held during Parsing
  28. 28. Phase II: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Full Job Information Logged  Settings read from Database to determine final Job Cost  User, Group and OU Information retrieved from Database or Active Directory as necessary.  Print Job is logged with full Metrics, Job Cost and User Information
  29. 29. Phase II: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Authentication Performed (Optional)  Printer Settings checked from the database for enabled Billing or Authentication Options  End User can be challenged for Custom or Active Directory Username and Password.  End User can be prompted for Client / Project to bill to  Database updated with updated User, or Client/Project Data  Job is held while Authentication is Pending
  30. 30. Phase II: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Restrictions / Quotas Enforces  Printer and User checked for Restrictions and Quotas.  Job metrics and cost are compared to enabled restrictions and quota  If a restriction is met the job is Paused or Deleted  Balance is deducted appropriately, or job is restricted if insufficient balance exists.  Job is held while settings are checked.
  31. 31. Phase II: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Print Job Not Printing  Check if the job being restricted via Denied Print Job Reports or by checking the JobLog table for records where PMPJobState 2 or 3.  Check Printer, User, Group and OU for restrictions that may apply to that job or for sufficient user balance. Installing the EUIT to received job restriction notification will assist.  Check Configure Print Manager Actions for Authentication Security and/or Print Security. (See User Guide)  Finally, stop Print Manager Plus service or exclude printer. Issue may be a spooler, application or driver issue.
  32. 32. Phase II: Technical Notes (Continued…)  Print Job Not Tracking  Ensure Print job is successfully printing, if not check for restrictions and other reasons it is not printing.  Check that job is spooling locally on the server running Print Manager Plus.  Ensure the Printer is not set to “Print Directly to Printer”. This is a windows setting within each print queue.  Check JobLog manually for print jobs. Check PMPJobState field for status.
  33. 33. Phase III: Technical Notes  Print Job Resumed  The print job resumed for printing in most cases.  If held for restriction, end user popup is sent. Users will need the End User Inquiry Tool or the Authentication Module to receive these pop ups.  Job is sent to the printer unchanged in the same manner if there were no tracking installed.
  34. 34. Phase III: Technical Notes (continued…)  Print Job Does not Print  Double check that no restriction was applied.  Check the print queue for the job. If found paused and does not auto-resume quickly ensure no restrictions are set to pause the job. Ensure database is available, Print Manager Plus may hold jobs for several minutes while attempting to contact the database.  If print job is found in the queue stuck at a status of Printing then Print Manager Plus has completed its tracking process and the printer should be checked for errors.
  35. 35. Print Manager Plus 2010 Main Product Install
  36. 36. Main Product Install Overview Main Installer:  Pre-Requisites  Main installer is within the  Mdac 2.7 or later for SQL Database (install launched by: setup.exe)  Jet Database Engine 4.0 and Later for MS Access  The launching user requires local Administrative  .Net Framework 2.0 for local SQL Express Option rights on the Print Server.  The launching user also requires rights to connect to and verify the Print Manager Plus database, or to  Silent Install Run by Configuring setup.ini create it.  Database Option Configured within setup.ini  Service Logon User Specified Database Options:  License Key specified  Existing MSSQL 7.0/2000/20005/2008 Instance  Create a local SQL Express 2005 Instance  Local Microsoft Access DB
  37. 37. Main Product Install Process Enter License Key:  Configure Database Option  Provide the valid Print Manager Plus License  MS Access: Small single server setups Accept the License Agreement  Local MSSQL Express: Creates a local MS SQL 2005 Express instance and database for small to  Review and accept the license agreement to install midsize environments. Select the Install Type  Create DB on an Existing Database Server: Common for larger setups choosing a central SQL  Full Setup: For a print server where both the Database. Creates a Print Manager database on Service and the Administrator are needed. an existing local or remote database  Admin Only: For installing just the admin console and for not tracking any printers on that machine.  Connect to an Existing Database: Connects to a central or local database that has Choose Install Location: already been created. Common for installing additional servers in a multi-Print Server  Default install location: environment. C:Program FilesSoftware Shelf International  Finalize Installation:  Choosing Install will Complete the install. A reboot is required before full tracking will occur.
  38. 38. Main Product – Introduction & License KeyWelcome Screen: Product License Key:
  39. 39. Main Product – Agreement & Install LocationProduct License Agreement: Install Location
  40. 40. Main Product – Install Type Install Type Selection
  41. 41. Main Product – Database Selection Database Selection
  42. 42. Main Product – Service Account Connecting to a SQL Database – Service Account
  43. 43. Main Product – SQL Server Instance Connecting to a SQL Database – SQL Selection
  44. 44. Main Product – Finalizing the InstallInstall After Database Configuration Restart to ensure proper tracking
  45. 45. Print Manager Plus 2010Administrator Introduction
  46. 46. Print Manager Plus Administrator Introduction  Users Tab  Client Billing  Shows Users pulled from AD  List of Clients, Projects or Departments available  Shows Users within the Local Database to bill jobs to.  Combines Database Settings to create a complete view of Users.  Printers  List if Printers being Tracked  Groups Tab  Printer Cost Settings  Shows the Security Groups from Active Directory  Printer Restrictions  Shows settings placed on Groups.  Displays any Custom Groups  Print Servers  Displays the Default User Settings  List of Print Servers and Workstation Agents that are connected to this database.  Organizational Units Tab  Shows Organizational Units from Active Directory  Reports  Shows settings placed on Organizational Units  Detailed, Summary and Graphical Reports  Additional Configuration  Various Menus for additional Configuration
  47. 47. PMP Administrator – Users Tab
  48. 48. PMP Administrator – User Group Defaults Tab
  49. 49. PMP Administrator – Organizational Units Tab
  50. 50. PMP Administrator – Client Billing Tab
  51. 51. PMP Administrator – Printers Tab
  52. 52. PMP Administrator – Printer Servers Tab
  53. 53. PMP Administrator – Reports Tab
  54. 54. Print Manager Plus 2010Using the Active Directory View
  55. 55. User View Filter Over View – Default View (Combined) Legend Reading Users AD Reading Groups / OUs from AD Saving Users Settings to the DB Retrieving User Settings
  56. 56. PMP Administrator –View Filter
  57. 57. User View Filter Over View – All Domain User’s Off Legend Reading Users AD Reading Groups / OUs from AD Saving Users Settings to the DB Retrieving User Settings
  58. 58. PMP Administrator – Traverse Nested Groups
  59. 59. Print Manager Plus 2010 Database Information
  60. 60. Database Overview What is Stored in the database?  Print History  Printer Settings  Stores a detailed record for each Print Job  Printer Cost Settings  Includes record of restricted Jobs  Printer and User Restrictions  Printer Group Membership  Authentication Requirements  Active Directory / Network Users  Users that have printed through the spooler since installing Print Manager Plus (default settings)  Username, Full Name, Root OU and Group  Configuration Settings Membership Data  Database Version Information  User Quotas and Restrictions  Print Manager Actions (what occurs when a restriction is met)  Active Directory Groups and OUs that have been enabled from the Administrator.  Licensing Information  Custom Groups that have been created.  Admin Rights Settings  Custom Active Directory Field data  Other settings
  61. 61. Database Table Information Table Name Table Contents_DB_Stats Current database version, as well as database version history. (Do not edit)AdminRights PMP Administrator Logon Accounts and Privilege InformationAdvancedQuotas Advanced Quotas Information. Used only when separate Quotas are used per each Printer Group.Configuration Configuration settings such as Print Manager Plus Actions, Nested Group Options, and more… Contains any trusted Active Directory domains used for the listing and tracking of additional domains. This also contains any additionalDomains LDAP directories used with Username and Password authentication within the Client Billing & Authentication edition. Stores both Active Directory Groups and Organizational Units that have been enabled. It also stores Custom Groups and the DefaultGroupQuotas User Settings.JobLog Each print job handled by Print Manager Plus. Allowed and Denied jobs both reside in this table.PaperTypes The paper types used for charging specific costs per size.Printers Each printer being tracked by Print Manager Plus and its settings. Also holds Default Printer Settings. Each server or workstation running the Print Manager Plus service connected to this database. This includes theirPrintServers license status and registration key used.Project Listing of Clients / Projects available to be prompted for on each print job.UserCreditLog A history of Credit Added or Taken away from the user from the PMP Administrator. Each User that has printed, or had an account manually enabled from the Print Manager Plus Administrator. This includes their FullUserQuotas Name, Group/OU memberships, quotas and restrictions.
  62. 62. Key Tables and their Contents JobLog UserQuotas GroupQuotas Printers Record of every print  Every User that  Each group / OU that  Each Printer being job processed. printed through the has a configured monitored by PMP server (typical) account in PMP. Job Metrics of every  Cost Settings Print Job.  Group Membership  Nested Group Membership  Printer Restrictions UserName and  User’s Restrictions Applied Group  Default User Settings  Printer Group  User’s Quota Membership Job Cost Applied  Group/OU Restriction  Full Name and Quota Defaults  Authentication Options  Custom AD Field  Custom Groups
  63. 63. Connecting to the DatabasePMP Administrator PMP Service Installers Third Party / Custom PMPAdmin.exe PQService.exe & Setup.exe Applications PQCore.exe Connects via ODBC using  Connects via ODBC  Created the ODBC  May use ODBC, or other the SystemDSN using the SystemDSN Connection within technologies such as “PrintManagerPlus” “PrintManagerPlus” SystemDSN “PrintManagerPlus” Used Windows  Used Windows  Custom Apps may use Authentication for the Authentication via the  Used Windows Windows or SQL launching User Service Log on as Authentication of the Authentication. (Not the service logon). Account. launching user to connect, create or verify the database  May add columns, but not Requires DB_DataReader  Requires recommended. & DB_Datawriter DB_DataReader & DB_Datawriter  Requires DB_Owner if Updating  Can add custom tables eUpdate Requires DB_Owner
  64. 64. Print Manager Plus 2010 Agents and Options
  65. 65. Print Manager Plus – Agents and OptionsAuthentication Module & Workstation Connected Remote Administrator Report Viewer End User Inquiry Tool Printer Agent PMPAdmin.exe ReportViewer.exe CheckPages.exe PQService .exe & PQCore.exe Can display user balance  Tracks printing on  Provides the Admin  Provides remote reporting information (EUIT Only) locally installed printers. console portion of Print features only. Manager Plus for remote administration. Informs end users of  Is a service only install  Relies on Windows restricted printed. of Print Manager Plus. Authentication of the  Relies on Windows launching user to connect Authentication of the to the database Prompts for  Relies on Windows launching user to authentication. Authentication and connect to the works directly with the database.  Requires DB_DataReader database. permissions. Communicates with Print Manager Plus service to  Allows all of the same obtain information using  Requires controls as the ports 445 or 48100/48101 DB_DataReader & Administrator on the DB_Datawriter rights. Print Server.
  66. 66. Print Manager Plus – EUIT / Authentication Module Standard Install Options: Silent Install Options  Installed using PMP_EUIT.MSI or  Supports standard MSI Silent Commands /qn /i PMP_AuthenticationModule.MSI Silent Install Example:  Requires Local Administrative Rights to Properly msiexec /i Install serversharepmp_euit.msi /qn  Requires no connection to the Print Manager  Supports standard MSI Uninstall /x command Plus Database Silent Uninstall Example:  Listed in Add/Remove Programs as: msiexec /x Print Manager Plus - Client serversharepmp_euit.msi /qn  Supports Group Policy department and is compatible with most Third Party Push Install programs.
  67. 67. Authentication Module vs. End User Inquiry Tool End User Inquiry Tool Authentication Module PMP_EUIT.MSI PMP_AuthenticationModule.MSI• Provides End User Pop ups of • Provides End User Pop ups of Restricted Print Jobs Restricted Print Jobs• Available in 7 Languages • Available in 7 Languages• Displays end user current balance • Displays end user current balance• Prompts for Authentication when • Prompts for Authentication when Enabled Enabled• Dword attribute EUIT allows module • Virtually the same as EUIT, but no to provide EUIT Function. auto display of balance.
  68. 68. Authentication Module / EUIT Restriction Examples Print Job Restricted – CopiesPrint Job Restricted - Lack of Balance Restriction
  69. 69. Authentication Module / EUIT Verification Examples Verification with Balance Verification without Balance
  70. 70. Authentication Module / EUIT Authentication ExamplesUsername & Password Authentication Client / Project Selection
  71. 71. End User Inquiry Tool - Functionality Task Tray - Sample EUIT Registry Settings EUIT Dword: 1 or 0 for EUIT Function On or Off Server String: Hard codes print server to retrieve balance from. (Optional) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESoftware Shelf International IncPrint Manager Plus - Client
  72. 72. EUIT / Authentication Module Troubleshooting Task Tray - Sample EUIT Registry Settings EUIT Dword: 1 or 0 for EUIT Function On or Off Server String: Hard codes print server to retrieve balance from. (Optional) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESoftware Shelf International IncPrint Manager Plus - Client
  73. 73. EUIT / Authentication Module Troubleshooting  “Contacting Server…” Message: If the module is stuck attempting to Contact the server, then it cannot broadcast for it. Ensure Print Manager Plus Service is running Hard Code Server Name in Registry Allow NetBIOS Broadcast  No Balance information bubble or balance information is blank or NULL. Ensure Print Manager Plus Service is running Allow TCP Ports 48100 & 48101 between Server and Workstation Allow NetBIOS Broadcast  EUIT Shows user balance as “Unknown User” The user is not saved to the PMP Database. Printing for the fist time will save them to the database (under typical settings)
  74. 74. EUIT / Authentication Module Troubleshooting  Ensure the Job was actually Restricted. If Not then: Ensure job meets the correct restriction criteria Check that the user or printing has the proper restriction that should have been applied  Check Workstation Local Firewall, and Network Firewalls: Allow TCP Ports 48100 & 48101 from Server to Workstation  Ensure CheckPage.exe is Running Within Processes ensure that CheckPages.exe is running on the workstation.
  75. 75. EUIT / Authentication Module Troubleshooting  Ensure the printer has Verification / Authentication Enabled. Check within the properties of the Printer within the Print Manager Plus Administrator.  Check Workstation Local Firewall, and Network Firewalls: Allow TCP Ports 48100 & 48101 from Server to Workstation  If Pop up is received, but job never resumes. Allow TCP Ports 48100 & 48101 from Workstation to Server  The wrong end user machine receives the Authentication Request Check Local DNS Server for registration issues
  76. 76. Workstation Connected Printer Agent Admin Install Notes: Silent Install Notes • Installer is basically a Service Only • Silent install can be configured by install of Print Manager Plus. editing the setup.ini in the main install, or using our MSI Installation. • Installer launching user must be an Admin of the workstation, and have • When launching silent install, launching read and write access to verify the user only needs to be an Admin of the database. local workstation. • Service logon account specified must • Service Logon specified must be a be an Admin of the workstation, and Local Admin of the workstation, have have read and write access to the SQL read and write access to the PMP Database. Database and also have the Logon As a Service right. • Workstation connected key used during install (Server can be used for service only server install).
  77. 77. WKS Connected Printer Agent Module Troubleshooting  Ensure the Print Manager Plus Service on the workstation is started.  Check that ODBC SystemDSN named “PrintManagerPlus” exists and is pointing at the correct SQL Database Server and Instance.  Verify that the Service Logon in the properties of the Print Manager Plus service is a local Admin of the Workstation and has DB_DataReader and DB_DataReader permissions to the SQL Database.
  78. 78. WKS Connected Printer Agent – Excess Printers  Option 1: They can be excluded from the Print Manager Plus Administrator under the Printer’s tab. They will continue to appear, but will remain disabled from tracking.  Option 2: Exclude the excess queues completely using PQExclude.txt. This is a standard text file that can be placed in the System32 (or SysWow64) on the workstation and contains printers to be excluded one per line. A large number of default entries are already included.
  79. 79. Remote Administration Console Admin Notes: • Uses the same installer as the main • Installing & Launching user must product by selecting Administrator have read and write permissions to Only Install. the Print Manager Plus database. • Can be silently installed by • Use Admin Rights Security to configuring setup.ini file. restrict user access by Group, OU and Print Server • Provides same functionality as the Admin console on the Print server. • Must be eUpdate separated of the main server. • Supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7 Workstations. • Unlimited installs allows.
  80. 80. Remote Report Viewer Remote Report Viewer Notes: • Uses its own Installer • Prompts for database location upon first launch • Can be silently installed using standard MSI Commands • Uses PrintManagerPlus ODBC connection within SystemDSN. • Provides same reports as the Print Manager Plus Administrator. • Requires DB_Reader permissions on the Print Manager Database • Supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7 Workstations. • Unlimited installs allows.
  81. 81. End