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Dame ware nt utilities


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DameWare NT Utilities

DameWare NT Utilities is the best choice for your remote support and remote administration needs! Validated by thousands of users and supported by SolarWinds, DameWare NTU lets you connect to remote desktops, laptops and servers, solve user issues, manage Windows® servers and configure Active Directory® – all from one convenient console!

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Dame ware nt utilities

  1. 1. DameWare NT Utilities: Remote Support SoftwareSupport remote users right from your desktop with a complete remoteadministration solution.DameWare NT Utilities is the best choice for your remote support and remote administration needs! Validatedby thousands of users and supported by SolarWinds, DameWare NTU lets you connect to remote desktops,laptops and servers, solve user issues, manage Windows® servers and configure Active Directory® – all fromone convenient console.DameWare NT Utilities Benefits • Easy-to-install, easy-to-use – intuitive, explorer-type interface. • Powerful remote desktop support with the included, award-winning DameWare Mini Remote Control software. • Time-saving remote system administration of your Windows servers. • Manage Active Directory and Group Policy from within one easy-to-use tool. • Configure and install client agents in bulk with included MSI builder. • Priced per-admin instead of per-managed computer, making it easy to afford!. • Learn MoreDameWare NT Utilities Key Features • One-click connections to remote laptops, desktops and servers – even unattended machines.
  2. 2. • Built-in chat, file transfer and one-click screenshots. • Manage domains, workstations, disk drives, event logs, groups, processes and more. • Export Windows device information and configurations into XML and CSV formats. • Manage Active Directory objects more easily than with native Microsoft tools. • All featuresWhat People Are Saying About DameWare NT Utilities"With DameWare NT Utilities and Mini Remote Control I can be everywhere at once… To me DameWare is my“CAKE” (Computer Access, Kung-Fu Edition) and I enjoy the fact that it makes my life easier."Chris E, Online Review“As a system admin, I cannot imagine life without Dameware. I found it 10 years ago and it never leaves myside. Ive bought a copy for every employer Ive ever been with. For as much multitasking as I do, it really helpsnot having to get up and physically touch each machine I have to work on.”Dave, Kansas, Online ReviewDameWare NT Utilities– remote support software that makes your job easier. Connect to remote machines,support users, troubleshoot issues, solve problems and manage your Windows network, all from one easy-to-use tool. The best value in remote support software!Starts at $349.00DameWare NT Utilities Product FeaturesDameWare NT Utilities is the best choice for your remote support and remote administrationneeds! • Award-winning remote control software. • Tools that allow you to easily troubleshoot your remote users’ issues. • Remote systems administration with powerful Windows® functionality, including exporting functionality and Active Directory management. ZOOM [+]Easy-to-Use Remote ControlDameWare makes connecting to your remote users’ machine easy and affordable. DameWareprovides a variety of options for how you connect, including the fast and powerful Mirror Driverand Microsoft RDP.DameWare’s helpful toolbar options automate routine tasks and make supporting your remoteusers easier than physically troubleshooting a local machine.And unlike other remote control software, the DameWare remote control agent installs on the flywith no need to reboot the remote machine and no need for end user permission! ZOOM [+]
  3. 3. Connect to Unattended MachinesDameWare’s Wake-on-LAN capability allows you to remotely power on a system or wake it upfrom “Sleep” mode. While it can be configured to require end user permission for connections,DameWare has the capability to allow administrators to connect to both attended and unattendedmachines with administrative credentials. ZOOM [+]Time-Saving Remote Support FeaturesDameWare Version 8 adds key features that make your remote support sessions quick andeffective, including chat and screenshots.DameWare allows you to eliminate WordPad for in-session support conversations. Simply clickthe chat icon in the toolbar during a remote control session, and chat windows openautomatically on both your desktop and your remote user’s desktop.And with just one click, DameWare allows you to take a screenshot of your remote user’smachine and save that image in a designated folder. ZOOM [+]Scale Your Remote Support DeploymentDameWare software uses an agent to provide a remote support experience that is superior tobrowser-based solutions. DameWare MSI Builder allows you to configure the Client AgentService with your preferred settings and then mass-deploy to all of your target remote machinesusing either Group Policies or any third-party software distribution package. You are then readyto connect, control, troubleshoot, and support all of your remote users! ZOOM [+]Active Directory ManagementDameWare NTU supports management of objects such as OUs (Organizational Units),Containers, Users, Groups, Contacts, Computers, and Shares, as well as attributes that are notavailable within native Microsoft tools (i.e. photos, logos, employee IDs, etc.). This makesDameWare NT Utilities an end-to-end Active Directory management tool.
  4. 4. ZOOM [+]Powerful Windows Server ManagementDameWare NT Utilities allows you to manage your distributed Windows environment. Inaddition to supporting Active Directory, NTU allows you to manage disk drives, event logs,global groups, terminal services/RDP, software applications, printers and processes – just toname a few. ZOOM [+]Windows ExportingEasily export information from remote Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT machines,including information about computers, disk drives, groups, printers, members, services, shares,software, users, and information via WMI (Windows Managements Instrumentation) classes.Save the files in common formats including XML and CSV. BUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS 64 Santoshpur Avenue, Flat No D2 Kolkata - 700075 Ph: +91-33-24724013