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Multimode to single mode media converter


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Multimode to single mode media converter

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Multimode to single mode media converter

  1. 1. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Multimode to Single Mode Media Converter Product Catalogue Overview Single mode to Multimode Media Optical Converter is a device to conduct the transparent conversion between the media of single mode and multimode optical fiber. It is used in the applications where media conversion required between multimode segments separated by long distances. We offer different single mode to multimode media converters from 850nm to 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths. Multimode to Single mode Converters provide efficient solutions for interconnecting multimode fiber LANs over longer distances by integrating single mode fiber optic cable into the LAN. The converter also enables Ethernet LAN and WAN connectivity, by providing a multimode interface to single mode fiber carrier demarcation points. Key Features Extend a Gigabit Ethernet backbone connection up to 80 km for MAN applications Converts Multimode to Singlemode (and vice versa) Converts Singlemode to Singlemode or Multimode to Multimode Increases Distance Between Nodes Cross Connects Fiber Types Performs Optical Repeater Function Extremely low power consumption and low heat Reliable and stable performance Applications Extend Fast Ethernet Network Distances For computer data transmission network in a wide range of business application For broadband campus network, cable TV and intelligent FTTB/FTTH, LAN Telecommunication
  2. 2. Multimode to Single Mode Media Converter Technical Specifications Parameter Specification Complies with: IEEE 802.3u 100BaseFX IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseSX/LX Transceiver Type: Multimode or singlemode Transceiver Connector Types: Duplex SC Wavelength (Typical) : Multimode: 850nm (≤550m) 1310nm (≤2Km) Singlemode: 1310nm up to 40Km 1550nm up to 80Km Temperature: 0 - 50°C (Operating); -45 - 80°C (Storage) Humidity: 5%-80% non-condensing (Operating); 10%-90% (Storage) Power Supply: External 1A,+5VDC Dimensions: External power version 95mm x70mm x 26mm (LxWxH) Compliance: RoHS & REACH FCC Part 15 Class B CE EN55022: 1998+A1: 2000+A2: 2003 EN61000-3-2: 2000+A2: 2005 EN61000-3-3: 1995+A1: 2001 EN55024: 1998+A1: 2001+A2: 2003 MTBF: 65,000 h (25°C) Ordering Information (Part Code Generator)
  3. 3. Multimode to Single Mode Media Converter
  4. 4. Contact Us Sales APAC , Middle East , Africa Europe USA Experia, Palava City, Bahnhofgutel, S Rengstroff Ave, Dombivali (East), Mumbai, 8020 Graz, Austria Mountain View, Maharashtra, India 421204 Email: CA 94040 USA Email: Website: Email: Website: Website: Manufacturing Sales Support: : AB Road, Near Bombay Hospital, Partner Enquiry : Indore, MP, India 452010 Customer Support : Email: Product Information : Website: Job Enquiry : Note: This document is "Confidential" and permission is granted to temporarily download only for personal, non- commercial transitory viewing only. JT OPTICS or JAYANI TECHNOLOGIES LLP reserves the right to make changes to the product specifications in this datasheet at any time without notice. Documents Version : 1.2.15.V1 WWW.JTOPTICS.COMFollow Us: About Us: JT OPTICS, has more than 12 years of excellent experience in delivering innovative and high-quality fiber optical products to our customers worldwide. Reliability, consistency, and quality is what we put behind every fiber optic cable assembly. Every product is put through our stringent quality control standards and procedures. Our products are designed to allow a high degree of flexibility and customization.