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Jt optics solution 15 v1


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Jt optics solutions

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Jt optics solution 15 v1

  1. 1. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Product & Solution Overview Documents Version : 1.2.15.V1 Email : INFO@JTOPTICS.COM Phone: +1-6509379595
  2. 2. Content: •Overview •About Us •Why JT •Quality Commitment •Our Solutions •Support •Contact Us WWW.JTOPTICS.COM
  3. 3. Overview WWW.JTOPTICS.COM JT OPTICS, A brand of JAYANI TECHNOLOGIES LLP, have more than 12 years of excellent experience in delivering innovative and high-quality fiber optical products worldwide. Reliability, consistency, and quality is what we put behind every fiber optic cable assembly. Every product is put through our stringent quality control standards and procedures. Our products are designed to allow a high degree of flexibility and customization. Transforming Optical Fiber Communication…….
  4. 4. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM JT OPTICS is leading manufacturer of fiber optic and networking products with full manufacturing facilities in India, serving customers from all corners of the world. The product range includes Fiber Optic cabling ideal for Telecom networks and Data Center solutions. A full range of products are available including Cat5e, Cat6, Ethernet Cables, Ethernet Patching Cables, Data Center Cabling, Gigabit Ethernet, MPO/MTP, Pre-terminated, Optical Fiber Pigtails and Patch Cords, Media converters, Antenna Solution, Video to Optical Fiber Converters, FTTx PON/GPON, Industrial Ethernet Switch, E1 to Ethernet Converter and customized structural cabling solution. We offer a broad range of products directly and through distributors, installers and OEM partners. We integrate with the international advanced production technology, management experience and domestic market realities; offer customers the most suitable products of cooperation by the best quality, the most reasonable price, and the best customer service.
  5. 5. About Us WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Our Commitment JT OPTICS is committed to make our customers, employees, suppliers, and investors be proud of the quality of the products and services we provide, and the long-term satisfaction is our final goal. We support our employees and enable them to create a rewarding and innovative culture; we trust our suppliers, and together with them to make the industry clear; we are responsible for our investors, and make the best use of every penny. Our Vision Our vision is to be recognized by clients as trustful a trusted business partner whose mission is to help our clients by offering state-of-the-art products and services. Core Values Respect, professionalism and determination are the values that are the foundation of our culture. Our Strength Proven Quality Products and solution Commitment to building long-term relationships Deliver practical, cost-effective and strategic solutions Innovative, dynamic and sufficient resource pool Dedicated clients support
  6. 6. Why JT WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Our Team JT OPTICS is founded and managed by well experienced senior executives from the Telecom Industry, with rich and extensive experience in the leading Telecom organizations. Keeping in mind the ever changing technology and demands of the industry, we have employed highly skilled team of professionals. Under the supervision of our highly skilled team of quality controllers, these products are strictly tested on various parameters at par with the international standards. Our team prefers to work in coordination with our clients to conceptualize their exact requirements. Experience and Expertise With more than ten-year extensive production and management experiences, JT OPTICS has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We leverage our large knowledge base to deliver solutions that meet customers' needs, business and budget expectations. Domain Proficiency Our rich business domain experience enables us to understand their business needs easily. Our knowledge stretches from application design, development and integration to operating key processes. This knowledge base and experience help us save clients' precious time and deliver the right products and solutions for every specific situation. Technology Competency Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver high quality products with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Our Tech Lab constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever- growing needs of our customers.
  7. 7. Quality Commitment WWW.JTOPTICS.COM JT OPTICS is committed to providing its customers with cost effective reliable products and solutions that keeps them step forward from their competitors and puts them one step closer to future. JT OPTICS is committed to providing consistent quality and environmentally friendly products. It is essential for all levels of the organization to strive for excellence and continual improvement in quality, maintaining our competitive edge. JT OPTICS products are known for their ruggedness and reliability. ISO 9001:2008 Certified ISO 14001 Certified ISO 18001 OHSAS Certified
  8. 8. A large portion of the telecommunications industry is comprised of equipment manufacturers (switch, router, and network component companies) producing products that make and/or route connections from point-to-point via a central office location. Whether these products are used in networks supporting wired or wireless applications, the ultimate goal for equipment manufacturers is to produce an efficient, cost effective, and reliable product to support service provider networks. JT OPTICS specializes in connectivity products solution at multiple levels of the telecommunications industry. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Telecom Solution Telecom Patch Cables Splice Enclosure Optical Adaptor Optical Fiber Cables Telecom Racks Optical Attenuator Fiber Patch PanelConnector Cleaner
  9. 9. With the higher bandwidth requirement from internet users, now many ISPs are upgrading their access network. Compare with xDSL technology, FTTx has a much higher bandwidth, among different FTTx technology, GPON becomes more and more popular because of its reasonable cost and high bandwidth. JT OPTICS has been dedicated to making FTTx a reality, providing our unique blend of technical expertise and market knowledge, not to mention the highest quality, most innovative optical fiber products in the world. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM FTTx Solution Outdoor Cabinets Optical Splitters Fiber optical Cables Outdoor Termination BoxIndoor Termination Box Optical Patch Cables Optical Patch Panel Splice Enclosure
  10. 10. JT OPTICS products and services ensure your data infrastructure performs flawlessly, whether the enterprise consists of one building, a campus, or many locations. With flexible solutions for virtually any industry, our products are providing crucial data lifelines in projects as diverse as expansive data center applications, airports, and office parks. We bring a comprehensive customer-centric approach to every project – providing turnkey solutions from one source. For cabling solutions and enterprise applications. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Enterprise Solution ODF Optical Patch Cables Copper Patch Cords Copper Patch PanelCopper Cable Ethernet Media Converter Network Cabinet Managed Media Converter
  11. 11. JT OPTICS put knowledge to work as we developed a new generation of structured cabling products designed to provide exceptional solutions to your everyday challenges and needs. JT OPTICS products and services ensure your data infrastructure performs flawlessly, whether the enterprise consists of one building, a campus, or many locations. With flexible solutions for virtually any industry, our products are providing crucial data lifelines in projects as diverse as expansive data center applications, airports, and office parks. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Data Center Solution MPO Cables Data Center Patch Cables MTP Harness Cable Copper Patch PanelOptical Patch Panel High Density Module Copper Patch Cords High Density ODF
  12. 12. JT OPTICS provide a comprehensive and versatile set of products to address the security industry's voice, data, and video cabling requirements. Cameras and other security equipment are requiring increased bandwidth for improved resolution. Therefore cameras are using fiber by locally installing media converters. The sole purpose of the fiber optic link in a CCTV fiber optic transmission systems is to transfer electrical signals between two remotely separated points, A and B, with no degradation in the transmitted signal quality. In this way the fiber optic link becomes transparent to the user. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM CCTV Solution Typical Security Systems: CCTV Video Surveillance Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring and Surveillance Intrusion Alarm Systems Process Monitoring and Alarms Video Motion Detection Systems Covert Surveillance Equipment Facial Recognition Systems (Biometrics) Access Control Systems Traffic Surveillance Traffic Signaling Amber Alter Video Optical Transmitter PoE Splitter PoE Switch PoE Injector VGA to Optical Converter
  13. 13. Fiber optic system has become very commonplace in the communication infrastructure, including CATV (Cable Television) network. Most large city CATV system has been converted to fiber optic backbones which allow voice and data transmission in addition to video. The rapid growth and expansion of CATV system was designed to support multiple services include television broadcasting, high-speed Internet, and video on demand service. JT OPTICS fiber optic assembly products ensure reliability and the ability to offer enhanced services for CATV network system. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM CATV Solution BNC to RJ45 Converter Video Converter Video Multiplexer HDMI Optical Converter Cabinets
  14. 14. JT OPTICS Oil & Gas solutions provide a robust communications network for the challenges of this industry. Designed to withstand harsh environments, our products sustain end-to-end systems capable of supporting DCS/PLC automation/control architectures, SCADA systems, CCTV /IPTV/CATV networks, and numerous other essential applications. Able to deliver long-term, reliable performance for today’s upstream, midstream and downstream application challenges, JT OPTICS delivers products and solutions that boost reliability, performance and efficiency for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Oil & Gas Solution SFP Media Converter Optical Patch Panel PoE Switch Industrial Media Converter Termination Box
  15. 15. JT OPTICS experience engineering and manufacturing fiber optic converter, connectors and enclosures designed for the harshest of environments, including military tactical deployment, means our products deliver exceptional performance in the industrial environment. We work with customers that have specific industrial needs to offer solutions that provide the best mechanical, industrial, chemical and environmental performance. Our fiber optic cables and connectivity components withstand the harshest environments, allowing systems to continue to run and data to transfer where other systems can fail. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Manufacturing Solution Manufacturing Industries: Automotive Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing Food & Beverage Processing Facilities Chemical Plants Metal Production and Fabrication Warehouses Nuclear Facilities Oil/Gas Drilling, Exploration, Pipeline, Production and Refining Facilities Industrial Surveillance & Alarm Systems Textile Mills Water Treatment Plants Media Converter Chassis PoE Switch Patch Panel Network Cabinet Industrial Media Converter
  16. 16. JT OPTICS supply several products designed to provide superior performance, durability, and ease of use for virtually any test and measurement, simulation, or troubleshooting and diagnostics application. Whether you need a standard cable assembly or a custom designed and manufactured network simulation module, we have a product to suit your needs. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Test & Measurement Solution Cassette Cleaner Optical Attenuator Connector Cleaner MTP Connector Cleaner OTDR Launch Cable
  17. 17. JT OPTICS is committed to providing outstanding service quality to all of its customers - before, during, and after product delivery. Our help desk center is the most extensive information resource in the world. With just a phone call or an e-mail, you can be in touch with a team of trained information specialists and technical experts that are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. They have an array of resources at their fingertips including product brochures, samples, product specification sheets, case histories, application notes, white papers, technical article, training materials and much more. Three convenient ways to reach us: 1. Contact your sales representative 2. Call to help desk at +1-6509379595 3. E-mail to Customer Service Department at WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Support
  18. 18. Sales APAC , Middle East , Africa Europe USA Experia, Palava City, Bahnhofgutel, S Rengstroff Ave, Dombivali (East), Mumbai, 8020 Graz, Austria Mountain View, Maharashtra, India 421204 Email: CA 94040 USA Email: Website: Email: Website: Website: Manufacturing Sales Support: : AB Road, Near Bombay Hospital, Partner Enquiry : Indore, MP, India 452010 Customer Support : Email: Product Information : Website: Job Enquiry : Follow Us: 24x7 Support : +1-6509379595 Sales : +91-9699789777 Fax : +91-9699789777 Contact Us WWW.JTOPTICS.COM
  19. 19. Thanks WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Email : INFO@JTOPTICS.COM Phone: +1-6509379595