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Cat6 utp cable low smoke zero halogen


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Cat6 utp cable low smoke zero halogen

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Cat6 utp cable low smoke zero halogen

  1. 1. WWW.JTOPTICS.COM Cat6 UTP Cable LSZH Product Catalogue Overview Category 6 UTP LSZH cables are designed to deliver a robust standards based performance ensuring optimum bandwidth for today’s high speed network applications. The cable is designed to support horizontal networking applications over distances up to 100 meters. Each Category 6 UTP LSZH exceed the minimum specified performance for Category 6 F/UTP cables and support all CLASS E applications as defined within ISO/IEC 11801 (2nd Edition): 2010 such as 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), ATM-155, 100BASE-Tx, Token Ring 100Mbs-1, and 1G FCBASE-T. Key Features REACH / SVHC compliant regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Meets or exceeds Cat6 specifications 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable 24 AWG solid bare copper conductor Applications Telecommunications networks Structure Cabling LAN , WAN, Computer Networking Data Centre
  2. 2. Cat6 UTP Cable LSZH Technical Specifications Parameter Specification Conductor A single strand of 23AWG (0.574mm) solid copper Insulation Polyethylene Cable 8 insulated wires formed into 4 pairs. The 4 pairs are subsequently cabled together around a polyethylene cross-filler to form a cohesive unit. Screen An aluminised polyester tape screen applied with a 15% minimum overlap (The aluminium side is in continuous contact with the tinned copper drain wire) Sheath A uniform layer of Violet coloured Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) compound (RAL 4005) Diameter 7.1mm Electrical properties at 20ºC Characteristic Impedance (1-100MHz) 100 ± 15Ω DC loop resistance ≤ 19.0Ω/100m Resistance unbalance ≤ 2% Capacitance unbalance to earth ≤ 1600 pF/km Delay Skew ≤ 40ns/100m @ 100MHz Nominal velocity of propagation 67% Propagation delay (Nominal) ≤ 534ns/100m Test voltage (d.c. for 1 minute) Conductor/Conductor 1000V Insulation resistance (500V d.c) ≥ 500MΩ.km Coupling attenuation ≥ 55dB Mechanical Temperature Range Operation -20°C to + 60°C Installation 0°C to +50°C Storage -20°C to + 70°C Maximum Tensile Force During Installation 100N Ordering Information (Part Code Generator)
  3. 3. Contact Us Sales APAC , Middle East , Africa Europe USA Experia, Palava City, Bahnhofgutel, S Rengstroff Ave, Dombivali (East), Mumbai, 8020 Graz, Austria Mountain View, Maharashtra, India 421204 Email: CA 94040 USA Email: Website: Email: Website: Website: Manufacturing Sales Support: : AB Road, Near Bombay Hospital, Partner Enquiry : Indore, MP, India 452010 Customer Support : Email: Product Information : Website: Job Enquiry : Note: This document is "Confidential" and permission is granted to temporarily download only for personal, non- commercial transitory viewing only. JT OPTICS or JAYANI TECHNOLOGIES LLP reserves the right to make changes to the product specifications in this datasheet at any time without notice. Documents Version : 1.2.15.V1 WWW.JTOPTICS.COMFollow Us: About Us: JT OPTICS, has more than 12 years of excellent experience in delivering innovative and high-quality fiber optical products to our customers worldwide. Reliability, consistency, and quality is what we put behind every fiber optic cable assembly. Every product is put through our stringent quality control standards and procedures. Our products are designed to allow a high degree of flexibility and customization.