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E mail on yahoo


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E mail on yahoo

  1. 1. How Simple to E-mail on yahoo “Step by step”Presented by T V VERMA Lecturer in Physics, G I C Shantipuri, U. S. Nagar
  2. 2. Double click the Dial - up connection
  3. 3. Write user name tvverma 123 Password Click
  4. 4. See your screen like this
  5. 5. Now open Internet Explorer(Web browser) to displaythe Web pages
  6. 6. Open Internet Explorer
  7. 7. Type the URL like; Click Address bar Opening the yahoo Web page
  8. 8. Clickhere toopenyahoomail
  9. 9. Type your ID Type  your password Click
  10. 10. Click inbox to check your mail
  11. 11. Write the Email IDClick send Write the subject Type your massage that to be send
  12. 12. For ExampleClick For leave Sir, Pl. extend my leave today it is not possible to reach there in time. T V Verma
  13. 13. Click to sign out
  14. 14. Click to disconnect theconnect