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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Q5: How did you address/attract your audience?Our main target audience for our title sequence allocates to young males and adults,as our film fits to the genre action/ thriller because the quick movement of charactersadds suspense, anticipation and anxiety on the hardcore action that’s all representedby the theme of the film title. The purpose of film is like heroes vs. villains, bad guysvs. good guys. De Gaulle is chased down by MI6 agent Moriarty in an estate buildingto capture the enemy who is a threat to national security.In our research, we produced a survey to 10 people to find what they are looking forin a film and implement their answers in our film so they enjoy the film. After the survey, we analyzed the survey on the results that were taken place. On the genre we continued the questions that are specific to that genre and giving questions that is related to the genre. Altogether we have options, but one that mostly came up is action. We wanted the film to attract an open audience but mainly young males. Also we asked about the sound track on what theylike it to be in the film, so we can understand the true facts of an audience that wouldlike a fast and intensive sounds to follow the music theme and actions that’s has takenplace in the film. We appealed to the audience by the close shots and establishing
  2. 2. shots as they felt that they were experiencing the action first-hand. This engaged theaudience when watching the film and gives them a personal understanding that theywould not forget.Nevertheless, we realized the audience age group by the age characters, as thecharacters are teenagers and for what I see, teenagers who originally like actionmovies from our recent survey; mostly men/boys who have watched action films,have seen good films that they’ve seen which will they cherish in a personalexperience. That’s our purpose and hopefully we have fulfilled those expectations.Another reason would be the characters age connecting to the audience just from theirage group as they’re from middle class family. However, we do not intent the class tobe a significant impact in our audience as it’s an open audience because our film isbased on action but anyone can watch the film. Although the settings may intimidatethe audience because is from a low-middle class location due to the estate buildingsbut this is based on the film not to the audience.