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Juber Ali                                     First Ice AnalysisIn the first shot the person is looking into the distance,...
Juber AliThe 4th shot shows a phone represented in the scene, with the person holding thephone to his ear, could identify ...
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First ice analysis


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First ice analysis

  1. 1. Juber Ali First Ice AnalysisIn the first shot the person is looking into the distance, this shows that he is in deepthought. This idea is conveyed to the audience because he is not focused on aparticular object or action. It looks like he is a daydreaming, which usually means thatthe person has a lot on their mind, which can be backed by his facial expressions.Whereas the audience doesn’t know at this point on what this person is thinkingabout, as all they can see is the emotion from his eyes looking at something. Whichmakes what the person is thinking a great importance along with the emotionconveyed by the persons face and body posture this shows that the thoughts are ofgreat importance.In this shot the right side of the persons face is lit this is also the direction that theperson is looking; this signifies that the person is looking to a bright future as the restof the light is in the dark. This also shows that the person’s current state of mind issad and dramatic, this could be a seen in his body language and the use of camerapositioning such as the use of a mid shot on his upper body and the fact the camera isnot facing directly but the camera is currently facing our left side.The costume is a blue body warmer with a shirt, jumper and tie being shown on thecamera. The jacket and jumper are dull colors which could suggest he doesn’t wantto be noticed meaning the color blends in the background could identify he is isolated.The isolation could be a factor in the picture as there is no communication withsomeone that might suggest he is looking ahead at something that we don’t know ofand the signs of the metal bar behind showing that currently he is caged in and thefuture he is looking to is of him being free of what is holding back on.The second picture is showing that he is more focused on something that he is lookingdown on, that may be important and relevant to him. This could be addressed by hiseyes being drawn into something that the audience may not of. As this may be animportant sign to the story, as we can suggest from the lighting that the lighting ismore to the front compared to the previous picture where the light was behind him;In contrast to this 2nd picture where the lighting could imply a possible change to hisfuture from the uncertainty to a possibility of a better future.However, the colors of his jacket and jumper might emphasis his character andpersonality which connotes him being calm and laid back. But we do see an annoyedand upset guy when he is looking down at an object, as he doesn’t want other peopleto know his feelings. This could portray the person being anxious and petrified onwhat might happen next, is it going to be a good sign or bad sign. Although thisbrings attention to the audience, on what they might want to know from the fearbehind his facial expression, referring to is it a good sign or bad sign.The 3rd picture shows a close up shot of the person eyes highlighting the emotion onhis face. With the close up shot has meant the audience is bought closer to hisemotions, questioning what’s annoying and aggravating this person. Nevertheless, theway his eyes are almost closed showing he is focused and looking at somethingimportant to him. On the other hand, he may have second thoughts about the decisionhe is making. This could be backed up with the lighting as a small line of light iscreeping in from his left eye that may signify hope in the story.
  2. 2. Juber AliThe 4th shot shows a phone represented in the scene, with the person holding thephone to his ear, could identify on how he is handling the situation with his wholehand covering the phone could mean fear and anxiety may be an important factor onhis feelings towards the situation. However, the way he is looking into the distance isshowing he is looking into his bright future to guide him through the conversation,which is seen from the light shining onto his left eye. In contrast to the way he islooking into the distance could mean he doesn’t accept on what is being said in theconversation with the majority of the light being dark. This could be considered as abad sign with the bars in the shot could reference danger and isolation surroundingthis call.From the camera angle on our left side, the facial expression is more determined andfocused with the significant of light coming into the frame may be a sense of relief onreceiving this call as he may be waiting for the call for a long time. This may suggestwhy he was nervous and petrified from the previous shots. Nevertheless, the mood ofthis picture is referencing a fear that could occur in the conversation that may beimportant to him. The colors could determine the emotion the person is goingthrough, with the white from his sleeve and collar may represent hope and a betterfuture after the call because white connotes hope and peace.The 5th and last shot is showing the person being miserable and hopeless on what hasbeen said to him during the call, with his facial expression showing us that he is in agloomy mood. With his eyes showing a look of regret by the way they’re half wayopen yet he is not focused meaning he has lost belief and has no more energy to fightback. This supported by the metal bars being more visible showing that he is stillcaged in, and the more he loses, his hope is running out. The chances of him gettingout of trouble are slim especially when the call is not going to plan. There is very littlelight and more dark and glum side on his face now showing that the idea of a betterfuture is slipping away, this linked to his sad expression emphasizing that his call hasgone badly wrong. In addition, the light is mostly on his back showing that the goodtimes of his life are now behind him and now he faces the tough times ahead of him.Also the person clothing of a blue jumper being more visible now showing that he isblending into the background more, hiding his identity and doesn’t want to be seen ashis mood has gradually turned for the worst could mean he is embarrassed of hisaction that he did in his life that possibly hunted him down to be gloomy and sadleading this scene.