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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation Q1In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions ofreal media products?1. The title of the film2.Setting/location3.Costumes and props4.Camerawork and editing5.Title font and style66.Story and how the opening sets it up7.Genre and how the opening suggests it8.How characters are introducedThe title of the film “Operation Croak” is seen at the end of the title sequence; because we thoughtthe beginning of the title sequence, as it is introducing the characters in the video, which didn’t fitthe flow of the sequence of the Operation Croak coming into frame early on. The cliff-hanger, comesinto the agenda at the end after a dramatic and thrilling end to the title sequence where Moriarty; AMI6 Agent shoots De Gaulle in the forehead, therefore it suddenly cuts to the sound of gunshot,with Operation Croak occurring at the end of the sequence. We choose the name ‘Operation Croak’as it reflects a military element, of a methodical experiment to the sequence croak referring tokilling, which suits perfectly to our title sequence as it’s about an assassination taking place. Wetook motivation from other film titles that suited our genre: action Thriller, such as The A Team andBourne Identity in making of the title because their titles embrace attention and power to theaudience which we wanted to do the same but in a different formality. The setting is located in a council estate; this meant we wanted an urban feel to the area. on how it’s designed with inside interior with the stairs being used mainlywhen Moriarty (MI6 agent) runs down stairs shooting at the camera, giving a fast motion that he isin for the kill, that gradually builds up tension in the frames. Whereas others frames they are set in abriefing room where Eames gives a briefing to Moriarty to kill De Gaulle. The feel of the briefingroom resembles a military element of giving instructions and advising the MI6 agent of his job. As itconveys a structure that an agent has to follow rules that enables him, to get his target in aprofessional fashion on his job role. The shots used are to engage the audience attention on the feelof the place, as it is important the audience is familiar with the surroundings of the environment andkeeps the audience focused on the film.
  2. 2. The Costumes and props used are in the frames. Here we see Moriarty with a file received fromEames to kill De Gaulle, by doing this; Moriarty clothing changes overtime. First we see him in a suitin the briefing room with a file in his hands of the information of De Gaulle. This refers to Moriartybeing formal and seen as a professional agent. The second frame is a fierce, competitive and brutalMoriarty holding a gun to the forehead of De Gaulle. But his clothing changes to dark clothing whichcame from the inspiration of the film Taken, where Bryan Mills has a possession of a gun and hishistory (in the film) reflects that he is an agent same as Moriarty. By comparing, the detective of theactions that is similar to Moriarty conveys both agents have different but similar style on thecostumes and props used; on the pointing of the gun from a different angle and the dress sense ofboth characters that are near to the same fashion. Further, another character is De Gaulle who iswearing slick clothing; such as the Leather jacket to resemble his character and acting suspicious inhis role. The prop is used is a mobile phone when De Gaulle speaks on Blackberry which is oftenused in action films, in a form of technology to have a minor advantage over the people who arechasing him. As the enemy can change his tactic in quick succession; just from a technologyequipment that’s been used in everyday basis.The Camera work and editing; first of all the editing for the font used is from Live Type software;where the font style originates. The font being stencil and the effect is spring loaded to emphasise amilitary element, knowing the font on how it’s styled, gives a clarification for the audience to knowwhat the film is about before any action of film is commenced. The titles used in different formatsfrom the colours, style and font that’s all identified to an audience on what the topic of the film isabout. A Similar approach to our film sequence is Bourne Identity, on the bold, compelling and basicfont format used to show an essential cover of the film. This gives a clear detail to the audience ofthe film by the quality of the title and the name ‘Bourne Identity’ shows a mystery scheme just bythe name of the film.
  3. 3. The Camera and editing are from the shots that exemplified below, that indicates from the firstframe where the camera zooms on Moriarty eyes and the editing is on the right of the shot with thetext included. All this bring to mind of our sequence being fast pace music “Fight scene” flowing withthe movement, to bring drama and tension towards the audience. There are many shot being usedsuch as eyeshots, close ups and establishing shots. The eyeshot shows fierce competitive action tothe film and represents a demographic of emotion from a significant part of the body such as theeyes. Close ups gives a view of anxiety and troubled feeling being presented onto a scene. Further,establishing shot is a framework for a scene by showing the relationship between its importantfigures and objects like De Gaulle feelings are shown in the film when he is talking on the phone.Although the transition in the editing we used fades and Cross dissolving to maintain the movementof the scenes. We used theses transition as it skips and connects well with the shots and the fastmovement involved in the film. An example; of the transition being used is where Moriarty is exitingthe building whilst De Gaulle come to a close in his conversation and then it goes to Moriartypointing a gun at De Gaulle.The story is about the assassination plot of the character De Gaulle on his last crucial momentswhere his planned failed miserably and the MI6 are on his case. The story begins with Moriartygiving a folder of the information of his mission to kill De Gaulle. However, when De Gaulle finallyfinds out that his planned has failed, it then cuts to a Cliff-hanger when he is shot in the forehead.There are two shots which are paired together, the one where Moriarty reloads the gun andDe Gaulle answering his phone. This allows the audience to understand that Moriarty is an assassinand De Gaulle is the enemy. We took motivation from the film The Inception as it’s not in order onhow’s set compared to other films which are set in order.
  4. 4. The Genre we used is action thriller, this represented by the costumes and props and the setting itslocated gives our film a clear clarifications that it is part of the genre: action thriller. The filmoriginates in an urban area, which is similar to the film Taken in some extent, but it lacks fightingaction which other films that are categorised in this genre like Mission impossible; where fight actionoccurs. However, a positive side is the ethnicity of Moriarty being an assassin and the clothes hewears grabs the appearance. In contrast to other films where ethnicity is a bad influence on how it ispresented in films as they portray ethnicity on being evil and corrupted.The characters are introduced is firstly, Eames who has little time on screen but the involvement ofhim passing the folder Moriarty is essential as it leads to the kill of De Gaulle. Moriarty has significantimpact in his involvement in changing from a suit to a disguise creature in killing De Gaulle. The FinalCharacter is De Gaulle whilst he is on the phone talking, this encourages the audience to know thatDe Gaulle the enemy by his French accent and actions in the previous shots in the film. The film issimilar to Bourne Identity on how it is structured but considering Operation Croak as a smallproduction on the timing and effort spent on the film is a factor that should be taken to account ofcompared to Bourne Identity.