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Analysing and comparing the four title sequencesWithin Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol, the title sequence signifies ...
as a bad ghetto trampy character who has its special powers. However, as a whole it bringslife in the film and its realism...
Impossible 4: Ghost protocol, where Ethan stopped the bad man from getting the protocol.It’s a happy ending for everyone. ...
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Analysing and comparing the four title sequences


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Analysing and comparing the four title sequences

  1. 1. Analysing and comparing the four title sequencesWithin Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol, the title sequence signifies the ideology ofhow a film is represented by the film title meaning it gives a clue towards the audience andkeeps them interested. The films genre indicates that it’s an action, adventure and thrillerfilm compared with Hancock title sequence which its genre signifies action, crime andfantasy where Hancock has natural powers to fly from one place to another... this can’t betrue in reality as no human being cannot fly unless they are powered by a force so it has tobe a fantasy. The difference between both films is the stunts and entertainment both filmsbring to the agenda towards the audience.On the other hand, Rush hour 3 is a martial arts/action-comedy film, where two detectivesinvestigate on a case that is set in Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong. There are two ethniccharacters in this film which enlightens the entertainment via their racial behaviour by aChinese and Black man characters whose names are Lee and Carter who head to Paris toprotect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads secret leaders. In contrast towardsthe film Sherlock Holmes this signifies an action, adventure and crime genre. WhereDetective Sherlock Holmes and his strong partner Watsons keep in a battle of intelligenceand strength with a fate whose plan is a threat to all of England. The genres are differentfrom all four films but they have their similarities such as Rush Hour 3 and Sherlock Holmesare both detective films that are packed with action, drama... blood, sweat and tears. Thereis always a villain in films like these and someone will win, that’s normally opposing to themain characters that always fights until the end of the film. Sherlock Holmes and Rush Hourare both similar and different in a way, where firstly, both films dedicate to detective workand the difference is the age of the films, we know the Sherlock Holmes is a novel turned toa movie and the timing of Sherlock Holmes is very old compared to Rush Hour which isrecent but old, it came out in 1998. The timing for Sherlock Holmes is rereleases of films,recently came out in 2009.In addition, the four films have super powers they use to have an advantage against theiropponents such as Hancock who is a super hero who can jump from the ground towards thesky by using his physical presence and Mission impossible is to do with stunts that go fromextreme lengths to life and death. This makes their target audience more appealing forthem to watch the films. Furthermore, ethnicity has a part in films where the blackcharacters are normally stereotype of a gangster who tries to act hard and they alwaysappeal to props like guns to make their character appeal more to a realistic level. The filmcould be Rush Hour 3 where the two detectives use guns to shoot their enemy but theyeach have different characteristic such as lee is Chinese which signifies his representation asa martial artist and intelligent individual just like how we believe their ethnicity representtheir culture. Whereas the film Hancock, the same stereotype is used on the character butJuber Ali
  2. 2. as a bad ghetto trampy character who has its special powers. However, as a whole it bringslife in the film and its realism.Nevertheless, some of the films do have disability issues such as Sherlock Holmes, where hehas to fight against the beast of a man who is twice the size as Sherlock that has a weaponin his hands that he tries to beat Sherlock with. The beast of the white man has heightissues and weight problem but its accolade with the ladder, log and ship to his advantageheight. In contrast towards Rush Hour 3 where there is a height issue with an ethnicity of aChinese man being tall and skinny. The both characters have an advantage in strength andability to hurt their opponents.In Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol they use the latest technology such as touch screensand gadgets compared to Sherlock Holmes which is old fashioned fighting by hands, whereSherlock Holmes uses his physical presence to his advantage in the ring against a whitedrunken guy. As you can see there is a difference in time difference and the latesttechnology used: 21st century technology and the stunts used in Mission Impossible 4 areincredibly done for example when Ethan fell from Burj khalifa building to get towards thewindow, this took bravery and courage.In addition, class comes to agenda for Mission Impossible due to the technology and thelatest car such as the electronic futuristic BMW car in the film mean that their class is highand how they dress is a factor on attending posh events and dressing smart events.Whereas Sherlock Holmes wears traditional clothing that’s associated with high class bytheir smart suits which shows towards the audience that both films are high class but in adifferent format in time difference.Sometimes films become emotional such as the Hancock where the character hides hisemotion and let’s it out in a private place. This signifies gender where men normally hidetheir emotions behind closed doors. Although this will make the audience feeluncomfortable where Hancock feels upset on what happened in the scene. In comparison toRush hour 3 where Carter shows his affectionate side of his character by trying to flirt withGenevieve (French women) who brings laughter and happiness in the scene. This showsthat the two films are different in many ways and how it’s set out to do so. Difference is thediversity of characters that are shown in Rush Hour compared to Hancock which is only onemain character bringing the drama, the heroic and comedy to the scene for the audience tobe attracted by. In comparison to Rush Hour we both of the ethnic stereotypical counterpart of a black and Chinese men working as a team, not single handed like Hancock.Overall, the films illustrate happiness and trust on which you should be friends with and notthe enemies. The victims are always on the good vs. bad: a division of brutality and strength.Victim’s bad side of the film are enemy they want to be beaten by sometimes having a cliff-hanger; a big fight at the end of the film where they originally lose the fight such as in RushHour 3 Kenji and his men lost against the 2 detective’s lee and carter. Also in MissionJuber Ali
  3. 3. Impossible 4: Ghost protocol, where Ethan stopped the bad man from getting the protocol.It’s a happy ending for everyone. The films are continues stories but still has the sameroutine like Rush hour and Sherlock Holmes into trying to solve the investigation and bring itto a climax.Juber Ali