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tnpsc group 4 study materials


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tnpsc group 4 study materials

  1. 1. mi . ._: ,111@1Ln§§115'»&»1I11J1'_®e11‘r61r (33,130) : 3 IDGUD11 ] 2959.” 676013) n3Ts61§. $ 6-. QF)g1é1gf1‘16aQ°: s1t11' 9155 c1S6mL.6mm s151r2m_§, §g1r I0. 11. 12. I61 13. 21166711}, 1ag5rr@: Z11.5l6t1 c1S1an1_as1u1 @g51uS11.. I “ . -‘fa. 12:3”? ‘,5’! W F E“ . . - la, 1 : _. - I rm ’ I 9 - , _ ,5 Iv Ugh“ I 6165151 2010 1nco‘01co'0'r1uJé1 UDGE C: [ ®LDlT§fi 1.1:1§lL‘J®1.1sz1‘v1s.61'1 : 300 687 51" e'n5.cz1‘m_ 661 61601611 &'_>€LI66l’lDl'I'&’>CI u 5.5. lb (y1é. é.1u.1 a1g61a1a111ya1s1’r $155 61516151115 Qgrr1_s,1;1 315 Gmgusmlpenm (@515 1.1111-a:5cc115)s. G15.rroa‘Tsr@d1s11g1. (25,119; ®§, rr1.1&1@1‘n Gg5175§1e1 a117§, Qgrr@121e611.1§; lpésgtbuu} ascu'z115,rrc1so‘111’Ju1ra‘nr'r 51n@_| Lb 61193117115160 C3l1>gy€o)g)a1)u.1§ —§1;1)s3o, e‘a ‘ae.1_1r51. o5l61:1'r17¢; €£»‘l¢1r@1'_1s1s11.1135- $l1pé. @t'nL.1u111.1rrs61 ®a11'; sms> 5a§:15»nc56‘flaune11rflL151q5§g1 ®1_1'p1ps~41_aErr 6216911620 11516131 mmgyqgngsmg G>flJ€5TID| 'T'B> 691015515 5119535. G3suco'u1®1b. a1g, sE1T1.51s1‘s1 Ga. sr'1c151aa1@$@ c151cm1.u1 6.515 ®g5rT1_151s. eurr1b. @Q; §5‘m51661rr5 G15rr@1L11_1 200 c1516u1rr&. as60>s1Té. Q5111-szs‘m®61r611g1. srémlt 6z5l6z$1rr&, s»@54'5@1.'n s151s611_u1c1111t, a.s111b; .sré11a11r $1.(}1%'lIT§35a@btb 51010176151 1o§11'J®uc11‘ma»61'1 Ca1a»rrc6‘c1Ls1>1c1.1. s1TI601n‘§; . Q§; rr@IL11..1 E] . , a16'1m§1 ‘E 61651 £bfT€15T@; c1Jfi'1as1sa; €1116‘11 3151611411 1_11'_®61"1€rr51. (@['r3g111 1_1$&¢, §la'T1 QLQ1 (2u>e'11 (1,pas1a: u5la'1 9.671611 5.1‘_1.§, c6151Z1 unrtémcqtb) cfilc0tsrmr11L1u¢rr1jr'r e51s1511r§, ¢rr61_'1 mrfiwaeccrw a§1651L§g11rs1116'> 91511395601 .91a:111>_rfr; §1sr'ren @1.$§Ie'1 @;5I§, g11's a. rrs6'm15Ié. s. <2msu'zr1@1b. a_.5rr1}<; o111101ra. 915 c1S1c6'6ras011.'1u§rr1j1t [Z] crcis-r@11.'0 ailmrrg, Q51-r@1L114 G1ufi)élg§[5g; rréu =9,-curi 316-mg-, g.1=1‘s7g:1m1_1'u a516u11.. §;z. rrs111c1'11 @1)a1'tsr1.. rr1'o ubuasgsilés 6?(3g> 51rr6Ts'o11_‘111’5§161161Tc>.1rr@1 [£61111 ; a16'x1a1§1 5.1566110 1519 €61|. DlL| S3‘1I_lLl 1.1;"9§1(gasu1c51L'1 (‘31_1s5rrr61Slco'1rre'o @1_151§5g1é. 5,m;1_ C3cu6c‘6r®L'1>. a_n51e»1§5e611_u.1 ud;1c:1’6rc6'zrr6u1cms1 @1551: 1_1&,5.5$1s6r c1.161g1 (31061: Q,0szs161uSl6'0 3{g,1_i; ®a. m a1eu1Lofi; g161‘r6r1 §]1.§3¢.1é1 $€fi 6f@§ (56UE: 'O'l@lb. (291131 6ras1g; u11])(;3.‘1'l1:s1'1-1a_'7; ®5rr@;1L11.516u 61’(| :9§)31 auu. _rrg1. wan “H as11..5.6m611ds Q», §, §1é. wr1'_L Gran. a111_§; §;1r6v'1 68191 2_11‘:15.@5§, ® 5.a1'zTr5.rr L‘J1_1rrs1T1;1rre': gs Lurmg‘, §, rj1I1L.1Q)1b. cz5lc011_§,517s1fia‘.1-1 (315611 115351551611 9..1l§l£7;Q'§66)L? .lJ ug§1c11 6161761, ®uu.1r‘r 161_1'3Q11b (35.1‘_®61'16n c131u1j1$1a. a:11s11 [$165671 6T(gfi Ga.1:6‘m@1b: -_ 5611 66111:: 9_1r‘;‘%1s1516c1L. ‘%g;1T6f1 ®56‘:61rr§ l'T325?L‘_II_l9fil£’D. . @ V ‘ ‘ 2. 5.@§e6>1..11.1 1.1 1:21. swam, g, rrc11 1511611 61 :1; 11.1sn[nc1»1;pu.1L0 m1_§§n 661 r; axm_r110 14155.9, so .91ancu5. 6:51:15. . =91s1.s1u>‘ sflen ®Ll‘$J6a6l11é) . §£, m . §|é190 aqyasum Q 6D)lDlqR5>l_LU 1.1’ ‘$160113 E9 ‘.551 . Q1 9 IDQKB’ (Euszs11r1;51asTrre': glfilfi 1'5 e»rr1_'.1, ('361Ja1'0'1®Lb. (31o1j)a1czT'1s11, G151LJlj| E116>6d161‘l a5la51L. §55rre111é0 1_1§'r§15.ef1 gflugygé. 52FTL'. l_§ §: s‘1_.115lszTrr6‘>. > : _1$1e. s1'1 _cm1_§, grre1‘1 ®&é>aong{g, n‘c_? »5Du@m, ' ' . . - . _ 9c1.1Gc1.1n c151co'1na11n (A). (B), (C) 10919110 (D_] 6l'66‘l . f9lT6b‘1@) s151as11_s»a1s>e1w. Qmrrmmgsnangl. 51515611 aqqsvmfs 6) 51$? 9 &rFIuJrrsm c1SIsm1_a2»u.1g; Gfl71T6G;15H’®&UJQJ -61S165)I. .§i§; fFGl116) @1015 '5. 01rr1_L. _(3mc1s61@m. 9ar1191e. © (3LD{DLJl_L. . 6 umasr 615las:1_aen 9115 @8>6Tl 5,115 PU§fl&$ 5.g1_5§1m1rr6> 1111550 15155 6f11tl. l|'| '6l51§l 3|) 6T5ls‘c11r§5g; rr61‘r mrfisma 6}S16UTlTé':5> 65 1.1 61>sfi1e'7. O ®1_151§§g.1§a 13.111'_L Qmcmfillb. 611L11_1 1.11r11')1@; L’13 (15 Ge, efraS1s. @ 91317 9115 n51m1_. amuJ§§>rrsz's1 (3g. rt1'r, G1g. ®s‘r.5. (‘. ?sns1s‘1sT(511b. a_1i11eu@; sm1_u1 611017535 Lo$11_'1 LJ€CI'6'| ’8z61T 113191611 a516<s1I_§§51re1‘116'1 gfilggxéz e. m'_@cn arfimrrasr a§1a»1.a. s11‘1a'n sra'muo$l6.emsmu; .;1 ®urug1§, g.g1. s1.‘1161s1L_§5§51re1‘f|1:'11 @si1G1c>.11r@ Gaefinfi sra1‘zsrc6011'@L‘o stélrfléu [A]. [B]. [C] Lneprgyzb [D] cram rrdmg Q§1$)l_$.15)L‘. L.l5I91€f'T 9_61‘1s11s01. 905 Gasirnfiksg, as>1_u.161§11‘1.a. 515191611 5-1f1®u.1611'1 511155113: c15i66)L_1;1-s>u.1 901"; 9(5) 61S1am_8=.6.1;1_§; ;£I6'1 LD| L:®L'D 14551 Q, p6mas1L‘1 (Bus1T1rm51c0'rrrc’11 @)é1§§jé. _&>I"l'[‘_l_ (3sm;6111@1b. 9ci1®su1T(1_r, (3s.61"1c1S1&@L‘11 gpqr; c1516m1_6011u§5 (3g,1rfi, G1§®§g1 s1S1c611_§grra‘116‘1.~ @[61:‘I,5. (3s1.1a1'vI@1b. 915 (‘3s. s1'1<n51&a@ @6i5Trg1é1@ l3ua‘1_11;1_ c151am_u161?lg', §1ro'0 3555 c1f11an1_ §0Jl_1)fT661§; lT5a 51Qr, §,1_'.1u@1b. a_§, n1}c60'ru>rrs. 1{1131&. s1'1 1-B) 6rs1’1'1u6cs1g5 & u_1rrsu7 615160)1_1urr5:e'r1 6a@§l60r1r6'1 91611195 1.'l161'1'rmg1_r,1nrr1_g1 @g51§g|5'. 5zll'L: .L A IA}-{C1101 {§1s1&. sf1 ¢‘5lmrrg', Gh;5rr@,1'_115ls1'1'1 srggyu 1.1é.5.g'5an u11'n §e'.5»C2mrT a16‘u6ug1 éiigfiléseflfimrr a.41_rr§1. G§, r'r611 <'3fg1jfi$16’1 gfig cfisurrrfi ®§; n®1L:1_‘i1a11c11T(3u.1r1>. ._11:1<; >mg1 as11_§§; rrsc»611C3u.1rr $§;1‘ra18,; a511;® ®cu6flu51é1 sr@5g: '1 &a'>e1é. an.1.. rrg1. CBg; r‘r‘g1 Qpqgadlm [5l'El51€1'l' 2.14315-@5am_u.1 o5l6611_; 'b§rras1s11as 6r»c1s'z1I¢T. rr<; o5111L11Jrrer1rl'r11.Lb ®emr®§, g1 61511. (3suas'61®1'o. @511 smrrg; §; rr@1;11.Sls1s1a11§5 G1§r'm; (y>1s1,5g5a11_e's1 1§1in5.a'1 2.ré1e~@§1_ci1'1 sr@§', §|§ G>1&é11o1>e11rrL‘0. G’11n1§)&. a1611_ c1i1$1e»e1fle'11 61m§1u1rc1.i§1 15101615111921 (8511:, -.1rrc1s»a1zs11L11'11 Q,01s1®su(~; é.@_~.12u 1p1_m19,é. a6se. &.@56=. @ 9.. .€116T11T9> @5030 star a1151n101fi>151:1u®d3i1ns1- ' a1 m1q.6‘5ldu QE1l'T®6)5:C1LJC. ®6116fi g%{11‘)1L‘.11_1a. sf1 ads‘: Q, p1.11,m1rc61grr@1b. sun‘. g 1;11_111;@é. e. m.'.1_(3surr am. .rr§1. [SEE BACKSIDE OF TH] BOOKLET FOR ENGLISH VERSION 0!‘ INSTRUCTIONS 1 . [ Turn over _ (2 ea _ . eflsowrrg Qgngufilsc. §]LoC31ogu6511_1)smuJ ascwrasncvofluunmn 5.119110 cn6o'11}u§16> é.1g5la»eae-1 61nL_l‘l'§l ' ‘ Q“ 9’ 1351519119 X DO NOT TEAR THIS COVER OF THE QUESTION BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED . TO no so Tear here X
  2. 2. » Reason (R) : F742 ) X. ) 1910' 3 , UDGE e5n't‘re'oo'murra‘_ ®I; n;su>L_D uuw. a_. Qr, é;mb a>rra: ‘mLSlé. @nb scdiltnab A] as)Lo4’5(3|yrre§)sm6rrct3r — B) ehM_rrqcme)L£. cl a| rt§€3§rr6:la'rrro"u - A D) ggioeuco. Carlsbad is shown by the mineral ' A) _ microcllne B) staurolite C) orthoclase ' D) gypsum. a§[pe'55.6o‘! sra_ Qenfipaafiela. 955 erfla; )®&. rrczs'un_ mas>a>é, @66'rr§lesacqré: @4;‘))L'Jug1 sign ? A) u®as>s &lTllJQ. | B) ®cue+'r)Ln_; r_nu®as>a C) 9_I'_1.; I_DC1u®sms D) e‘»la5>_mI; t.mas>r}. Which of the following terms indicates synclinal hill ? A) Dip . - B) Outlier C) lnlier. - A . D) Strike. e“? g>e'mrr5@1L'o mrrsafilmriusmsn scum? ) : Jump) (A) : ugprétarrmfiéléi a»a§¢s'tL_rés5.s1‘r n; r;5.r'I'_$g16r'rsncm. J. /rysoanb (R) : Qgcisr a. a'urL. Iid5:6tflguCo Logbcpnfo Qfiélmnofilggrzb a§)s11rra. <pt': Lq, I;ciu Lorpngjcn . Glmrémmrrutweiu srcbrgnco grrmryrfuaseft e= .rrc5z>'rL1u®a€lsz3-rrpcai. a5'gpé. a.rr@)Co @; :5lul'| '_u; ,e‘o orflumaar sfi16mL. su>uJ (3§, r'rg'§®5® : A A) (A) Lofingifb (R) @|7cdo1®t'o mt). Gtogzjlio (R) ardsruga (A) ofilljxg arflmrrscr o5lsm'r.5.L'o B) (A) mijpgpjlb (R) @r, r_as‘ur®t'o art). Gwgufo (R) srsisrugy (A) afiltjxg erflwrrcm ofilsnéssméusu C! ) (A) u: r_b@| L'o (R) @9561-sr®L'o 59.99) A D) (A) art). .gco'rrrén (R), -mung). Consider the following statements : ' V Assertion (A) : Continents have drifted in the past. The Glossopteris and Gangamopteris flora have been found on all the Southem continents and lndia. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below : A] Both‘ (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation‘ of (A) B) Both (A) and (R) are true. but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) C) Both (A) and (R) are false D) - (A) is true. but (R) is false. [ Tum over [IQ]
  3. 3. UDGE. ‘ 4 4. Lctsm| ;u: ,cmLm‘_ sasoflmgzélcsr 9£1L. u_r'r¢. $l A) 2-3 B) 2-7 C)". 2-6 D) 2-5. The specific gravity of tridymite is A) 2-3 ~ B) 2-7 C») 2-6 . D) 2-5. 5. Lilctrmqgmeurmtjmjefr utrmgj §]cmc6mn45,s1Yle'o. Qgofilsmsg gyrréasfiélcotrrai 9_Q§6’i. lI'l'€iJ§; | erg: 7 - ' '*~. I. g; rrcu'ur (3urrs! '5r; p Qmcmcqasfi ll. ©@1é>e£® @6D)QXSl6). )5s6ff Ill. u®ana.55sir @6mco'6m. |a:61'1 IV. s. efi)mcu'o1 9_65)l_61)E:6fl’ ®6LIrjj@)6’f : A) Iuigbgjfo III erflwrrsutsmm B) Iuafiatgjlb II srfiumcmcocu C) I. II wfmputb IV &fl')llJll’R$l,6m€U D) agmmgguzb srflulrrsurancu. Which of the following shows the effects of tensional forces ? I. Columnar joints ' II. Cross joints Ill. Bedding joints IV. Mud cracks. Of these : A) l andllll are correct B) l and _ll are correct C) I. II and N are correct D] i all are correct. x 1910] . H i9ooo'|
  4. 4. 5 UDGE 6. g, asrm, burrsu>g)5>e15)e8'r gJa. s1‘rs»a1'r)sis1 aims); LSle81cuQr, Lb srrgcwrrtlasfilwrnéi s}I_i)u®a§l; o§; A) urrc5)r_o(i. @(pLbL|6lsfl68I u@$)1Z1®urr®61'T B) Lll'l'R$)I_f)é: @g)| .bL)561l‘)65'l ungflmsu C) u'rras>g)és@; pL'oL4e. s1'fla'rr gwémgsaflesr Qsgfila) D) @5135); a)a»ca15g; L'o. Grain size of igneous rock is affected by A) constituents of magma B) viscosity of magma C) molecular concentration) of components D) all of these. M 7. tfilakrmqgmsuroirjgggjsfr 9:81:91 erre'oé)C3l_’rrco‘r'l mcmesuaéueo A) gum B) z_5)a1msiuu>rr C) Cfigeiuufr D) Qeufléaar. Which one of the following is not a variety of chalcedony ? A) Opal B) Plasma C) Jasper D) Onyx. 8. uI'_upuéu lg ulZ. Iq. :uéo II 9.. L_a'rr G)u. rr@§§l, 57659 Qasrr@§, s.| Ju: ‘_®cr'rsn @qS)uY®5.ansn6. ®er. rrc6zn® en‘F)u. lrrsu1 oS)am_. as>u. u§, (3g; r'r; 'r; ®§® : un'_1q, uiéu 1 ggmrflms ¢9«| ®$63G5)LDl: ll_; . a) b) ofilane .9q®e'mI-.6owu>L'JL4 c) Qggnélasfigg) aq®t3s6»6mmL'JL; d) Qgmmfinfia-(Burra'sr 9|®§:8:6§')LDlli| .) (5;r57u7(I; )assr‘r . » i A) 2 1 3 4 B) 2 1 4 3 c) 3 4 2 1 D) 4 1 ‘2 - 3. "x 1910] : ‘°‘S-°! °‘. "‘ uI. '.upuéo II 5-.1_('. ?euvrI7t': ulstczg uiélf. ‘-3u. |rr5lc81a§lcu>a11asIe'o aqguofiluiéi o°o(Buc61e'm 65>L_Lduo°6LS)s11rrn'_elu. [ Turn over
  5. 5. UDGE 6 Match List I correctlygwith List I! and select your answer using the codes given below 2 List I List II a) Cxraded bedding ' 1. - Near shore deposit b) Current bedding 2. Eugeosynclinal c) Torrential bedding 3. Alluvial fans d) Herring-bone bedding‘ 4. Tidal flats. Codes I: C) 3 4 2 1 D) 4 I 2 3. 9. L‘: )61'5T61.1Q5Lb 5n[i)@j6'>6U)61T e3cuasr§_$)s'1 ®6>rrsfr5'. : 1. {pg Qurrgrgeiflaa geiflnildsr Gmalb, .3)gc8r 961?) c15)e>_a, s'o sraiurausflgbgg sr§)r'FL_rr55 ®(I§§2©lb ii. 961'? ) alélsmrrcur 961‘r)615)eu5a> @@ Grader Lsfrslr Qurrgsfrassfilsii Gcusstorre. Qcbsetb 111. emsug; ';, §,1a'sr assesses @95lu5'® stasis! 2-42 IV. azcu'6Ias61rrIs1.u5l6b'r 9s1‘r)€l5)6>5.6'> @115) sraim 5.a: m_rr I. Ifl’é)6-§6B)§ 6)5)l_ agéleufo. £é)~= ur. beJ~'-1'1 = A) lmmggtb ll eufimrrccrcmm B) Itojmllb Ill er-rtlulrrcaiansu C) I. III mujmgto IV 5I‘nuJITRST€U)€)J D) [V 1m; ®Lb 5'Ifl| .lJfl'65T§| . x I 1910
  6. 6. Consider the following statements : I. The velocity of light of a substance is proportional to the reciprocal of the refractive index. I]. The velocity of light is higher in substance with higher refractive index. 111. The refractive index of diamond is 2-42. IV. Glass has higher refractive index when compared with Canada balsam. Of these statements : I A) I and II are correct B) I and III are correct C) _ I, III and IV are correct D) IV alone is correct. I0. i5la'1miq5ib 5n. [b@|8aG5)6‘II aoiasrfisfiléi Qarrefrs : I. suicuI;5§§; )a'n gsfilqgib gcbiaiw 945631 gGerr1q. (3I; rrrI. flé» §a‘i1smLou. ur@i‘13 II. cuimufidleirr gcflqgib gssirrsuno 951'! ) ®(| §€I)I: D 5flIIG6)LDuJrfQ)ff@fD III. mmggsleti gsiflqgib §€8i6B)l. D , .9)§; sE1r Qéfflallaifié) stain -aiéleioxraa @(I_r; iIiu§irs‘> IV. euimgfiglséi gaiflupiin §€5‘| '$)I. D am geiflcmul agile): mi1®@o; ib(. ‘3urr§| Gléiisilfficugm filiolfusismraa Ifilrfléigib 5€3'I60)l. DliJII'a! II©l. 'D. Qmfimieil : .A) II im‘_®i'o 5ll')ii. llI6D'| ’§l B) 11 Logbpiio Ill srfluirrcaicosu C) II. III iotjjulb IV oifliturcaramcii D). II] Loi; ®ib &IflIIJfI’dIT§I. Consider the following statements : I. The brilliance of diamond is due to its isotropic character II. The brilliance of diamond is due to transparency III. The brilliance of diamond is due to its high refractive index IV. The brilliance of diamond is due to its ability to break light into different colours during transmission. Of these statements : A) II alone is correct . B) I! and III are correct C) . II, III and IV are correct I D) III alone is correct. x[. I91o I . . I Turn over
  7. 7. UDGE 8 .11. urrcmg3é. gq5g)ibd}s$lQr, ;bg; §, asur; 'ourrsu>r_oe. e1'r a_u5surréu§, tj)@ Q. pé. e‘§TIu aarrrjcommrmé. 6=@z§»flu®6us1 A) L1siS)u5'fi'L'JLSls'> uumg, B) a_r_é.1u; é.1¢g, «'» C) uL. .rl'5e'u . D) Gci. Iq)1u®§; e'o. Igneous rocks are mainly derived from which of the following processes of magmas ? A) Gravity settling B) Assimilation C) Diffusion D) Differentiation. I2. i§)ct's1cuq5t'o 5n. lj)@)5566)61I’ &. cusur§. $)e'o Gairrsfrs : I. eu: u&G3cu'rrrLSa'_i_r'r 9Q§ ufilsisrasrgu aaqgcfi) ll. cmua. (3asrmS11.| _fi’ acufimmessflsér 9i‘. n_n_r'r§$lconu . gqIf)hu 9_5cqa§)g)g| Ill. as>u5:(3anrru5’i'. I_rfléo 9.u(3uJrrlflésesL': u®I. 'n s»su'flu>L'o firsnnas Qqgse. (3si. uco'ur®L'o IV. smua»(3co1rrLS1°_Lrfls°u @t; rco'b1® §L'_®s. s1'r Lefrmsar. Qwfimzsv = A) I xm'_®ib 5lfllUlTwl§| V B) II mgbtgaib IV srfimrraeisuisu C) II s. mj_)tg1L'n Ill srflumasrcmcu D) IV u>L®L‘n a-rflu. ursar§| . Consider the following statements : I I. Pycnometer is an electronic instrument II. Pycnometer is used to determine specific gravity of minerals III. The mineral sample used in, pycnometer is in powder form IV. Pycnorneter contains two pans. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct B) ll and IV are correct C) II and III are correct D) IV alone is correct. {LT} E5:>J
  8. 8. . 44 4.. .}-« 13. .51sam§®co 6vS5fl| .Dll': |6‘: fl5)61TAEaIi]. €6T§§6l'i1€5)_| n . ggg§)5.rflé. @L'o, Qpcu>g)uS)d> miflaneuugfigi : 14. 9 ' A) glfieio — Gurunelu -— .9guca>| _|'_ - @cnrrr'ri'_eiu. B) GI. rrurrsi), — @surrI’rL'. e’m — a; ucun_L'_ -— Qhiunb C) élzlzsfo -- agucmL. i‘_ —@oJrn’n‘. éu — (3I_rrurraiu D) gluern —@¢uIrrh'_si) _—— a{uaJiL. i2. —(3|_~rrurreiu. Arrange the minerals according to increasing hardness: A) Gypsum — Topaz —- Apatite —- Quartz B) Topaz —— Quartz — Apatite -— Gypsum C) Gypsum — Apatlte — Quartz —— Topaz ! D) Gypsum -- Quartz '— Apattte —— Topaz. UDGE Ijlsércuqgib anfimjsmm aasuc5r§$)éo Qaarrsfrm : I. 3)lq. %T5-§“! I%)LD {pg o3|Ji. ;cmi_u.1 §a'i'ram. oIurr@; L'o ' . II. 6:L9,asI¢; g5a'srcmm «fag, aaflwfifflgufo G)cusiJGcuq;1 élsuisaeifléi uirrp)m$)eT. )smso III. élusfo, |_ura'aa»a. ci5h_ @@ touring asuiezsrfio Lehmgu IV. si5)qe'o _r56»¢;5la's1 63lq.65Ttb 1-5 6% @Q5r, l,§: 2-5ma»g @@$@Lb. ®6i. i¢)@16f1 : A) I mugs srflumasrgi - B) Imljmnb 11 eifiumsursmsu C) I. II | .Dtj)@| Lb IV erfluirrcorsumi I D) ltogbggub IV erflmrrwrcmm. Consider the following statements : I. Hardness is a relative property 11. Hardness does not vary in different directions in any mineral III. Gypsum is two times harder than talc IV. Hardness of finger nail is between 1-5 and 2-5. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct B) _ I and II are correct C) _ I. II and IV are correct D) I and IV ‘are correct. I Tum over
  9. 9. was ‘ _ 1o 15. £§p¢'5e5ai‘6rL. a.Itj)g)eI'r 5‘lfluJlT51 QLIlT(I§§§| fl6')a)Il’§ §]eu)a5vnZiL) erg) 1 A) I5)s1rGmrra'm a)as>L. u.ursInh -f- ' 9.3.5) utraiig) §}ca)| _Q, p;I5)si) B) . go°oL'. )Q5|; £GI; rrcmi_ ‘ — Js)e»uInt‘_L. ’. éusmly gwurtcai ®am_(I, ou5)ci) C) Q; )e'5C36»rrcuo‘r qgmlit) — errsrrqcavr §]e_an. .@gS)n) D) G)§tra'>guu5)ri' stale @G5)I_QOJ6‘lfi -— ulrcoig) Qemcour gfifilsewulrr a| smImIII. ). Which of the following pairs is incorrect match ? 'A) Plumose marking A — Thrust faults B) Offset streams ‘ — Strike slip faults C) Triangular facets -— Normal faults H D) Palaeontologic break — Disconformity. 16. qffiarrrryasisrsio g, _c8rau>Lo ®5.traisn_ ssoflmfo A) aims»; B) e‘ruiS'a's1 C) @suIrr'n‘_a) D) é)I’_r6arra'sr. Fluorescence is characteristic of the mineral A) sheelite B) sphene C) quartz) ‘ D) zircon. I7. a_. uS)rf)eunt)sst‘) mtstfigg) ass‘) a. .Lr, surra. Lorrgnb (Bung) .9)§5661_ éleréxsgpéigu uéléo $| ))iIiuIJL)(9i'o ssollmib M A) s. rre'uas)sL'- B) I élefiiscarr C) @(l_r; i'oL) emus5>; r|'_®aacir D) @66)61.I a))6u)asl5@ib. The chief mineral replacing the original substance of organisms by petrifaction process includes A] calcite - ' ' B) silica C) iron pyrites l D) all of these. x[_191o
  10. 10. ll UDGE 18. ' £g)§. e»| r@))Lb curré. é§)uJtr'. ia.6a)sn amen? ) : aagbgy (A) : ®urrg)si. ures filcdmcmiouirrscsr l_irIa$)[D6:G1‘))@_|6fT flan =9)§)r'm) gqmsoaai .9)$)6,(3ms.5p5)). .‘68r urrdiefilsfirggasr. osrryaxmb (R): @670 a)§li'rn) =9)c)s>a)6»st'f)a'rr (Swain utrangpsaficti G); r,&‘. )g; si) §, sisrcan. ncm)u Qurrqrfigg). G)r_r, a€)g: ci)§; §;sBrcmm . g)$)esrf)6.@L‘o(Burrg) I96» a! )§)r'rca) . g)sma)a»sfi)ez'rr Gmsgpib a)§)a»rflé. éa)sisn_))§). o€)_, 'p&. sarr@)L'o @, n;b))i? L'. isiéi erfluirrasr €)5)6U)L6U)liJ (3§; r'rfgQg, ® : A) (A) mljmyib (R) @IJcd6I(); _))'n art), Cfimggub (R) sra's1ug| (A) c>5); i)@ erfluirrsur 61§)61T§z8>lb B) (A) Lm)’))g)L'o (R) Qgcubrgib arf). Gm@_| tb (R) 6,ra3'n_)g) (A) aS)rj)@ erfluirrsur siS)sm‘r. er~. Ioaieo . C) (A) art) ¢g_), ca)rré. > (R)§, mg)) D) (A) 5611); ); . gsurrre') (R) int). Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Denser rocks generally show a higher velocity of seismic waves. Reason (R) : Seismic velocities dependon the value of elastic constants and . increase with an increase in their (value. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below : A) Both (A) and (R) are true (R) is the correct explanation of (A) B) Both (A) and (R) are true. but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) C) (A) is true. but (R) is false D) (A) is false. but (R) is true. x mum over
  11. 11. upon: Q 12 19. r§)a‘srcu(r5rb 5n. fD@)&: €O)flI smésrggleii Glsrrefrs. : L)ciS)u5)cc'sr gym 1.’ gimascencueflqgggg 6378 59.16’ . ll. ;5)eug5(5)r's(3srrr'_iq. sS)q5§, §) 637-8 $| .uS' III. ‘§| ®6iJl. '.I u@§§)uS)a5)q5Ij; g) 635-6 é. ).|1f , I.V. §)Q§siJrJ u@§)u5)e5)Q5§, §) 6356 8'»). |.r5' alwriamssfi = A) I Lm; ®1'o arfimrrmg) B) I r. o;r'_)@)rb II erfiuirrasrsaisu C) I Lorjjrggtn III srtluirraurancu D) I ipr_i: )g)L'n IV errflulrrasrsuieii. Consider the following statements : The radius of the earth is I. 6378 km from the equator II. 637-8 km from the equator III. 635-6 km from the polar region IV. 6356 km from the polar region. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct 8) I and II are correct. c) land III are correct _ l D) I Iandivare correct. 20. i_))c£srau(5ciJsc_rraiJr_i)rg)6fr'urrco); pé. @;g>1bIJ)cr31 u@§)L’J6)Lrrr(I_r, r'_a. sm_érr .9)g, igrj)urrcu>r_r3u. rrreur L))rp@ a5ai'vr®L5)I4é.5 (l; )i. q.ull'l'§) A) ilefnlsrresr B) Lirreiuuljeiii ' C) QL€)5)li. I|'l’@L'i) G>)urr(r_5r'_5.e1‘r D) §rruS)I; Lb. Which of the following components of magma could notlbe determined in the analysis of igneous rocks after solidification ? - A) Silicon B) Phosphorous C) Volatile constituents D) Copper. 3; 19:0 | ' 19000
  12. 12. 21. 22. 23. 24. 13 UDGE @5IJurtg)'s£sr &a>as>u®ci5)a'51 . g)r. r)ru@§)uS)s'v 5.rra)ur)IrLr®L'o urr5')e): s)Jui_rr§ ugglag . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . Grsisrg) Qutufir A) L6’(B&rrQ)sr'sr LI@$l B) $1Q)'[)DGL| f|'é)€5'I Lugg) C]. Gerrsisr = sg_. ),L'J = ge'r. mS)Gr_ssz'sr D) gegfirurtélsér ae'uenu® u@é, ). In the ‘supergene sulphide enrichment the lower unaffected part of the ore body is the A) mesogene zone B) hypogene zone C) zone of oxidation D) supergene sulphide zone. sraJrrrJGurrc_m)jr'_ u)s)o. r§5)s'u srfbs osasflrmb 5.rrcozrrILru®a§)r, r)g) 7 gleam =9)a»asr§; g)Lb erflmrrarrencu. A) C3srru). uJrb @(3€rrrrco')r]® B) C) élrsre. V D) Commercial deposits of evaporite minerals may consistof A) sodium chloride B) gypsum C) zinc D) all of these. ®Ué>LDGb)| alLLq.6)> éz)6ml_53©lb Qqsélcorsaéi erg) 7 A) a;1,g))ofi)a'sr _ B) @ciJrrrt)'_aiJ C) G)L)éo6tur. rrrr‘r D) ‘ LDf)'$§fD. Some pegmatites are mined for gemstones such as A) olivine B) quartz C) feldspar D) emerald. urrcmrp §; §§)as)e§uJrr . g)amorZ)r_5)e'o, '(yi$)u. r urrco)'r, gcourrjyurrsoig) mcomcuiwé 9rrr'I'; 'rg§; samJuirré)s ®Qr, r_'r, §;rrdo .9)§, c81 Quuifr ‘ ’ A) @6i. Il')'G6)i; l B) - Q$o°oi'JG9i)t: J C) LIlT€6)[D ®eu>cwr ggsilasnaulrr aqmuiuu D) urrsmp 95_$)cmeu. rrr a| €d>| .DClL). The type of unconformity in which the -older rocks are of plutonic igneous origin is Called ‘- I I . A) overlap B) offlap C) H disconformity D) non-conformity. [Turn over
  13. 13. UDGE 1 4 25. 9_Q5curreE)u)6r‘1srr oflgfismg, 66)6)J§§J I5)61rrrr_‘_Is)6orrb. @C3IjrruS)u. rL'o wgbpiib fl, )é.5.e'i uu)ci)a. a1'r srsilmrrgj .9)an)p3a5aILi)_r®9‘. )@§) ? A) smgpL'_GqrrG)g5r)‘wai) uu). si. u'n B) Qqé)u), u)mr§) uu).6uL‘o C) ®LD5sl. Dl')'C_I. i). é'a uuirmrb D) gpgjéagrlr Lrrq. cur. b. According to the mode of formation. the deposits of platinum. chromium and nickel ore are A) hydrothermal deposits 3 B) residual deposits C) magmatic deposits D) placer deposits. 26. L))a3r6nQr, m6UrciJ; i)Q)efi srggbg) a)$)5. ¢9)Q. p5_£_r, mg); 9_a1‘rerr§) 7 A) éa); rrra»cun_'. ' B] _ sa)r_<B¢urru_s6>IjL'. C) é. currr‘n'_®sr. '_ D) _ u>rrr'rr5)sr'r. Which. of the followinghas the highest compressive strength ? A) Q Granite B) Diorite C) Quartzite 1)) Marble. 27. 6)rg)o. )rFlemeu5)g))sfrsrr LJIT6U)l_i) . _.9)(), )¢‘7,a§)uJé. ) s)6iTas)su$sr'r A) -é)rfeh>, e'ro(3L_g, czggrrsar. é)eh)I_Lb, m}rr§§L°o B) é)e'm_L'o, mjrrfigrb, Ggrrcér, eiuGr_g‘; , §)rfe? u C) Ggrrcfsr, e? i(3r_g. é)r1"’s? u. é)sh>L. Lb, rrryrrfiagsrb D) §)rfeh>, (ggrrcbr, 6IU@i_g. é)e'n)r. _ib, I-I= Ijrr§5§; I.'D. Ascending lithostratigraphic units are A] series. stage. zone. system. erathem B) system, erathem, zone. stage. series ’ C) 1 zone, stage. series, system. erathem D) series, zone, stage. system. erathem.
  14. 14. 28-. 29. 30. 31.‘ x] 1910) . C) lJ(§6iJ8al'| 'G) e. rrrjc_uo’t) D) 15 Glsuibuariclfl erasirrcotnrrrbquuncoirr) e. rrarcrrr'_n. r®r. 'o aurflsme A) utZiL. )rr£'! »66')) efrfidru B) G)&u'. )u. Irrrt §rf)e'ru c) Lrgéoeoibsuisn Ema» D] eakrucamr é'rf)a‘ru'. Vempalle limestone is in A) ' Papaghani series B) Cheyyar series C) _Nallamalai series D) Kistna series. ) Gmd) (38:| 'T‘6lii'I®G‘i. |l'l’66Ii'I'QS)63l’ @sc')1C: )L_e‘7.du i_)Ge1rrrrjn' A) rs). As'u(36)rrI5)e‘usmb B) é. )srrrre'ru&rnLrL_rF)e'u I C) G§5,rras'cr(9surrcaf)ri}uJL'n D) 5:5E'r)8:lDITCJl. |'fi€lU. The index flora for upper Gondwana is A) Ptillophyllum _ B) Glossopteris C) Gondwanidium D) Gangamopterls. (3e. rr<; o‘ur®cilrrc6rrrsi5)s1'sr @q§LS)rf)s1) cu6m6.rL)urrL'_rs, er'rr Q, oése£))u c91ii}I. 'JLlQi)L. A) urraaarpsucuaa I B) §lT6iJl)'QJ€6)5:' The two fold classification of Gondwana is mainly based on A) ' lithology B) flora C) climatic factor ' D) . none of these. ‘%r're'7.(3e. uJsr’sr‘ cream) €iJl'Tll‘§6U)§9J'>liJ ¢p§, a$)s‘> . §)§)(g>a»r. ')r_r®; 'f,5’)uJ<. 'a. rr'r D. N. 61JlTLq. ).iJl'I' A) J . D. r_rrszrrrr B) C) M. S. é~)(r5cigoczszsre2'sr D) Ggrbau §i_rpL’. r_s8r. The word “Archaean” was first coined by ' A) J. D. Dana t B) D. N. Wadia C) M. S. Krlshnan D) James Hutton. E) @sur, 'r)rg)sr‘r 6rg)ci)i6)é)6u)si. UDGE [ Tum over
  15. 15. UDGE 16 32. @r_‘°D§Du. I gains. uLclaqa= .61’fi661 (3§; rrIj)rplb L5lsisrsiJ(rjI. 'o susmassmuié an'r’rr_’5§, g1 A) sn§lQ§I'rLoe'u B)‘ L§(35rrQ§r'rms'u C) 6u>§. y_:3('3un®g. rTms'> D) erS)(26urrrG)§, r'rLoéi. The Indian golddeposits are formed by which of the following origins ? A) Epithermal B) Mesothermal C) Hypothermal D) Xenothermal. 33. §; £T§j€i{L681 §)€6)6UlSTuJI'| '6u e€las>a_e'7,s»e': .a. aq. uJ Ggsuumuifiapp Qurrqgsfi erg) 7 A) &. co‘IlLn8«s§g, ) ' I B) ®ci. IL'.1uu>rr65‘fl C) Qarrmqmib . D) 6,b6)mCo. The waste materials associated with "ore are called A) I tenor B) thermometer C) ‘ dump ’ D) gangue. 34. Qgrflgbg, Logbgpgfo ggaéwfluiiorrsur grrggéaeaai crgsgs ssuvqaefilsii @q5r, 'r; .§| Lgrgmnsilgagu A) Ifilszsiljcésr B) ang)| '_(3Ijn' Qgfrmali C) GiL1rrL1_rré~)u_ub » D) asrrr'n_z€<»66IL. The best-known and most important ore deposits are those that are produced from . ... . . .‘. .. ... ... ... .. solution. I A) brine B) A hydrothermal C) potassium D) carbonate. 35. nfila'smi(r_r, tb 6’utf_l)@)5z€U)61T mmsurfigleiw Qemrsirs, : I. L{6'iSll. l.IlT65I§j ejqg Qunfiui §L®é’z5>6TflT6) aiczsrg} II. qafilwrrawgj 6rL'_® Qurflm §L(; )é»&611rr6’> . g566I§J III. qofiluincargj uggj Qurflw §L'_®é»6»swrréo %s6r§1 IV. qafiluinccrgj 9et's1ug1 Qurfiau §; I.'. ®e'r>5.a11rr<ii .9$co'r§1 Qmmgjsfi : A} I Lm’_@a. ‘o 5lflUJfTG5T§] B) I mgbgggfin II 5l‘nIlJl‘T66IG5)6). i C) I, I1 mfppnb III &I‘nLLHT6DT6l'. DQJ D) . ;9{6'G)6UI§§ll1 arfluirrcursmcin. x 19000
  16. 16. 36. {xiii} 17 ' UDGE Consider the following statements : I. . Earth is composed of seven large plates. II . Earth is composed of eight large plates. III. ' Earth is composed of ten large plates. IV. Earth is composed of nine large plates. ) Oi" these statements : A) I alone is correct B) I and II are correct . C) I, II and III are correct D) all are correct. Lilsisrsugtgib 5m1_b@j{5o6l61T eimsurgéleii Qesrrsfm : I. ‘L4o§l<3u. |rrn'_(9§ §; L® u>I_rr'ua3e'>' ®5.trsr'rsm5.u§l6'> §>L'_(, aasfr asco'zsn_: §:ass1fisisr (3Lo(3eurr| '_| q.scTrre'v Qlpwrmw ' 11. u_¢o5i<3mm'_@s scg mI. m.a. - ®s. na'm»a. u51e'n gcgasfilagggiggggim C3Lo€3emL'. Lq, asrrrc'u qgmmm III. ‘n.4c15l(3u. uI‘L'_®§, §5n_'_®‘m| _I: '>‘ Glsnsfismaufiléi ¢l_'-®Oa6'T’£? ‘:€l§STL_I5J8>(-'a‘r'T Loggulb &(y>§,5lI; §§)sin (‘3m(3eurrLutasIrréo agcursmm IV. ‘L4a5K3u. m'_(5§', §1‘_@‘. lDL. I5i8>€U' Qergrdaanstfiléu §; L(51&so1% a»czs'zsrL_riJ5.e1'r, &(g3§, ;£lg§;5|s8r (3lo(3s>rr® mr_b@u. 'n Cfimcértqafiletrr (i‘3.Loe. i>LJ@$) . gge£)umJr, f)nprr5'> ggcowanm. Qmgiaggiefr : A). I Lm'_®L'n B-| 'nliJ| 'T66T§) B) ll u>LZ. ®Lb GIHIIJITSGIQJ " C) III Lm_'_®L'n erflturrcctgg D) IV LoL'_®L'o erflwnmgj. Consider the following statements : I. In the plate tectonics concept, the plates are made up of continental crust only. II. In the plate tectonics concept, the plates are made up of oceanic crust only. III. , In the plate tectonics concept. the plates are made up of both continental and oceanic crusts. IV. In the plate tectonics concept. the plates are made up of continental crust. oceanic crust and the upper part of the upper mantle. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct B) C) III alone is correct D) II alone is correct IV alone is correct. [ Tum over
  17. 17. once ' ' 18 37. Qurrsmgp fié= .s. Lb qgbucloigg A) I Qumflsé élcm§mSlsarrr6°> B) GQJ6l-llSlllJ$'i élangsifileutrrai C) 9_uSlr'r Cfisuélufiluielx élsm§, e5lco'rrral> _ D) élafammn G)urrQr,1.’_s61'r élcaissnrrdi. Exfoliation is a form of A) physical weathering B) chemical weathering . C) biochemical weathering D) mass wasting. 38. L'.6oin; (3ewrsu>uF_Lsis8r u¢’! .e. suIrC. §su)I_u. |lb, I. flc&ru@5lanuJIqL'o @6lD66lSTl. '.IlJ§lI'6'i sz. qI5ci. Irr@l'o Gerrcwrib I A) eioanuuifr Gsrrsuaub B) GlersenEJGluc. '>a>rrr'r Gsrrascrnb -C) éGl. 'i'I6'I (A°: $ll'615Ul’| .b ' D) ®61i§)Q|61'l’ srgmitbléiccasu. The angle formed between lateral and posterior borders of trilobite is A) spire angle I B) glabellar angle Cl genal angle C D) none of these. 39. ujlceraiqgmarrcurjgglai Gmswrrfl (Bulb ( gqcmaxst ) cucciesanulé (3srh_°r; §;§| crsmcu 7 A) uI‘_I_njeh> a{€5)6U5T I B) I éllj'IT6i5lL°. li} aicoiasur C) ggfré. =9-[GOWCGSI D) @eu>o. I sqmsarfbgnh. Which of the following cqrnés under masonry dam ? ~ A) Buttress dam H , B} M Gravity dam C) Arch dam D) ' All of these. 40. I§l(3sn5tl’ uzqsufn egg) Gsrraisrfilm a{(3g, @L. §,$ls'> 5’: rI'ai6'Il. lIUL: .LlTO.0Va1§| .. ... ... ... ... ... . . . arm a| amg)$6aL’Ju®££lrp§). I A) s; Gturra$la'sr L3l(3swsr’r ’ B) a>{gua5luJc'o :5lGmerl‘ C) nguafiluiaa I. ‘)lC3snart ‘ D) Gsngurofiluiéi :5l<‘3me= I’r. A placer deposit formed at the site of the destruction of the primary source rock is called A) Aeolian placer B) Alluvial placer C)" Eluvial placer D) Colluvial placer. *
  18. 18. 19 A UDGE 4]. memo 9_q5¢iJrr§. e»§5)r. ba. rrasr ®ou1a'>urr®s. sfr CA) L. Irr_smg) LDl. i]. I.'JLl rflsgoaissfr B) uIrcuit_1). @soL. .Q, pgf; lc: ¢ _r_f, laagm4e. e1’r C) geourpunwp ux_1®@cudu D) Qlsmm .9{6m6a1g'b§)L'o. Crogenic activity includes A) fold episodes B) fault events I ’ C) ‘ _ igneous intrusions . D) . all of these. 42. snyriiauucuatl a;8))iDD| .fl6') fp® gsemi arcing) Glerréu erfbg, Ul. q,6J€6iLDElL. ll[lj)@ uwefiruoéasfluciélms ? _ A) _ [§I1'I_f)l66)lj)§§ ssfilincdat B) ®&. I.'. lq. u_u'rsm urramp C) 'Ulq. €iiL'JL. ll'I'6B)g) D) Loaszsrpurrsmgyfi T ‘Running ground‘ is the term related to tunnelling process carried in which of the following formations ? I A)" Clay saturated with_water B) Hard rock C) Sedimentary rock D) Sandy rock. . ‘ 43. Ll| ‘l'65)[D @soiu__(L, pt_6lci5le’o G)enll©5§yarr: |'. |o4 l. Dfl)yI. b L1®a»5auSl6z'sr aE’g$lr, r)eisa»n. 'o . gé»lu. u6:s>cu 5LDi. DIT8z a_sfIstr urrangp @am_(y: ;filciSle'rr Gum ‘ A) . Gums: ®w>L@e5lna . 3) silt §. )6°*I—<y>s6)6>¢ C) e£lam_lm'_I. @szm. _(y)g5lcq D) Gl5IéJ®§§l @as>I_Q, p:; $)ci4. The rake and plunge are equal in I A) normal fault I B) reverse fault C) horizontal fault D) vertical fault. 1 *r‘91°: :] | _1i_boo0 I [Turnover L l
  19. 19. UDGE ) .20 44. (3a. s6)‘rre'o @e)e'r.5s)fi). fil66) Lorrljjtgjuls ®uu. )r‘r A) )_)rr£'r. Qg_: r)L'_ §; )6)£'r»5»rH B) )3); C) uqgtn. ) r_f, lsué»s. s‘FI D) . gy_‘g5Ijrrsm&L'_. The another name of canal coal is A) bog head coal B) peat C) lignite é . _ . l D) anthracite. 45. ®§dJ(3QJe3Wu§)s: 9.61351) )_)Q. _), >). '): .) flexsélaarflufilsfir 5;6omé. a§'® ®etbu1)L)L_)L'_)_ Qmm '2 A) 2900 u5)e'»a6)u)a'n L_e8Iase1'T B) 2600 iméoafiiuieesr casyren-.1’) c) 3900 L5)6')6fiuJ6¢'$I L_6i'Si5.6fr D) 3600 Lmaleamssr Lama)’. The estimated amount of lignite deposits at Neyveli is A) 2900 million tonnes B) 2_600_million tonnes C) 3900 million tonnes D) 3600 million tonnes. 46. §s1) £61) susmewmfisft Lorj)@)L'o $m'Ur)_§)gS)sé'r 9:70 uggflsacfr .9;), é=)uiezs>c). ) @Q54;)ug) A) 5.aimLg’5_e; f,)a'sr M(. '_§m(B6)rr® B) &<_L; =&>é)I7$$)a'sr <3w<36_>rr® C) 5»6b'IsTLL‘o'5(_ipg'5§'lg§, §la'sr @6o'»I_. LLn_))_'_L_ (3Lo(3a)rr® D) A (A) mmm (B) @r; ca'zsr®£n. Islands. island arcs and continental margins are the examples of A) continental crust B) oceanic crust C) transitional crust D) both (A) and (B). 1s'n'o'l
  20. 20. 21 3 "A upon I ' 47. aflgmah Loco‘on_. eoL‘o L(I§QJfI'6UT cfilgib . A) a)eu'6re: »L_ Gla. Is1F)u§)e'o ‘G)(_r, L)eotr’ en»-mZ)u®). 'o curru4e'r. s.s(1rrasr $L', )I§)m(b15)e5)(gfp§)‘ B) .9)co'urc5>L. G)sus1'r)u5)disr§)g5)8s Qa. rrco‘zsris). (5g, g.~. @sI‘r')rffi5§, filnjcu G)(5|. (eorrc)S)aS)q5g'5g( C) ' a4co‘a)cmL_ Glmsfiliiiléi 5539515 Qarr66'Uru), qr, _t_i; § @e1‘flr'r¢; §. 5): . 6))_§L(sirrc:5)e3)Qr, ;),5) D) .9)és5rra)§§)_ei) @q_r, §5Q_r5L(eurr6u>a. II. 'J (_); 'pr_I5) Qgafleiirrasr a. Lr, E§5(é‘a6»eI‘) @6>as>eo. Solar system was formed from a A)’ hot gaseous incandescent nebula rotating in space B) cold liquid nebula rotating in space C) . cold solid nebula rotating in space . _no-clear cut idea is known about the nature of the nebula at that time. 48. ®(_r, u,out'r (36.rrL‘_. um'_6mt_ (g)sii'rQmrrg$)$§; cur’r A) O. J. e'n. )L£)§; B) Qmaurréaafr . C) s. a:'rm. '. m§)gp)L°n Ge>)L)(3a)a( D) ®u>srrén_c61 LDlj)l'_| _')CD GeL'our'ra‘5)a's). The Nebular hypothesis was proposed by A]. O. J. Schmidt A B) Weizacker C) Kant and Laplace D) Moulton and Chamberlin. 49. @()5)bL. (§, §| rr§(é. &.e1fis'u. gmmgbg er. u), as)5g, sz'sIsmo 9_c1'16n 50;) erg) 7 I A) @e‘moas>su'rL'_ ( B) e5)Gmrrs6)c6rI‘_ C)’ é)). .ca))jL A D) muw)r; r_. Which iron ore is having least hardness ? 'A) )4 llmenite . B) Limonite C) ‘ Slderite D) Pyrite. ‘ xtajn - mm
  21. 21. UDGE 22 50. 51. 52. g)§, g.5r_r, rre. §; §, rrg)¢'r»s. sfi)e'. > §le$)s. rra5)cu Gcufil Qmuiifiléo ®s. ire&sr(, er'rsrr grrg. ) erg) '2 A) sfu(3(_)a)as)(7L B) €3'l. )I.5)§G€n)l)'6)6b'lI'_- C] Qs_1r_r)iiS)mrrri’6a)uL‘_ D) |5)I; rrr)$)a»sfi)eu)s_urL'_. What is the name of zinc ore which contains silica in its composition ? A) Sphalerite B) A Smithsonite C) '1-{emimorphite D) Franklinite. (Bani) ®c6)tL)LS)ai) é)a‘))e= rrc5)su ®L. )§)@)er'rsIr-§, rr(.5)Ij§5 gurgu erg) 7 A) (3urrr'r6o)am'_ B] &rre')(35.rr6m&I'_ C) Q>)L. )'_(7rrGIs__i_: pLsa)(j(. '_ D) a§)smI; )(3&rr6)wrrs'>a)rr. What is the name of copper ore which contains silica in its composition ? A) Bomite B)" Chalcocite C) Tetrahedrite ' D) Chrysocolla. i5)6irrcu(r5eura. )rj)@)sr'r erg) (BL0£'r. u>rr)'_iq. &. (3sé>rFl(3a»si())cirr s'ucu)5»su)u. ) errr'rr_'r, §,g) ? A) urre'5a»eH'_ u(q. ci)ass)'r B) Qgmq uI. q.a)6:s1'1 C) @GIjrrL6)u. )£o uu). a(5»sfr D) urreiu(BL. )L'. . UIq. €i535fT. The best example of magmatic segregated ore is A) bauxite deposit V B) I iron deposit C) chromium deposit D) phosphate deposit.
  22. 22. 53. , 54». 55. 1910' 23 UDGE samruatrcar acaflmtb Gmsncer easalliogbfiléi Qqgfig) ®u. )fi)co)e7.)_urraz L. ‘))rF)és5.)JLJ’3Lb gaczsigyeng srcércm C>)uu)r'r 7 A) (3I; )é)is). )g, cué) Lnstciieasfl B) Qwéjarrcufiéaéi earrsivrasfsrtiiffiljaspaijr C) G)s(q. L)>co'mGi. .as))c¢'sr uI. itci)er»6r'r D) ei'_))5)a$)<3mc)q)6isr u). sr'r. Natural separation of heavy minerals from light ores is called A) residual deposit _ B) mechanical concentration C) sedimentation deposit D) sublimation deposit. §66Tli)(§3ll1)L) §))}m)'n Q, li8)lDlT8) gpmnm Liggfilufléo aurcozsmugtb urrsmgp @()')£‘s@aze1‘? )e') utituitb f}sl'T§)§s5z@E5>(§) srsisisrsr Ciuusfr 7 A) Gletqwaicruri uisinissfr B) ). ‘))(3e1rs)'r uL(ici)’r C) ®)jé)ist(gcudu utsicqsai D) 6o)gnL'_(3I)rrG)§r'rioe‘u utqcqsefi. Mineral rich veins within plutons, deposited by magmatic fluids into fractures are called _ A) ‘ sedimentary deposit B) placer deposit C) residual mineral deposit D) hydrothermal deposit. urranm gggtptbzfléi @(r5_r_))§) (3;5I)I. q.u. nraa a. q5si. )rra§)(_o §, rrg(é. s=er'r . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . eras) agmgpésauugélpg). A) Gméziontgé. Ca7&&»rF)(3a. s)q)c6r lJ| .q.6Ulb B) er. rr<zr'<rrL; rrz'mI_ G)LoL'_(__rrLorrr'r)_5)é. LJiS),6'LILb C) ®ué. inam_L'. D) I5l<3srreri uLn, cu). 'n. Certain ore deposits that are deposited earlier inlthe magma chamber are termed as A) magmatic segregation deposits B) contact metamorphic deposits C) pegmatites D) placer deposits. I Turn over A
  23. 23. UDGE A 24 56. £i'pé.5»6u'5ri_ aasolliaiéieasrllsl) 6:55 6335 essullmto (3e»Ira)irr'r guinea 6uuie6)e') g, i&iea§; Gg, n® @as)u. )r_'r, §) e£)as)i_é-a§lt_pg). A I. cu')uso)r; L'_ II. )_‘))rfl(3§)_n_')rrco'))_i'_ Ill. Q), I1'é)(36zsrrra. 'o)ucu)Ijl. '. IV. (3§1ri)ii>as)I_L'_. Eilwiiiildr = A) 1u». '.(), )ro B) image 1) C) i, ll tDl_l)@]lh Ill D) Qsmm .9(c5>srsr§5§(Lb. Which of the following rnineralis) is/ are associated with the gold deposits of Kolar ? l. Pyrite ll. Pyrrhotite Ill. Arsenopyrite (IV. Hematite. Of these : A) I only B) l and II c) 1. n and m D) all of these. 57.. U@§(36iJ[i)@]CD @u. )g_'r,5)(; rLb ‘Li)(3r; re.6u)a>68r‘ .915) c9(6u)io[i; §q5Ea@ib 5-(big) Gu>6mL_u5)a'5r ggiaiib . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . . g)(erra5))_'n@ 5ri_')| ‘_l)§>5n. l.q. lIJ§| . A) 180° B) 270° C) 360° D) 240°. The loading machine “Drag line" is capable of rotating . ... ... . ... ... .. on a turn . table. A) 180° B) 270° C) 360°. b M D) 240°. A x @io ] . 19000
  24. 24. 58. 59. I25 UDGE )_)rrrbC3). ) mm @5615;-) e? g;)6.5»c&6rL_ aJrrriaé§)uJ)rl)s»s)‘r)a') creme) erfluirrasrcmcu 1 l. 9(5) 903 Loc&ir(. .ai a_: r.rr'rcurre'u 9_(_r, currsa'r5) II. QuL’. G); rrra‘3)u. )rb scoisrcovrrrrbt) urrsoigpssfiléi e‘. )smL_é»e£)rpg) Ill. . , ®g) [blD§l prr). '.Ii)aisr 75% Ggancusmm Brigg) Qediélrpg) IV. (l}l§6!'5lQ, DS6)[| )lll)'l'$ smm<3u. )rr6)a'sr asrraifigsog 515)). l. l>)8a€). )CD @65)61TllJ urrsmg). -Qlmsbersir = A) Irnr_i)rg)t'o I18-| 'flllJfl‘€dT6U)61.| B) . l tDfi)@)ll_) Ill erflrurrsurcrsisu C) I, ll Lo(j))g)L'o Ill arfluirrsarcmsu D) a)su)sar§§)). 'r> erfluirrsvrsuieii. Whichhof the following statements about Bombay High are correct ? I. It is a-regional uplift I ll. _ Oil has struck in limestones III. ‘ It contributes about 75% of the need of the country IV. It is younger than Miocene for the first time. Of ihese_statements : A) I I and II are correct - B) l and III are correct C) I I, II and Ill are correct D) all are correct. a$’); >e'; .a. a:'wrrr_m)'9g))sr‘1 QQJDITGGI ®6U)G6b'llJLi erg) 7 A) errsrraw Qwit-(soda) - WTDL) @166?)-<y>: i>l6=) B) er$)r‘r ®e<s))_(5ogb)ci) —- @r3)&§@aS)an& §)as)t'_Q, p))S)a) 0) arm seesaw — aasé Blwiuepélnr D) Qcmcwrai _§]6znr_. (g);6)a) —- szfigrfi ®cmr. _Q, or)_’))si(. Which one of the following is incorrect match ? A) . . Normal fault I Gravity fault B) Reyerse fault — Coinpressional fault C) Tear fault — Wrench fault D) Hinge fault -— Scissors fault. [ Tum over
  25. 25. UDGE I 26 60. sr§,68r @sc)(_uSls’) srL‘)r_)rrr’r£°n(. ‘3e. uJsisr 9g')§)cmsu. )Ir aqsuimrlrr. ) Lefrsirg) 7 I A) I QurtL6)u. )sr'rr lDf_i°‘)'@(llJ t’_as>)7u. )rré'lés I B) a; LIl’§a(‘a36'sllJfl: T u>Ij)@)). 'o r. )(3r}rrL'. (i'). <3¢; rr<3grru. ‘r)63 9‘ C) = gr'ré. (3e, uJct'sr ). o)i3@)r'r> Gsrreu'm®currc6rrr D) @srs)s). ) s)smersr§; §))l3. Eparchean unconformity lies between A) Permian and Triassic B) ~ Archaean and Proterozoic C) Archaean and Gondwana . -D) - all of these. 61. §@ (3e. rraiur®a_)rr6urrr 9_(n5G)ci. )®5§rLIui'_('_(3urrg) Qgyrjgg €(3§rr€iqrauar l_6)66)6)‘ A) Qcurlru ). orj)rg)L'o 9_e>ri al’C3g. rrsigocarsr)1) B) Qmuu wgbmlo H7l)’CJi. |§ el'(B§; rrs)'q)6zszi'r). 'ia C) @a"))r'r eF’<3§rreiq)601srt’o D) eb(, )rr': )@e1‘r)r'r §(3g, rr6i’; )a)z$irb. Middle Gondwana's were evolved under A) warm and dry climate B) warm and humid climate C) cold climate I D) very cold climate. 62. ur; .u). u.)éi lg r. n'_u)ruéo II 9_i_c<'rr Glurrqgggél. JG); 6)e. rr®é»&i1rur. '.®6r'rerr @r_)S)ul'®5.szs)erré. ‘ ®aarr<; o‘o1@ arfiuirrcor ciS)6a)i_6u)uJ§) (3§r'r§®§@ : ur. '.rq. u)é) l uL‘. u). Iuéo II a) afilqrrsiu-<3§)))')L&ar® (, )aS)a'srsa‘f)ri‘u ll. ca)in6.<3grrés)cmsrra'sr b) as)sé. e£ls(f)i5 Galleércaflrtr V 2. .9))j<35.rrsu)asn'. c) (_)rra‘5l§)sr's1G)g, r‘_ur). &a Gicifilcrircollrir r. ‘)lsira'6)Gu. )rr aflsrrrreii) d) ®u6uflr; (Brjc)q)c8r ®ci5)a3re‘r0 4. as)uanr, rL. @)é7(l)"@)as61'r : I a b c d A) I 2 3 4 B) 2 I 4 3 C) 4 I 2 I 3 D) '3 '4 2 1.
  26. 26. 27 UDGE -. Match List I correctly with List 11 and select your answer using the codes given below: a) b) c) d) Codes: a ‘A) 1 B) 2 -C) 4 D) 3 63. V List 1 Cross-hatched twinning Cyclic twinning Polysynthetic twinning Penetration twins 1) c d 2 3 4 1 4 3 2 1 3 4 2 1. Qaarr_c6'o‘r® ecflusrrasr c:5366n_as>uJ§; (3§r'rfiQ§® : al . b) c) d) @g57uf@5srr a A)‘ 3 ‘V B) 4 C) 2 D) 1 uI'_u}nué> I (5°§>°3‘°°W> cam Qamriusrr :39: 5'55"“ =2L'. Dl ' . .9_4,@@|6s amflrcq ‘b c d 2 I 4 3 %_ 2 1 l 3 4 2 3 J 4. : ‘‘: ’-°! *.'’ List 11 Micrqcline Aragonite Plagioclase Pyrite. uI. Z.. lq. Iué> lg u| '_nq, u.| éo II a_L. a‘sr Qurrqggél. £63: ®esrr@ésaa: JuLL. ®sfvm ggfil-. é‘@aacmméa utlmuéx II gawtpw ®mm<= u éllansn Q59; mljéséfisuusvr a. uq. aS| a>rrsa_r 566:1; m| ;:_§$Wc¢'sI ¢Q$l)’l: DU &Iru'. ug; s1n. 'o. [ Turn over
  27. 27. noes _ 28 Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List I] a) Consequent stream 1. Misfit b) insequent stream 2. Tributary c) Subsequent stream 3. Dendritic d) River capture 4. Initial slope of the ground. Codes : A) 3' 2 1 4 13)‘ 4 3 2 1 C) 2 1 3 4 D) 1 i 2 3 4. 64. (3L_rrun'é)a'5r (3a. |§)uJe'o e. uL. L6u'>u>L'JLq A) Al2SiO5 ' B) Al2(SiO4](0H )2 C) Al2(Si04)(OH, F )2 D) Al2Si2O. ,~: The chemical composition of topaz is A) Al2SiO5 B) A. l2(Si04)(OI-I )2 C) Al2(SiO4)(0I-I. F)2 D) Al2Si2O7. *
  28. 28. '29 ‘V ' UDGE 65. ®r'ru>rro$)65i)c<’rr 5519.66! .9)em; i3® A) 5 sir ggw 6 mean; B) 453 gyms 5 mm; C) 7-0 ab @q5)_‘5§) 7-5 me»); D) 5-5 e'> @(t5r_i5§) 65 went}. _The hardness of tourmaline is C A) 5to6 B) .4to5e . C) 7-0 to 7-5 D) 5-5 to 6-5 66. 9‘: {pe'r.5,c4s'5Ii. e1Jfi)| g)6fT srf)u. )rr5= C>)LJtrQ5§, §;. I_°. )LJI'_I_g) cry 1 A) g)g>; i3urras>rp @u)eS)e'> oilcmccr ®s, rre1'Tcc>a~. saafr — A. gpnfrmfr B) _fi, )é= .aS) srcubvsaeh -V? 2.Lr5wrrg5)u. : urrsuugomsir C) = =.vqg)rj)urrscs)g)a»su)s1) mcmmL)um'_:'> - S. J. err€o'6r® LD[)_)@]ib A. Gggprréaibdu D) gmrrfresrflsbr Lorrg3)u(g)§; s> IJ| _lf1)€56fY —— A N. L; usucisr. Which one of the following is correctly matched ? A) The reaction principle in igneous petrology —— Harkar B) Niggli values -— Metamorphic rocks C) The classification of igneous rocks ‘— S. J. Shand and A. Holmes D) I-larker's variation diagrams -— N. L.. Bowen. ) 6'7. (B-| _.rrC3sun' scs>mL'_am_ 5.rrc'ocmsLio, a9)Q5§g; ) (3su@)u®§§) Glgrflul 9_§cn)cu§) A) geftiosmrpsu Gesrrcwrm B) @€Y)‘)Ll5)UJé0 couscous. C) (3cu§)u5)u. Is') sm'_® ®un'q§, t'_e. e1'r Qpanb flplb qgbngjgé) D) Iflrpib Locjggyib 3_@61ll: D. The easiest method to distinguish dolomite from calcite is by A) extinction angle B) optic sign C) staining technique D) colour and form. . x mum
  29. 29. once T '30 68. 1s; .1jrr6i.1r’ras)1_a'sr u1.q. oJ11‘:1s. af1 <351ra's11g)L‘o strrjswnb A) g, ¢)s. ¢.~. $)es1 a. ca1scr5.e‘fle{>)¢_151'55) e. rrsi)a1>s1.'_ u1sim11'u)5acfr_a_(t_1', c11rrsug) B) . ggp5.n. _oS)e'o s.1rs‘oas)eL'. sasutlwfo 1.11q. a.1n1r@1.'o (Sung) C) @cuw»o, efi)e‘_: s. é)u11‘n I_'5'1"r s1rrs': co': &1'_'cm1.-- L)1q. aamrr&>@ib Gurrg) D) Glmiiufiri a»‘as>1;rsaQo5)Qr, ;5§1 a.1ré1as>s1'_ u1q. e51nrr(91h (Bung). Travertine deposits are formed by‘ A) deposition of calcite from springs of rivers B) crystallisation of calcite in deep sea C) crystallisation of calcite by dripping Water in caves D) crystallisation of calcite by hydrothermal solutions. 2 69. uL1q. u1éo I Q umspuéo I! a_.1_c61 Glurrqgfidl. {(331 G)5rr®é. s.1'JuL®61‘ren @(6)u3®5{ane11s. ®s.1rczi1s1@ srfluirrsm a5Is1»1_cmu.1§, (3g.1i5Q§, @ : uL‘_14u. )é1 I . ’u1'_1:tu1é> II a) urrs-. em'_ 1. Al ‘; __o 32. 1-1 ,0 b) éflflmsl; 2. I A1203 .1120 c) (3urré. )co11m'_ 3. Al 20 3 . 31-l 20 d) a»L_uJe'ruG’»urr1'i' 4. 5 Al 20 3 . 2H 20. @; r)7u7@as67'r . - A) 3 2 1 4 B) 1 - 2 4 3 C) 4 3 2 ' 1 D) 41 2T3 4.
  30. 30. 710. 71. _x 1910 I I C) 140 — 200 kg/ cm 2 D) 31 UDGE Match List I correctly with List II select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) -Bauxite A 4 1. Al 20 3,. H 20 b) Gibbsite 2. Al 20 3 . H 20 c) Bohemitc 3. Al 20 3 . 31-1 ,0 d) Diaspore 4. Al 20 3 . 2H 20. Codes : 4 C) 4 3 2 1 3 D) l 2 4. 95659 Qasrr®e%e.1;1u1_’. (;)61'Is11cz_s>cue. @561'1 @r'ru>al)a's1 fps; .9)smmL‘1L1as11__u1cm§, G)cL1sfi)121u®5g)é. )gp§1 7 A) 3 AP, l ‘n. ,as>u: su. nb @$i)6U)6o B) 3 AP. 3A3 . am1>uJ1.b C) 3 AP. 3A3 . anmuilb Qaficmeo D) 6 1A4 . 6muSu. )1h. Which of the following is the symmetry exhibited by tourmaline ? A) 3 AP. 1 1”. -no centre B) 3 AP. 3A3 . centre C) 3 AP. 3A3 . no centre D) 6 AP. 1A 4 . centre. s.1_'. ®1orrcu1 e5_rbs»a? )a‘s1 Q. pr_rS)cq mgumrrasrgy 1S)c1'srmq5i'n .91s11n5)a'o .9qsmLmqL'o A) 70 - 14oa£). e£)/ Gums’ 2 A B) 50 - 70 a§).1.= £)/ ®e. uS’ 2 c) 140 - 200 e€). a£)flG)s.1fi' 2 D) 50 - 140 e£1.é. )/Qe. u5’ 2 The shear strength of most common building stones. lies between A) 70 - 140 kg/ cm 2 B) 50 — 70 kg/ cm 2 50 — 140 kg/ cm 2. l Tum over
  31. 31. UDGE . 32 72. 15)ci1'1s11(15ci.1s5rsiJg')qg)eE1 Qyjogj €i. iG$'6Tl_fi)Lil. q.6)i s. sa5)1o1i1s. e1‘r)cis1 §)fi)CiLJL°D&LDf)'8a erg) ggmmefiltpg) 1 A) $)1_1orrsur B) awe. sqsrtfigefirmw C) 9.lIJt)‘ 91L11.)1..1i'5£l I (D) Qcmsu agcmmfisgzio. Which of the following forms the characteristic property of a placer mineral ? A) - Durability ‘ B) High hardness C) High specific gravity D) All of these. 73. 1S)s6rcuq51‘n G's. °@@_|5sG6)€lT 5.c1.1asr§; §)a‘> Gawain . : l. .91i'.1cmeo1'_ urrcmp QI. |Q5[_f) 5)e. e1‘r5.m1rd1 Qgcargg "Ii. a11;1cma11'_ urrsmrp élggj 1mj)rg11‘n em aqmcqcfien §)e. a1’rese1rrra>1rccrg). (‘3Ln<; ;)1'n aqsmcu u®a»e. és Qesrrqasfl mtjagjib ©§§)1L11.mm1_p5.s1‘fle') e>trew1C1u(9a§)1_13g1. III. .9)L'1a»co1'_ urrcog) Qutrguairra. 451;: $'1I1urrs1n1_p§ $)l]’61"W>G1fié) e; srrcn'o'11.'1u(;1a§)g9g). _N. .gq1'_1sma>L urrmg) . g|éa(3s1rr 1q. ca)I; r(. ‘$Iu1r1o1rr°r15)d= . g, )c6'61 .9)su)u>£16mu s: rr1'_®é)g1)§1. @aJIbo161’T = A) I1o1.'-®1'o 9I'l')llJ| 'l’€5lg] E) II 1o§b1_p)1°n IV 5|‘flliJlT65IeS)C‘. J C) 1. II infimzb III arflnurrasrsmsu D) a)eu)su1§, gJ1b 8~Il')liJlT€5l’€6)S)J. Consider the following statements : I. _ The rock aplite shows coarse grained nature. 11. The rock aplite is fine grained. equigranular and found in veins and dykes. lIl. _ Aplite rock is generally found in batholiths. IV. Aplite rock shows allotriomorphic texture. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct ‘ B) 11 and IV are correct C) 1. II and III are correct ' D) all are correct. xfi “
  32. 32. ' XCEIEJ 33 '®s.1r<; u'1s1(, ) erflumcm o§)as)L. am11§5 (B§1t; ‘gG)§; @ : UDGE H 74. emurflmrrcaurggaefrsrr &. sx)$)m1i1a= sfr L&@[B§ urrmgp a)as11n12)1S)a'11 6)L. Iu. n’r A) am;5(3am1re? u B) é»)1;r)r@1(Ba>rrsi1) C) .9‘1,5a's1-mgéo I D) o°o15)a»a)d). ‘The structure in which there is predominance of equidimensional mineral is called I 2 IA) Gneissose B) Granulose C) Augen-gneiss H D) Fissile. 75. u1'.1q.111é1 lg u1Z.19,1udu II 9.1.451 Q1.1rru_r)g';5), e§'<3)p‘G>)a»rr®éssa121L11.'. ®sirsn . @gS)u5’®a. sme11é. ‘ u1'_tq. I).1é) I u1'.1q. u1é1 II a) rf)é= .1__r1' .9)e11o) I 1." qci5)eta@_a)q5s.1rsu)1n115)susl1e11 Garret: b) Q)sci1snrr1i1 2. fie) .9)$)rta5)c'1'sr e»®c1mn L. c) ©1314.-lag, Q_), g|a. e1'r‘ . 3. <35rrg”u1fl§é1 d) G)urras>1o61S)1°_® §)c_m§, cuc<m. .§éu g 4. . %@)E: €I)‘)St'$I cucssswcq. ggflufglassfi . - o)'3 4 1 2. I 'I.1rn over I
  33. 33. UDGE _ _ 34 . Match List I correctly with List I! and select your answer using the codes given below 2 List I - ‘ nu II a) ‘ Richter scale - _ 1. Nearest planet to the earth b) Mars 2. Intensity of earthquake c) Ox-bow lakes ' 3. Exfoliation I d) Spheroidal weathering 4. Meandering of the rivers. _ Codes 1 a b c d A) 2 1 l 4 3 B) 1 2 3 4 C) 4 3 2 1 D) 3 4 1 2. 76. efgpsxswerumgiymyefr erg) srflujrre. G)u1rq51,b5ci5)éosu1a) 7 A) ‘ (3urramrrta'ru _ — Qgpifiléimrr gtanstmcit B) (Barrens) C>)11>sn1'_1_a_fr) . . ¢g1;. ®1211.1rra>g9a»ei1 C) (Reuben) ggckrggsiefr ' - 1.ncu1e1s.61‘r . a|1_1’r§l5§ in) D) crIJ1r1_’_uiér»e'n1 -- .3911: spssir. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ? A) Ponors - . Shallow holes B) Roche mountonees —- ‘ Sheep rocks C) Kames terraces — Island of mountains D) Erratics —- Rocking stones. x) 1910)
  34. 34. 35 ) UDGE 77. é’§®i. ra‘»e? uGurrrt ascoflmuiwseh. Czlmflufilaaaaiufiléi Lsfim fir g9;5>05)(3i, lNa'Si; D€ufj)flS)6OTW6) é)66')§Ci{@]l'i) (Bung) a_aisIL. rrnJ§1 A) Glcuefremsné» aaefilmaim B) @(Es1firszs>I; L'_ C) ofilrfiecirr D) ®G1‘n66T 9|G5)65l§; §)Ll3.'- ’. I‘he. resultant product. when feldspars are altered by the action -of steam and other vapours. is A) Kaolin B) Chlorite C) Griesen D) All of these. 78.. gab unq'sa§, $)éo 96:; @t; n'_e5n_. ioLq. uJqs1'1srr 955_.9;&au eréléluyélrt 95;, .=9gas>m: Jqszs>1_u. n swath. tfilme A) eiflufilsbain uiqmb B)’ 6mLnu_. I§, smg, 9555. géaaarrmm C) ®u. Ie'ouIrs. Gm G)mefi1Du®L'o smmui 95551 D) ®€iJl_I'_')m]61'I srgycutfilelismai. If in a crystal an even fold axis of symmetry is perpendicular to a plane of symmetry. then I A) the crystal is imperfect )3) 'a centre of symmetry will not be present C) a centre of symmetry automatically arises 1)) none of these. 79.. srerrcEsra§a)f4‘5u. Irr1i>rrri'i_$)d= . uisj. o:L‘o J-[6U)l. D|; |L[U>6fl' Qumgpdrmg ‘ 'A) ' 955 .9gcmLoL'n. )cuu_Iu §s11ib Lm‘_@L'o B) comm aqmmflqmem gsmb I. bL®£o C) 955 a|6u>Lm‘. iL. )sun. _u. i g, sm. 'n. anion: a; a»LnL'. IL. ;6u>| _uJ gemb @ce>suzsnj, g)sr'ra11sm D) 95;, .g| s:mni'Jqam. .uJ55mé>oa ajéoeogy cmuaul 9-| GD)I. DClL{66')L. .llJ§)l. DE; )6). | r744 I 2 _ A {Turnover
  35. 35. UDGE '36 Enantiomorphic crystal forms possess A) only a plane of symmetry B) only a centre of symmetry C) both a plane and a centre of symmetry D) neither a plane nor a centre of symmetry. 80. L; a‘))uSls8v egrrsrfl a: )L_ri'5§) ’ A) 5-5 élgrrio / 51.6). B) 6-5 oilgmb / élél. C) ' 4-5 élnyrnb / A D) 3-5 éilgrrib / é). é). The average density of the earth is A) 5-5 grams / c. c. B) 6-5 grams / c. c. C) 4-5 grams / c. c. ' — D) 3-5 grams / c. c. 81. <3s. nea'u1ncovsor_ utrmuggsasfilakr am_Li grfluin . A) 5ar'rg)1Te'i B) urrc6'mio, é(35rfl C) 9_,5tiJg, r'r D) 6‘i5)8lfEaL'iLlLiq, €66Ilb. The type area for Khondalites is A] Kumool B) Pondicherry , C) Udaipur D) Vishakhapatnam. 82. (36.rrca'zsr®currstsrrr: 'J urrasig) a4®£'r. é»)a'u @s1‘r)r'r §(3§, rraq: so1i'n @gS)é. @L'o urr6mr_9e.61'1 7 A) i_rrc'uéé)ri' urrr‘r(3ii>sqa_si:1 B) T L_rre'u§§). "r mtj)91L'n §l'I'Q. p§pfl‘ urrst(Bmoqsa'sr C) i_n€>$é)tt mfiyggnb Currgst; urrrfifimmpsisr D) r; rrggu>ems'> urrr'r(3incisp6t'sr. In the Gondwana sequence. evidence of cold climate is obtained from A) Talcher formation B) Talcher and Darnodar formations C) Talcher and Panchet formations D) Rajmahal formations. xlunoj ] 19000]
  36. 36. 84. 85. 37 9‘?1,;0§»suc6is1ie_gtJt_f)gp)sj1‘r elflmrrs. 'QungI§§; §Qu1{. L.§| org) 7 _ Al . " 5>l_: *i'é'T'-= .=! §?L— umm _ _ . 2! ‘ B) ergbgionasr maiarcwinlstufilapnarr L)rr. c_mrp6.efr C) £3urra'_srgp snfluasmo. » 1.m'a»r_g 7 2 rmlgculb. D) G)§rrjué. a_. _:_£ls5‘>ao lJl. i). €iJI§l&’26f! ' canp5.(3grrsm_a: _:; . . Find out. ,7. e; coi}frect match‘: A) ‘ ‘Fine grained volcanic roclr" . _- -9 . . Apllte A B) Pure glassy rocks ' B . -— A Obsidian. pitchstone C) Columnar basalt , - — Cone shaped 91-“: D) crystals. H V 3 —, -A - lylicrolltés. L4@5Q>)L0L'_1_a? l§81 911' also a| (g§, § cugu A) 500 . _.. 2500 B) 200 -4- 2000 « c) 1500-3500 ‘A ’ . .0). 1«oo0'_—. _.2500. 0 ‘ ":7!"- Uniaxial . cq: x1_prg3ssive'. strength-. qfpigs metal rangesllfroign 3 , 7 _‘? ‘!= *.--. -aw. A) 500;, -—2‘5o0 Bl‘ “ 2003'; 2:000‘ C) 1500 3590 D) 1000,‘-«"2500. §)r_0tj, §{ Gimaflé argriiéa (y>6o>pu§)e'o u_@§<i"%cu: _i)g)eIr. ¢iaus, uJ_§]1l’ig'§§)I. ;,-'z; $)si;1 Qumrr B) u+f‘3aé—6?>9?‘3' ~ — : .' . _._. :u¥_. > 5 _ or assessm- A) c) ‘c8e$; ..[.1'; ;;f_. '_: }stc. ir, rL; geiu Which of the following is the loading machine in mining . ? A) Powershovel B) Drag line’. D} A1l~91?. thcse. ' ’ C) Landfgredges ijisooo . U__DGE’ . - A * ;9|I; JaiSltq. uJe3r. ;_I5|t'_§dU(§i_It€6r I Tum over 7
  37. 37. UDGE _ 38 86. agélcs aqam) ®6uI. q.§§6z'srsmL0 Qam'<_; ifis_n_ sa)L_66Isu)mI; Lq. e'o §_. s1‘rs1) gxéélw q, pe0C)Qurr@errrI’scr 65>; r,I; (3)7rr££)e1flerfls&1 ®)suLq. ).o@§, g) saisaiwufildi tfilcérmqgib ofléalgrréa-rrnjficuwg G)u§)uSl(r_5&@)b A) 35% B) 75% C) 65% D] 50%. High explosives like dynamite contain nitroglycerine as a chief component with the following percentages which of in the explosive mixture ‘P A) 35% ' 3). 75% c) 65% D) 50%. 87. . ._g)j, §);60>sL'_in, c') ( e>s'oq; rf) ) 9_61'Tsn filaureufig. aarflwfiélsirr egnfgib A) 95% ' 0 - B) 80% c) 75% A D) 60%. The fixed carbon amount of anthracite is A) 95% B) 80%) C) 75% D) ' 88. @[b§| liJrTQ. l)é) élaigilsirr fiflgegm 6rc66rQa)5'ni) mgiggpub Qmmms snrru) cmuéo A) )__rrmeis) _ B) e. rrfi, §,rrr'r C) =9))E)ea(3a>e'r0cutT A D). L)rrLbGu mm. The largest on land oil and gas field in India is A) Daman B) Gandhar ' c) Ankleshwar « D) Bombay High. 89. .'sr @560 6l'€iJQJ€O')6'> 9_q5Lorrrj; r_p§, §)s6rrra) s; )_‘0u®a§)s_r)§) 7 A) s. ).'_Le§1a1rre‘ruis), i'5 a_Q5L0rrrbr_r)L'0 - B) Gina) aqqgfig a_Q5mrrfi)'g)t'0 C) Glcuiju-. gq@§§, :_. Q5)nrr)j)g3Lb D) Qggoflmai a_‘Q5)0nr, i)g))b. Augen—gneiss is produced by I A) cataclastic metamorphism . I B) load metamorphism C) dynamothermal metamorphism D) plutonic metamorphism. * '
  38. 38. 39 A A - UDGE 90. 2.. Q5L0rr; bg)£) urranpfp Glg, rr@£))5|a»cu1 efilsitehgib suj)gg)lesa1't- A) A 955 Lglrymrrgbgglih urram_135.a'I .9)6o)mr_'r, §|g5IZ)u§) B) 9(3)) cfuyrrsm Qmclu aqgigegslfglmai ; _ C) 9): ); meme: aafilmtéimafldsr so. ).L. L.erm. oc>) l D) Qasnsu a)as)aur§,5)L’o. In I The characteristic featurels) of metamorphic facies is/ are A) association of similar metamorphic rocks B) same pressure and temperature conditions C) standard set of numerals ) D) all of these. 0 ®5u. )s‘ourrI; uia'sr fiffijafilibfffi (5‘rh0oS)c5t)a)n'a> Qcusi'fl(3mIj)tpL'. )u®1b acaflmib A) @nJrr)h. '.siu A B) G)i. _Ié0L'. a"uu)rr‘r _ C) 9_gprrr'ra's) )§)srrc0‘5r® ' . D) cuiinéasarr Tourmalinlsation is due to the combined action of water. boron and fluorine. by which the mineral replaced by tourmaline is A) quartz I " B) feldspar c) hornblende _0) mica. 92; errrtasrsmmu, 61$; I. Q5Lorrg)@)I1) urram_n)'z, ®§W(§ULS)w)Q! f5 onfifiggg) 7 A) eré. a>ansai'_ I B) &1r? s61§)eiu: ‘_ C) a€)); rrg)cma>L'. B) .9)1bi5)®um. man'_. Charnockite belongs to the facies A A) eclogite _ B)" green schist C) granulite D) amphibolite. i 2] 1910] I 19000 {Tum over 91. g§r'r'. Gtirrijrrcfir mgbgjib t. )@IHct'rr {_3Ull'a37l_l_)6‘iJ§f)@)€'! l (3ei'r85_6a>emurréo @r'rws5)6at)G&&a'rr 7
  39. 39. once '40 93. Fe‘ 3 tfilsbrmqpfo a. rrr'ram; sums. 9681:1516): 5.rream| Z)i. i®). '0 A) am. )(3r; rn1) B) Q; s'uioco’u)a»). a's'r C) @| ]’ll’9’r9)fTl) D) . a), aEsrL'_IJas>i_. :'. . Fe * 3 is found which one of the following garnets ? A) Pyrope B) Almandine C) V Grossular D) Andradite. 94. iq. é.GmL'. ).q, e'5 LI)i. i). CIL. ) Glurrgicurrs. 5zll'Gi‘6T| JLl®Si. iQ) A) ®u§»inc0n. i'_®6.s-filo) _ . B) .9)iL)9i)a)L'_®e>61?)du c) lf))5aLD6mI_I'_®U>€ifléo V D) A ngnmmcgoaiiau. Ptygmatic folding is usually found in A) pegmatitcs A B) aplites c) migmatites D) granites. 95. u| '_)q. u)éo I Q u)‘_iq. Iuéo II9_L. a'sr Qurrqggsfil, 59850 G)e)rr®§.5£)u); @eirsn @t, )S)u3®6»9s>sm'r. ®arrcabr® orfliurram oS)snL_as)u)§ G§l"FI_l)_Q§@ : _ unique) I u). '.utu)é) II a) L0a'u(3a. )r6um. )L'. A 1. s. sun. _rrurra')&§6u)§ 515)). @sm)_I)snrran 961‘? )c)S)a)a, e'o @g5)u5')'_® stain: b) emuGuirra: m_)'_ ~ A 2. | .5)©é)liJl'T66T-l. D§': €D'fd)lLlll3” 55¢) c) i. )(. '$aTrrr('3aansu)L)lL. . 3. fi)r_r)g; )e1‘rerr . g)o'oo0§) @ca)g)_r5§, Q9311) G)5afi60'm)__ mmésssrr cl) Ca)a)LS)GLrrcu>a)L'. V A 4. Iflgfiluirrsur L§)s1"r)(3u)rr@(3grru5)&Lb. @; é7u)"@oss77
  40. 40. 41 UDGE Match met I correctly with List I! and select your answer using the codes given below : ) List 1 — V a) Muscovite b) Blotlte c)‘ 'Ph1ogopite d) Lepldolite Codes : u a b c A) 2 3 4 B) 1 3 - 4 C) 3 7 4 2 .2 4 3 D) 96. ' : fi)s61mqr, zb. aa§; g;)&e1§)a‘: 9_a. §srsu>mu1rrsura»m arena: 7 1 1. List I! High magnesium content Colourless or pale coloured Stony pleochroism. . ‘Refractive index less than Canada balsam I. -errfimmsu Qarrrflméxu 6768159 G)uu. n+ crrflmsmas @£pCDL5)6D'lfT5') a_u5surr6ur urrsmrp5.aRe‘u 61.m'u. ; Qme+fiGuJn_'6)uJ g[6m€rr561Trre'u qgsvr urra»go6.@ cufbggs. II. errfiweczav ®&rr: fl5.a'>eS)a; aura; Qmerf)Gufg5)uJ gjanswaasnrréxx . _9gg‘§Ia. er<; o'uIcou‘t)$cuw»u5)ga_| Lb i. Dfi)D, |lb @Q§| EIt*a[i)[| ) Lpp .3{cmLm'JLS)gm’n Lshmcut. III. srrflmsmeu Qenrfladnaflén curru4 G)a. |e1fi(3uJy5)uJ g1s8)sn5m'rré> flea 6raksram‘fle'sa»mtfi)gmb mgbgyco 9@rE:5.rr_cm :49) ‘.9162:-; LoLn|5)gm'o Lsfrsnccr. IV. crrfimsmeo Qerrrfl56'iG5)s'> curru4 G)ms1fiC3u.1g5)uJ g; ans1mcrrrro‘> @5mrrrrrh. '_aiu mmggtb 5.rra'>e6>&. ‘.® tJlI}. i'7§[6Y'T61!'66T. @mtj)@Je1'T : A) <C) III . mr_bggnb IV anfiaurrcmancu IV u3L®1'o arflwnsclgp B) D} I mgbgpnb I! arflumsmsmm aqsuacutfiwo stfiumcmsmm. [ Turn over
  41. 41. UDGE ' _ 42 ‘ ‘ Consider the following statements : I. The name scoria is applied to rocks formed by lava in which gas cavities are prevalent. » II. In scoria. gas cavities are numerous and in shape. III. In scoria. gas cavities are few and regular in shape. IV. In the gas cavities of scoria. quartz and calcite have filled. Of these statements : A) III and -IV are correct 8) I and II are correct C] IV alone is correct "V D) all are correct. .97. glfilgigrrfiqdi agncémauear mm» urraiig) lLGff6Tl’ ma»a>gbG)§; rrI_d’&é) A) gfieoafilrfi mama) B) upwfi mama» C) . (‘3arYsur; rru1a':1)msuieo C D) Qsmcu agsmcarfigub. Archaean gneisses in Tamil Nadu occur in . A) . Nilgiri hills 8) Palani hills ' C) Shevaroy hills ‘ D) All of these. 98. £g>&5.6<s'cn_ easuflmtiis-. (§§§ei1 uéssw @935 Q$rrc66n_ Eflfliblb era 1 A) @(2em're: m;1'_ V ‘ - B) gupwctdstlfilateirrt; C) Qgenasfi . D) agmexrfigub. I Which of the following) minerals shows green colour‘-in hand specimen ‘P A) Chlorite ' B) hornblende _ A C) Augite . D) _. All of these. 99. Qqg ljllflfli G’5rre; d5r®s: JIrc: rrrr cucms»iZ1urrI'_co)l. ._L| |. ‘ilc&Iu; bo5luJmI'r 7 A) @6i)L66)gi'D . B) 5-tr| '_Ltl* C) o°ourr$siu ' I D) gleam: aqmasrfigth. The two fold classification of Gondwana was adopted by A] Oldham & B) Cotter c) Fox ' D) All of these. , I.
  42. 42. 43 100. | .))di‘I61i[5ib 5nlj)@]$fl; )6Tl‘. §FU$f§é)é) Qandra : I. .. g:_, ,I’r¢: <‘srL5)é1rca‘trrI: ;o'i -)_'5_’r’r -qpaxésaagp). 2.. s)'1eItg) ll. Q5)lfa'srLi)evraiin. '. e9i$)QulDi'l‘Gfi L5)o? )(3mn@, (3r; rruS)a)b Qs. rrsa'm®e1'1s1rg) Ill. Qy'ra’sr)5)§ne¢io'[i; .L(I_r, )13rrg5)m urrsmrpssefléi @Q§£: ).1$)o'>su>a>. IV. ., g_), t'reEsr15)e1taluIL; -sis) 0alq. $6I§g, €8I66)lD 6 sS)q5;'55) 7a)ao1g. @sut_i)q; )elr : A) lLo)'_®)b ewflnurrszm B) ~ 11un°_@ro erflulrrcurg) C) ' Ill Lm'_®t'o affluirrcglgl I D] ILo: _b)p)L'n II arfliurrsarsupqu Consider the following statements : I. Hornblende contains water moleculein its composition 1!. Hornblende exhibits stony pleochroism _ III. Hornblende is not found in metamorphic rocks IV. The hardness of hornblende ranges from» 6'to 7. Of these statements : A A) I alone is correct B) ll alone "is correct -C) III alone’ is correct D) I_ and. ll are correct. 101. Q§5ul1(3cua§) . uQpC)L) I$)a>4la'e. rf)E: Vuto, o)a. s)flc5r I. [6i))til; G!)lD| _:l| .:_S_)U. _iG'), _€). ll_lJ§)‘ ~ A) (3ueS)(3u. )tr-@<3u. )r’ré)a‘: t B) ®(3u. nTé)a'n C) amoGuJrr -I5)as‘)srrGu. ur$)9I7r ’ D) su>LnC3uJrr_§)a31 . The geological age of the Neyveli Lignite deposit is Eocene ‘ A) Paleo-Eocene I B) C) _Mio-Pliocene D) Miocene. x|1910| A UDGE [ Turn over
  43. 43. UDGE 44 102. smuqrré»é)a'n a3co’t)Lo§pé)c8r L. u.‘. szm_ gsasulfilsfit @cm). .u. .u'_)_. G5:ITG4‘. )'OT| :D A) 126° LDtj)Q)I. b 54°‘ _ ‘ B) 93° iofl)@)l'i) 87° C) 90° D) 20° Lo)j){D)ib 160‘. The prismatic faces of pyroxenes are characterised by (an) ang‘ie(s) of 125° and 34° B) 93° and 87° C) 90° D) 20° and 160.". 103. t5)sz‘sIc: .)@L's auu_'r; [g)sse5>e11 e. cz. :asI§£)é> G_s. rrs1'w. : I’. <. ‘.3an'. )(B)_a: u;L'. uéxzcuafurasar (3cug)1_)rr® eszrrubrlfiléagflo II. (3a>l‘J<3I_trc5)IjI'_ urre5)é)fg§, uié» Qguusiflq s. rr6o‘o'n_‘))e'r. @Lb. III. Gsu'J(B1_rra»r; L'. urrehmcfiurcwr 9a‘: ):'m. ) Glmtrsuisrug) IV. <Ba: )'_)<B1_rrsmr, n'_ )_m‘rL. m‘r @IJi. '.is)i'_n. ) 8:ll'€l56I| _())$z©l: D. Qwiioséfi = _ A) Itm'_®Ib srflulrmsrgy B) I Lo: _i)I_I; ))Lb ll srflulrrcoicmm C) I. ll m§)g))b III arflulrrcmcmsu D) II u>L‘_®)b erfiuirrsvrg) Consider the following statements : .1. Labradorite typically exhibits play of colours II. Labradorite exhibits polysynthetic twinning III. Labradorite exhibits opalescence IV. Labradorite exhibits tartar twinning. Of these statements : 1 A) I alone is correct B) I and II are correct C) I. II and III are correct I D) II alone is correct. 4 ‘V3.55! l__1_9_§<. 'i<.5J
  44. 44. 45 A UDGE 104. urrsmgguurrsmg) 5rf§)é= .5.afr §)u; L'm5)u. ) @603). agbg) Qaunqemrréi @rg)&. @ Qg, @&. a,ns. t5)c£s1s: rr); |u)'T(, )@Q5fr_, g,rre‘> .9)§; @@ . ... ... ... . ... .. . . arcing) Qumfi. ' A) a5rrL'n(3Luré)L'. elfggu G)Uzrrl9,s»e1'1 _B) azcoirrcwrrrnsi afilaiameo (3urra'm_o G)e. rru). a»sir C) I €)'l)L_fi‘é: @r'r6‘. K D) (fislbufrl; Qarrtsiesch. A mass of rock is traversed by a network of small ore bearing veins called I A) Composite veins B) Lenticular veins HVC) Stock work D) Chambered veins. lO5.~L5)cz'rrc)i@meo1cugb@)e1'1 Laisvesimwwsot seuj)tg)a. cfr iurranm 7 A) Lorrrg)uL)_ 2s1®(r_r, eJei)e5s1l)ab gqr, 560)) 9§u®q5oJe'u us) G‘fg, rr@¢)s, se)e11 G)a‘. rras'ar)_ L. lIT61T| '§iE56}'fI'l'8: )_5)rF)§§)6fisiIsb1 B) . mrr@)uLL m1®@ma>s. et‘r L4615lu.7rh: u_) )_)Lo, g,é. > @6911: 2.@mn_sc1smcu «M5191 G)g. rf)u)L'JLJ®§§)s§)t_r)§) C) mmg)uL; )_ . -zs1®@me’uassfi ua>c~uas>s. u;)uL'_L_ [T3a5)I_(i, D€6)[Dll5)6i) a_q_r, mrrasrem¢; u srsirrg) aarrcoisrijleiefilgjg) ID) ' @a»su :9¢€6>6?5i§§)L'l>. Which of the following statementls) is/ are correct ? A) In differentiated intrusions. a single intrusion results in contrasted composition of layers B) Differentiated intrusions reveal the process of gravity settling C) Differentiated intrusions exhibit process of differentiation D) All of these. 1'06. =9_$£'7>6n3)(3i_e66I Loso'm_a)Lb Qgthufrélcfii &e')co)u® Grsorlfleflwdoiu Q)&uJ§')(g>as)gp 6T§)6lJGU)lj’ §r; Lq. e'h5:)1:LJL'_(5t Lcfimg) ? I A} ; F,)e)§, g,: q. I_1§r’r u)L'_L_Lb enemy B) egbgj Iflexiggyls). tfifr Lm_'_L_§, é)a"s1 5559 C) aging) I_'5)6)§§l. q. I5'r‘rLo)'_l. .$§)[l_)@ C‘3u)e'o D) @cutj)@)s1‘t 6r§)si)uS)e')srs'>a>. Zone of oxidation in supergene sulphide enrichment process extends A) up to water table B) just below the water table C) just above the water table D) none of these. . xffélo ] I [ Turn over
  45. 45. UDGE ‘ 46 107. ogsoclle. rfgium, aarrcaar£lu®tb a_l'JqL'luLr’r urrsmg9er. a‘r)a's1 9_g; rrI7camb A) (‘35rnq. uJLb @C36mr6mIj® B) gloom C)» V Qurru.4_rrcia: 2.044 D) @6b‘)€iJ a{w':6‘51§§J| .b. Commercial deposits of evaporite minerals may consist of A) sodiurn chloride ' B) grpsum C)‘ potash salt ' ' D) all of these: 108. ggsmrpgbg; @curr: "rLLeiu s. sufime'; ®ag§)6‘q 9._s1'1sn urras>t_t)5usfls‘> ®5.rrai'Uri_ tsasflmlliiaaafr 3aczmng'5§lgI_1;e‘sé. lsésrr_psrs1 A) a;1,s$)a5)c¢'s1, Qimnéumeg 1mj)@1L'o Gus'>e'n>ugmiJC, B) Ln_8»e'r.5;e'>. ‘%r'r§, €2§né. )enrreiu mgbgjfn |5l(. ‘36tréi<3uJrre§)a11rrs'ro ‘ C) u(Bu.1rr6zm__x'_, LDG'!1)G5:| '|’6'6)6)JL'_‘ LDlj)@| lb s. rrr'ram; _ A D) gn>r'rLo65)s2'5r, s‘; :prrr'rc€5'rt5)e1I6:i5i® mfi)r_g1L'D an§3_rpuI’r6hJ§S'ci: I. in undersaturated rocks which of the followingminerals of low silication are found ? ' A) Olivine. analciteand feldspathoids B) Quartz. orthoclase and plagioclase C) _ Biotite. muscovite and garnet D) Tourmaline. hornblende and hyporsthene. 109. gsénaib sr§le'> a_es'vswrg1 1 A) (3&Jroorrri' §ls‘ruL _ B] §); n®Ll. q, en5la'ruL'_ c1 @(3srrrre? u®L. IL'_ eflIjrrcmc5rI. '. D) (A) mmco [B)@r; af51®t'o. Gold occurs in A). Kolar schist ' HB) Hutti schist ' C) Closepet granite l D) Both (A) and (B). x . moo
  46. 46. 110. 111. 1112. 47 UDGE ‘(3_urrsu1rra3'r&r_r’ srdsnp Glenda 6T. _|'E§ a_. (3_a_irrs. §(‘3§; rr® srrr'r; 'r; §§) HA) grémh‘ B) grrifilgib C) @®ll)L| D) iprrréuheufa. The term ‘Bonanza’ is associated with A) p ‘ gold B) copper C) iron D) manganese. el'[pésa. aitstLnJgi)q_)1efi erg; mu asaflmtn aiéoeo 1 . AA) siaS)atrIr B) ayéiéaetvaszad A C) e‘r)(3ueoc'mm‘_ D) G)ea5caien‘_. Which one of the following is not a lead mineral ? ‘ A) Galena B) Anglesite C) . Sphalerite D) Cerrusite. arfryg cuams. u.irrsur uI. q.a. II. 'o 13lg,1o(3grrs'i a. L.ei-n 5namuu®flp'g 1 A) scinasuui; B) 1_ursiu(3Ln’_ C) 6arrr'ru(2eon. ’. D) %5'a60')6l'0®. ’ Which of the following‘ deposits are commonly associated with fumaroles ? 113. * A) Sulphides B) Phosphates C) Carbonates D) Oxides. m§i_rr)Dd)ai»i_mnrr: .fl'§s gjcfistawtmmuifim Quqgcurrrfluirrcur. escofimuéasiefi n_‘i)cz'srcuQ5tIo LJlq.5l aimwutfiléi §]q5és¢£_! ,r. b A) L6)§u>n'co1 Ul. q.8a(lp6U)t_llJ cu| .q. sua»u>iI1I. | B) (I_. p@ uLst5.(_Lp6tm_u. I eutqmsoimuu C) I lJlfllDfI'wUT1.6)6')Q)| '|’5 Li| .i}.5a mtqmsuimuq D) gn'_am_ Gunchmyfuumsmmuq. In the hypidlornoxphic texture, most of the constituent minerals are A) subhedral inshape B) - euhedral in shape C) anhedral in shape D) tabular in shape. A I Turn over
  47. 47. UDGE . 43 114. a$’; _,‘p¢''rsri_curj3}g)sfr srfimrra, ®urrq5§9ULu'_i. .g1 erg: 7 A) ®§, rri_Q5L'o =2_| >@_|6a6fT -— cgjgi 9_(; ~curre'1.e.55)6z'sI aasoiuélfii ugfl B) I.5)a‘s'rciJq5i'1> aflgjeacfr ' —- ®grrL. a5L'n ¢ggj)a>G6irrr(5I Qmcamgéi C) @sisiQeé. @cucrio1L .9;py5.s1'r -— ' -. g3,i; us. e1?leis1 Q§III_5z5:fD D) goéigmmc a; ‘.L@j&a€1’T )— Qszsicom cggiesfl. Find out the correct match : A) Consequent streams —- End of the stream development ' B) Subsequent streams _ -— Joining with consequent streams. C) Insequent streams '— Initiation of stream development D) Obsequcrit streams V _ A Parallel streams. 115. é)c61®g6un9,é= . Ui. q.6iJ|7:ii6s6T'I uiq. asLorro. ug1 6nJGurr§) 7 A) L1li].6iJIfai6z66)6TI‘ grrtézefiluiefrew uncmp a_<; d5ri_rreug, §)© (g)6l$l6bTI'l'C) B) LlL§. G1Jl§| &¢iGTl' grriiaafiluisirar urrasigo 9_o: f<su_rrcu§; ¢_b@ ifilsisi C) ulsisugitb. urrcunpuiib 9sisr{_r)ri'35 I D) 6jG5@nb @6873). Syngenetic deposits are crystallized A) before the host rocks - - B) after the host rocks C) simultaneously with host rocks D) any of these. 1.16. &hé: (35rr6uiuco)I)i'. crégléo 5rramiZiu®éi)g)§: 7 I . A) §_p§1:'s@uuLq. si; B) (3me,1atrL‘_: .q. é. Qjgsésesisr. C) G>)ior; L.rrinrrr'ri5)o§é Lnn, cmb D) ggaufiélaii se‘>cmu® 6rc5'rrF)e’; G)ms: s‘ou'_. Chalcopyriie is characteristically found in A) placer deposit B] magmatic injection C) metamorphic deposit D) ' supergene sulphide enrichment. x 19000
  48. 48. '49 _ UDGE ' 117. Grrflmcmoo uggfalulléo a. rrG65n1JLJ®Lb sdiurt 9_€o'1m__rr@L'o ci5)§, i'o - . « A) a: L:si‘Fl(3Loog; cisr . B) G)uésiq_mrrL‘_xq. é. Qgfgssash C) @L'oL1SléldleI‘1 flaw @@5é. ea'rr D) @QJfDQJ6fT 6T§]€l. ]L6)€; )6Ui6). Sulphur associated with volcanoes and fumaroles are formed by . ... ... ... ... ... ... .. origin. A) sublimation I" I B) pegmatitic injection C) immiscible liquid injection D) none of these. 118. Cgmifignilrfiduuéimmdrr srsisirp cnnr'r§5cmg, §6N5lfl)l_lfTR5)Dl15)6') l5l6‘5‘I6i. IQ5IIi ssofiwéiastllakr gairccamsuiiiiela C>)e5n'G6'6i® si5lsurHéaemLiL1®e§)rp§1 7 A) qyigigmgsib esezfcraxsiwisuuwmrrssi B) gqr; urrs. L'o scatrwvrrrutwrrevrrsorglio u3®Qprrg)J LJrI'JaI. l) uu;5.§'v, g,rr6)rrczsrgnb C) (_Lp@mg, jib uuisggrroirrsm *D) gigigmgsib 5si| 'l: ®6D)$UI 9_Q56iJ6biLDIJiJrr€O'i' iJI. q.6': Ifil8'>6lT. The term ‘merocry_stalline' is used when igneous rock is composed of A) wholly of glass B) partly of glass and partly of crystals C) wholly of crystals D) wholly of angular shape crystals. 119. L5l66I6u®: b' auu_i)rg)6=c5>6iT 6:6uszsr§'5§)e'i Qarrsfis. : I. =gr'r5(3§rr é. )(‘3a: r»iU, (3LDn'G9)lllTF£l61'llwl)£'¥a‘ ®§. 'T@IliL. l)6°) uLo, esLorre£)rpg1 ll. =gr? §<3g, tr a§l(3cusiu giaifluiluisii uui ’3r, r,rflson. u.| rr@L'o Ill. :g35r'r§. (3§, rr a§)(3aié)s'u 5.rrfre'iarL. Irri'_ @IjI'. Lq.1;u_; srrgsrrljasonorra. s. nsmiL1u®i'o IV. g; p‘r§3(2§n éilffianélsin @61I)613a)8:$'D @I; S)uS'L‘_® sraim, mmunundnsfimg, ~15)». gqéleatb. @61uf_)1gjet't : A) I im_'-®ib 6IflliJlT66T§J - I 13) IV mi‘_®1'o &rHuJrmsrg,1 C) I, ll l. D®DjCD Ill a-ifiiurrsmasieu . D) 1 «. mj)sg)L'o lll erflsusmsrcmm. xl 191E] [ 19000 - [Tum over
  49. 49. upon ' A 50 Considerthe following statements : I. Orthoclase crystallizes in monoclinic system II. Orthoclase is optically positive _ Ill. Carlsbad twinning is common in orthoclase IV. The refractive index of orthoclase is more than Canada balsam. Of these statements : A) I alone is correct ' A B) IV alone is-correct. C) I. II and III are correct ' D) I and III are correct. I20. | _S)a‘srcuQ5ciJasrci_Jgi'3g; er'r Jrflul 5.eoL‘: u-unis» Qggrgélmui Garmggi erg) 7 A) . gs>as>u| '_ u>§)g)1L'o aqsorr‘r5as>§, n.'. Lq. a’n 5aG)RD6}J9:61'l’ B) . =gr’r5(3§, rr6'»)CB61rei1i Lotbggub uI. iiea£'b6aéo aoiseammefr C) a. _mrnL: cms® u>ij)n; uiIn vG’6l3T6l)L. Sb‘. L_L'. eaeusmmasfi D) aj, s€lo5lcé1 uatjmub LJl.9,5zé’>8>6')I$6iw')Q. I6:61"| ’. Which of the following is an ideallmix-crystal series ? A) Mixture of albite and anorthite B) Mixture of Orthoclase and quartz C) Mixture of diopside enstatite D) Mixture of olivine and quartz. 121. efgpsadurumrbggjefr srfluirrs. 6)urrQr, §,§uui'_L. g) erg: 7 A1 rfilwssui 6* - £GUmL_L airflflu B) Qpglrinl [fission — uco'i)uJrrq; u5.s1'r ' C) e‘r>ui(3qrrL‘n(Burra$)uJa'sr fission —-— Ifgleo agélrioi D) oaftsrascrrribu urr6c»t,1J I —-— I srrr're'mL'_@ Eula) aqsuiioihq. Which one of the following is correctly matched ? A) Groundwater —-— Fluvial erosion B) Mature stage I ‘ —— Glaciers C) Strombolian phase —— Earthquake D) Limestone —- Karst topography. I
  50. 50. . 122. 123. 124. 5 1 UDGE gmrrflisiu as-in_1uco>I;1'_Lq. e6)(: _r; g’g. §| s'5n. .ulsu>u; I'_ age; mrrgub Qurrggg) @a. mr‘rLc'm mbgjfo . g5éua: e$) Qus'>a'ruurrrf)c8r awn; Lfldrmqbmrrgi .9qamnu4L'n 7 A) 40% mam; aqélsifléagin B) ggfimis mam; @as>1_i)1_'§§1siS)®1Io V C) Gigsrrui flcu)eou5)éo <3urr&. @em. _u. :§, rr5. @Q5&. @L‘n D) 20% gcaupgggg si5)®L'o. From quartz-diorite to diorite. the amount of quariz and alkali feldspar A) increases to 40% C) B) D) diminishes to zero maintains a steady trend decreases to 20%. tilsirralqgnlsaialgiamjsfr aalréaélmé Glarflsiqsfrm t. ‘))(‘3srrrr§)(3u. |rré. )e1rrra': p Qudmiuurrcaaq (Berta; Q6-illfi : A) . g5e'oca: u1'. ® B) . g£r‘r§G§ne€)e11rra'q: C) , .9)asrrrr'r§; G§rré; )emreiu D) a. |GlJTlTi')'§6b)§C_®. » The calcic plagioclase feldspar is C A) ‘albite B) orthoclase ' C) anorthoclase D) anorthite. a§’goeba. rr@| |.'i> mrréséalulnfiisxasisn aacuasfl : ‘W93?! (N 3 s. traiu1£iu®o§)a': rI; pe5t. asIr9'aunb (R) ): ucuflcutrg1s.61f)a'sr . gqrf)| JL4§5§§)g)a'sI aqiquuésgwag allu ué,; uie‘> emmrrsaeaitr $)é)9o)§). ssjmi .9q$)5.mrrs»<3cn 5.fias6fii: u®é»)g)gg. a€'§p§»asrr@_| u.'n @aS)u31'_|4é> erflumsor siS)am_sanu (3§rh_i; ®§@ : A) (A) tngbgub (R) ®'I€6‘b1®L'o orfl, Gmgiifo (R) srsinugi (A) 6i5)r_b@ srfiumsm c1S)enés&. ib an (A) mm)-o (R) alumna ed’). saw (12) erdnugy (A) c15)rj3@ enfhurrcm afilené-.5.méoei C) (A) Mi). ezgasrrréo (RHBMDI D) TA) mgpggm (R) gm-. ac: (;co gmngy. [ Turn over ucouflmwfiaggjfl ue1'rs1r§'5g, rrés®a>s1?)sisr G§fl'ij)[Di: D @@)£'F:5afl’65T U cuLsisng', §)s'> C
  51. 51. UDGE 52 Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Glacial valleys have transverse ' U-shaped profiles. Reason (R) : Glaciers cut their sides at an equal or faster rate than their bases. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below : A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation’ of (A) B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) C) (A) is true. but (R) is false. D) Both (A) and (R) are false. 125. Qgipifil a; $r’r§. C3§, rrGi_rrtb @E: I.Iu; .u4Lh a5)61re'n5aiJu®a‘>)r, i)§| 7 A) u(, le'I. asw. uJrr66r 5u. lbL. | suntan uI'_as>| ._ Cfiearrtpytb B) Li®5:6l5)6>UJlT9$T (I, oiJuI; smL_ 5€b:6'l’€MTrl'li}. C) Qelfaigfigrrasr snibq mam Ln'_smI_ Gsnqgib D) Qsiéigggrrsci (5mZiuL'_s5>i_ a. co'u16wrrnq. . A hemiorthodome is also described as A) horizontal pyramid B) horizontal prism C) vertical pyramid ) . D) vertical prism. 126. . a)rt)sms6n'_e'n> 0J6U')&C| L.| lS| .6i)L'i urrsmgpufildi -a_sfrs1r- mai5n_e'> gjsefilssr a{6ll'6l) A) ll—6iB). L5—2,%6.L5). LS‘ B) 2tm. .r—e4tM C) 2i.5). LS—Tl-6-l5). l.§ - I D) ll—6ll5). L5—~32L5). LS. Arenites are made up of sediments ranging in size between A) ~11‘-5-mm—2—, %mm B) 2mm—64mm C) 2mm——l%mm . D) ll—6mm-—32mm. ‘FEE A l; T2__°°__)
  52. 52. 53 » UDGE 127. §. )6€rIo°ourrmoc'n agaswmuijlmanés @gS)c'5@Lb G)srr6'u A) » (3ma'>(3§rré. aE)tu afgigps. LD| q.l: JL{ B) C8me'oCB[5rr$££)u. I (Bum: (gas. mustthq C) I efgg (3;r; rr$. é»)uJ alga (gm totq. L'JL| . B) afgi Gtyréélm (Brod) Q95 lDl. i). CIL. ). The other term used for a synformal structure is A) upward facing syncline B) upward facing anticline C) downward facing syncline A D) downward facing anticline. l28._ G8'al'l'§lT€). II‘f)l: l uefimfiggsrréaafldi 9_co'm_rras1 EaI_L'JLilf earraaggg urram_r;5ca'1 A) 5.eum'_é») élrfdu ‘ B) urréasdi é)rfahi ‘ C) ‘U5€o‘I6§)rf) é)rFsiu ' D) Lfiotr élrfsiu. Which is the equivalent of Cuddapah in Godavari basin ? I A) Kaladgi series ’ A B) Pakhal series C) Ratnagiri series D) Bhima series. 129. efgpsstrgjfo mrrt'5a5)u. |n'aa»su>s1r issued? ) : aagbgy (A) : a; :,e'>aao$ ®&uJas>c6n'_ urrcmrp tfilgg ifilgu arcing) 9et‘? )r'ra§)t_I)gu. atrgsaartb (R) : .a1(3so1rrr'r§(3§, rre€)6nrr6iu Glusiaeinunfr essofiwto eulasiasri; urr6mr_r)t'r. @ tfilgu lb)@_| gpatilrtni §5(r5é»)t_I)g1. as; -9§. e». «@)m writes &rf)u. |rr66I nfilasiuamul (3g; rl'gi5®¢® . A) (A) uJ§)@nb IR) @9co‘m®ib ed‘). Gmgiufo (R)6ra's1u§J (A) ci5): j)@ siflulrrasr -€lS)6TT§>83L'l) B)- (A) wrjmgto (R) §)l)’G5bT®l. b Bil’), Cfimgutb (12)a1aBru§1.(A)o5)rj)@ srfiuirrasr cxS)me. asLod>ai C) (A) sit) %6BllT6') ((2)5919) A D) (A) 55149) ayrurrreii (R) art). x 1910) ~ g A [Turn over
  53. 53. UDGE 130. _A) 131. . x 54 Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : The shimmering lustre is seen in alkali syenites. Reason (R) : Anorthoclase feldspar in syenite imparts shimmering lustre. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below : A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A) B) Both (A) and (R) are true. but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) C) (A) is true. but (R) is false _D) (A) is false. but (R) is true. o'rm_rr. §. grit‘; wcjngub Gated: rfil: QL$)ti. (6U)€iJ . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . amflio mcmacmu: Geflgbgg. A) 6rt5)Qgrtwé) B) us1’Is115§rr&. a§)a'i uuigéo C) rf15)(Bs11e? umas'zsn'_ D) @n. u_i)ggisit crgunqifiléocoeo. Stock works and saddle reefs are the types of . ... .. deposits. ’ epithermal B) cavity filling C) replacement D) none of these. Uls}.6i{iLIuir€6)[DuJrr6¢$lg) u®cow. gsmb cugfiluirre. .'i_6l7iL, li)l. 'D gcéimmmuis @t,6)t'. n5)®ib Qstrdu A)'- eYas? )C3u. scaips1'sr B) o°oQ'>uiro$)(3uicwa'sr C) o°aL5)6‘i‘l5)6‘5)l; L(} D) 6U05)€iJ§){D gcrniiasdr. The ability of sedimentary rocks to split along the bedding planes is called A) lineation B) foliation‘ C) fissility D) weak planes.
  54. 54. 55 UDGE 132. uiqmb srcisrugu ;5)am_1)uJ Qeisrugg 9555 amg. stn1uqDqcan_uJ'6oima»a? )é) I.5)sr'srnJq5ouscrm; i)gS)e'o arena: 7 A) upshot so a«6w'fl= _I5lsJt'o wines-b so wiammmufiér B) ggfrpgj gag. a)caaf)uS)gut'o mgimib gbsreirrgr, uagbgocmcuullén C) ®'I‘_5°T® so aicwllufisillb mouth 9&9 u>si>u>w>e'vu5lé> ~D) Qmdaaysir crggoqifiléosuvai. A crystal may have as many as nine planes of symmetry. out of which A) 3 are of one set and 6 of another B) 5 are of one set and .4 of another C) 2 are of one set and ‘_7 of another D) . none of these. 133. Qsrirfl up fllpfiangci (Burro) élculliq s. ab‘t)Ln55)s. 's1'r filgpfd 9_e9|_u: sasflwib A) srrdo(35.rras>ucmI7L'_ B) a sefilcuvn C) Q(_f_)l. D6b)L_lL D) lDW§z6U'lG5)LC. . Cherry-red streak is shown by. the mineral. known as . A) chalcopyrite B) galena C) hematite D) magnetite. 134. gqnmrrrflofi a. .61'rs11 mull) Lofimiib 515§, ;r, rras§£| a'sr Ggrrgbpib A) é)a's: ®ga‘t)uté. qljnsatu B) ‘ if)5)<‘3site'n$G)ni$a§5vi; qqrrséru C) <3e: I_'_i_su)i7(3ssiqnsisi L. )|j’lT5-6"! ) D) srx5)G)g6_uf)I. q.a’a qgrrasiu. The origin of Zawor lead and zinc deposits is A) ' syngenetic process 8) replacement process C) laterization process D) epigenetic process. A = mum
  55. 55. UDGE 135. 136. 137. xl_ 1910 | N 56 6369 static) mguqseir a_s1'1ew Qgrrgg) l_))€8T6iJ®€iJ6iiT6iJ[l)@_| €fT 6159 (figrnsiufileli Qurj')rf))(r_r, ¢’55»ci5)d>65)e> '9 A] 9(r_r, ,&rrLiJ ®§rr©§) — Qeciimaafi Qgrrgé) B) sear sgnjih — )(L_p¢'r. Ge. rrcuunb C) f_§ll'ifziG52lTGl!5'I'll) —— . =9)gp)Ii)(3&. rrcuaIib D) gag srru'. | Qgrrggl —- (g; é&rru'J®§Ir@§§). I Which of the following pairs do not have the same number of classes in the system ? A) Monoclinic — Orthorhombic B) Cube — Trigonal C) Tetragonal — ‘ Hexagonal D) Monoclinic — Triclinic. (3g, rrsu)r; L'_, G8>L. l(5fjl'T‘ mgbgjio . gq6urrrr'r§, <3g, rr6zsw); urrcmI_'_r)5sfi)éo 6alTGOb'lIJLJ®Ll) QQ5 Glutrggsurrcm 5>6ll))LDlb uJrrG)g; a>t)e'u A) B) 6muI; (3|_rrc')J6m6'orL =9+66rrrr'rg', sm§; L'_ C) G)i_'bi. <i)G))€(l'l' D) C36>i'_uJrrL_6mr}| ; . A common mineral-found in norite. gabbro and anorthosite is anorthite B) bytownite C) nepheline - D) labradorite. §)6iI@,5)nJILu. |-uécms [Elm i'Je1?)(3ut: rr@(£‘aIjrruS)srt>t'o aarraivrijléagzb e. so'r)Lm‘o A) 6rsism'u| _cc»| _n‘_ B) p smgrpuufiduélcbr C) (i§’r'I'LD65)681 D) . g_a_), cu‘:5.1'_. The characteristic colours from pink to green pleochroism is shown by the mineral A) enstatite B) hypersthene C) tourmaline D) augite. 193)]
  56. 56. 57 . UDGE 138. Qgasreilait .9)é>a: g) e? >L))e$)i’_ 6|’661.[D Garret) : _flsincnqr, )i> 5:lj’l‘i': i5»I'_I uasbf) @au)r_ou. )n. s8r srrr'n_| em_yJ5) 7 A) -(3uml'® I. D¢j)@]I. )'. ) i5)e°oa: )+ B) airrniisurréz a)i'_currs6reh) V C) airrliimnsb rft. q,rt)i'_'q. ifu _ I D) gmrflsstr aizmaflxil. The term ‘Jenkin or split’ is associated with which of the following mining ' methods ? A) Board and pillar 4 « B) Long wall advancing C) Long wall retreating D) Horizon mining. 139. t3)sinnJ(r_5m6umJr_f3u; )sfr gmmrrccr sutr_i)smu) QQITG: : A) 5»<; o'o1L_§. $)sin msfrsu G>)t. u'. )exri' srairusiigrrdz a5)sffé. e.11Iu(,1e€)g)§) B) ‘s. co'un_§5é)sr's1 [b5:))'6) = géou5)Ij® Qcuélsotrt srcérusurjnéu o5)6né= .5»L'Ju(, )é. )tp§u C) 5.6zit>'n_§§)st's7 t_r;5.r’ro; qyrgfr C3gmrnba"u 6ra’7n_16uI; rre'> s1§)sné. asL'lu®9‘. );p§) D) 5'>6Z5'UTL. .§. :§)6l'5'T‘[b5sl)'fi) M. S. a€)(i5n'q)ca7.$r6?tr crsfirunirjneii aS)em'55.t'Ju®8§)I_: )§). A From the following. choose the incorrect statement 2 A) Continental drift is explained by Taylor B) Continental drift is explained by Alfred Wagener C) Continental drift is explained by Arthur Holmes D) v Continental drift is explained by M. S. Krishnan. 140. I5)6fsrnJ(f, cu6u1ciJIj)@)61’r elfliurrasr svtgbsoirp Ggris : A]. usucuasw. ®urrq5|'_s.61'r s. eueise5)L)uLL_ urrmrp m1®(I_i3siJc. ‘isns1'1 uazsuspw» urramp M . _ @)pL'DL)s. a‘t)6t's1 G)§Ir@§)E»61'1 G)e5rTcu’un_smcn B) uaisuans ®urrq_r, );s. a‘1 s»eus. s,); ru); u_ urrcmgg m®q5n. :e': essfi 9(3); CSrgxj§§)s'> 9m®(I§6iS)uJ6o)su C) ueucuems. G)urrQr, i'_5.s1'7 s. su8.5.L1)uu'_t_ urrsmgg 9sn®@eus'u&6ft (3cug)uL; I. (3_r_F; |)"f! 'zi5561))9)) . 9s1®q5c2§)tusmcu ) _ D) uazcuaowas ®urr(r5La. efr s. a)e‘mmLuui‘_)_ urrccngp 2snGI(r5sud)essfr GPIJIFGUI ) 6)§, rr@, $)s. srrrrso1sc>n. I. = =I_:1_'9l_0) 5 [ ’l)urn over I
  57. 57. UDGE ‘ 58 Which one of the statements is correct ? A) The composite intrusions show different magmatic compositions B) The composite intrusions intrude simultaneously C) The composite intrusions intrude at different times D) The composite intrusions show uniform composition. 141. Qfiafitunofilgpefim xB)5.L’J®LJrflu. : fileuéasarflé 5I|7[fzl5ntl) A) ®x_5tI1(3ma$) B) Glurrééaarrfifigrr C) grfiuirr _. D) Qgrrcuuflaagé. The biggest coal minein India is I Neyveli B) Bokaro C) J haria A D) Ranigunj. . 142.. LSIg5gm.1rra'n unto; gm L5lL'_. 96:1 5.rrr; |'_ Qrjgaitt @9.| rro5l| '_q, euasiiljifsasrjwaefr 9039' curf)s6>e«uSls'u i.1§, le‘m. I;| uL'_® @Q5r_'r,5rrs'o aqfog, cmLLo<; o‘un'_ u1.Ifis‘u g1cu>s1nfi'l®| b Gsuaatb A) 1-3=9qLq/ medal) T B) 3-731:4/mam? ) C) 7- 10 an / mew? ) D) 10,- 12.31:; /wasfi). If diamond drill bits having soft formation bit with single row of _l carat regular quality diamonds per rib. it can penetrate A) 1 - 3 feet per hour _ B) 3 - 7 feet per hour C) 7 - 10 feet per hour D) 10 - 12 feet per hour. 143. $0»; ggsasfi @Qr)L'oL; §'; ,§; rr§1 £Ela»L. &@Cb @141) A) mgéhu t5lr; (3§. eLb _ B) grfismtr C) il'&. rrri' ' D) Gaafrmtr. The hlue dust iron ore occurs in A) Madhya Pradesh l . B) )Orissa C) Bihar D) Goa. " '
  58. 58. 59 UDGE 144. aaiibq 6iJl. q.6). i ut'_c<m_ Gsrrtpjtb 6ra'm. ig| go; cuutcutb .3q§; g1|6mL_uJ ggieifo ert'. iGurr5ub srfléu o Gi6u1'_t_uu®a§lrp§1 7 A) a-.9155 I B) bgqéim C) c-auto} D) ®GU)6‘iJ .94emas7§5§ub. A pyramid is described as a form whose face always cuts through A) a-axis B) b—axis c) c-axis A A D) all of these. 145. Ltiflrflsur aisowiili uiitauhurremptfilsél cucmai A) umgiflunseip B) .8rGi'Ul'6&! TfTl: DLj unaiugo C) (3i. _rreocmtoi'_ unsmg) . D) ssiflmaisr utranrp. An organic deposit of sedimentary origin is A) coral reef A B) limestone C) dolomite D) mudstone. g 146. ‘5irras5)e'n>i_t°r' crcérrrp Qsrré) cribs cncmaiili urrsuzgocmuiéi @n35)L'ii5)®é. );i)g) 7 A) l. Da‘lUIfi)LllI'6U)[0 B) araiorcumrribq urrcimp ' C) t_rrsoa»LoL uirsnp . D) @sum'rt‘_emaui'_. The term ‘Ganister' is used for pure variety of A) sandstone I B) limestone C) dolomite D) A quartzite. 147. (3r_Itq. uioirfl: i.i_'a'ir asnehi ercisrgiib u®sm5éi@ciS|$)a’rr Ggrrfiirpib A) Gci. Ig£lu5)u. is‘o errfrfgsg; B) €)s)'plJlSt6‘i3)66Ir| 'G'i) a. .q5si. Irrai§n| C) a_uS)rflc6r cuaneifi Ggrrfpgitb D) éileirrrsimitéi €)Ja5)§a‘§ Cigrrgiggotb. ‘Radiolarian oozes‘ are deposits of A) chemical origin B) precipitation C) organic origin V D) elastic origin. xE§: ):| V | 19000 ) A [Tum over‘
  59. 59. UDGE 60 148. s§’g3i‘7i5i6<s'6iL. sutj)g)e€r atflumai G)u: rq_r,5gg, iLiut'. t_§) erg) 7 - A) &«co'7sr<; o1-rrrribL)§, g,a'srso)tn enema. i —— ' J)‘. B) Qqgibqgigirrgu errr’r§, §, L — aveabrcuurnfoq urrsmgn C) ®&6QéliLl6l'U -— I_uirrLI_I. 'o Elem) D) a. rf)mEi®LirrQ5e7'r arrr'rf5§ —-— urréi Qjglgfntlfipgrrgj. Which one of the following is correctly matched ? A) Calcareous ' -—? Peat B) Ferruginous — Limestones C) Siliceous — Diatom oozes D) Carbonaceous — Bog iron ores. 149. @[_'r, §,. 230 61J66)5>5i€f| ' 9_s1‘1crr &{6U)lDiJL| Ui6fl ggéieisnrrsi Lflrflgbg) giigsfir 55); : 6rg'; §)a: ns6r QJ@I: .)Ll513fi 9§. §;cu>mt'Jq6a)Lui uistaistiaai 9_.6‘I'T€iT§| '7 A) 14 ' B) 30 C) 32 f D) 33. The 230 types of structures can be grouped under how many classes of symmetry of the crystals ? A) 14 B), 30 c) 32 ' - D) 33. 150. 905 G)urrq5s1‘r)a'sI 5:66! . =ip)s1isi5)rj)@; L'D sggsisr eijtrsrfi aisui§, §)1j)@t'i> a_efrsi1 Gigirrufiq A) Qurrqgsrflcisi o. co1a)sirci) = srfrrsrfl aisozsrib >< uu. ia3'ru®tb @L. §,$)a'7r l. Ilj'IJl. |6’flG1{_ B) egrrelfl 3a6UUTlb = uuJa'sru®Lb @L_5§§lc&r uguucnsi) x Qtitrqbsifisiii swrgtqmcq C) u: ueisn_i®ib @L_;5éi)st'sv U| j'CiUfif61{ = GILirrgr_r, s1‘r)a'sr 5:wTa)61I61l ><_ sgrrarf) siaivrfo D) ®G1J[b@]6fT 6r§)ci; iiS)e'iso)a>. What is the relationship between volume of the material and average thickness ? A) M Volume of the material = Average thickness x Area of influence B) Average thickness = Area of influence x Volume of the material C) Area of influence = Volume of the material x Average thickness D) None of these.
  60. 60. 61 UDGE 151. aismsimi (‘M3s. rr®ser'r . (y>et>t'o-®§eif)oJrréa6.t1_)uiL(, )sfrsn awe @stf)rteé)u. |rrM©t'o utrango . §gitbL| se_1"r)o'o, uiqeiniissir 9.®6)Jll‘©ib Glnilliugfilsoam ugilufilsisr Quuirt M A) Qaianuéo ugfil B) u. )G)L. &aIq. éi u©$) C) flmmmnm uggél - D) mrrtg)uL'. )_ uggfl. In the curves illustrating supercooling of magmas. the temperature region in which the generation of crystals is slow. are called A) labile region . I B) eutectic region C) stable region _ D) metastable region. 152. 6r'I. ‘I)(3L. m.'. Mb agéélsb fiefrsusoug, §. n'L'. ®é§)u)§) sjflilcorwtlsli QQ) I. llfl.5zL0ll'@l. b Qgirgfl A) Qsdims Glsrrgfil M B) gag &lT| lJ ®§rr@, §l A C) Qgiserggg srnii Qgrrggl D) ryrsisrg, 9JTil. .I G)§rr@é). Epidote shows an elongation along b-axis because it crystallizes in A) orthorhombic system B) inonoclinic system C) triclinic system D) tetragonal system. 153. Lgcilluilsirr (‘Btii<. ‘§airrt'_tq. s') Glsueiflrt filgotliurrasigpssgéigtli .9)Li‘r; f,lt_r; L‘i urrmmsgysgib §)t; a')L_(i°auiu. ;61'T61T créuauiaiéi (39arri'_is; ;i)@t'J Quuiil‘ A) Gsrrsisrmrgi M ‘ B) U= rrs')6)i. .I)‘rr c) <auitr<: e.n , D) s. t'. ‘t_strurie. . The boundary between felsic and maiic rocks of the crust is known as A] Conrad. B) Caldera C) Moho D) Gutenberg. x] 1910] , M [Tum over
  61. 61. UDGE 62 154. geoarpei; C9303: flax .9|é)r'r&é) 551;) co)iniuI§iC>)er. rrcziz5I)_ ifilev ¢9)$lr'rsi)s. st'7 s; ;bu®nig5r_t)@ srrgcourmrrai .3j66)LD€‘iJ§| A) errgrrgcusi L5)61m)ILIQuu)t'r8é) B) qnilulfruq t5)6TrcqIJQuu. iri'd= §) C) gtsmaiefigg t§)srrci. )EiG)uu. ir'réél M A D) a_§§l§ §6'1'i@ljl: D t5)a17ci; tL)QuuJt)‘é§l. Most of the earthquakes of shallow focus range arecaused due to A) ‘ normal faulting B) gravity faulting C). reverse faulting _ D} thrust faulting. 155. 5ias'on_ [_I')53|: |'61|é3© ggpaircoigirrai aqcaiccrfiigi aiaiumltiaigpib gsfsrgfilasicuurrjigéu gag, ‘®Ufnl. I.l siaimuuirrsi @Q5g, §5)c8t Quuifr ' A) (3LiIr'ii(35»u. irr - ‘ B) urr_rb5a5)err I C) . (3airras'v. -II®currszsrrr fleutb‘ _ ‘ D) gqiéieirriy afleoib. Before drifting, all the continents were united together as a single super- continent which is known as A) Pangaea . B) Panthalisa c) Condwana land D) Angara land. 156. )3)sirraJ(r_r; L'o 6¢i. ¢)@)5>66)€1T 5»cii66r5§¢)s'> Qsrrsfrs : I. Lsuiryéileltlaitléi Qea'i6i$68Tei't) .9‘_), r'r u>| '_®t°o i3|66I5.rru'. u_e') ll. 95;, .9)srs>Ii>L1iL46is)| _ui gerrfismg, Qutjiggjsftarg) III. 955 an§€lDlDL'JL|6D')L_IlJ auisme Glugijgfilqpéisiaildicuiexs IV. 9&5 a¢smLoIL)L)6tm_ui ai‘ItDu. l§§)6l'$T @su)g_r)a). M @6iJfi)tQ)6T'I : A) lm: _ijrg)tb Il atfluirrcuramcu ' B) [I Lorbgpib IV srfluirrerstsowii c) in megs i 5lfi| un'6OT€O')6‘i. i ‘ D) aq6!s)6UI§§)L'o erfluirrenanrii. _ * ‘ _
  62. 62. 63 UDGE Consider the following statements : I. lTriclinic sections aregnlygpinacoidal. . ' 11. They have ‘only one plane of symmetry. 111. They have no_ axis of symmetry. lV. - They lack a centre of symmetry. 01' these statements 2 A) I and ii are correct ‘ B) ii and N are correct C) Ill and l are correct D) are correct. V15-7. t5)aisrsuq_r, cuasImrj; _mJs1'1 cry srrflwcmai Qmustutfilcsr a. xn, an§, §,sisrcq>wa. »u. I a. rr1.'_®o$); o§1 ? A) e_1_n)curruJa':1 —-—) ei'oIq. Ijrri'o(3urrs€)uJa's1 —~9 I5|e1fi6o‘r)u. ucis1 -5‘ Qmayafiluiaén -9 Jeélmcév -9 aJa>C3s. co‘r)u. Is8'r B) gir)surru. n661 —-> suéu(2s. szs‘r)u. :sz‘-:1 4$siuLo, :;n:1i(2uno5luJc51 —>G)a. :er. a5luJa‘sr —> Jsflmséw ‘—> : .‘z)s1fiao‘r)uJe81 C) gmmrrmsér —-—) cimip}trib(i°: urre3luJ§£sr -> cue'o(36.a'5‘r)uJa's1. —) Qmagnfilmdsr ~> tfilefilaslluisér 5) L7a5luJa'sr. D) Qcufimsfr srgssqifiléiaswaa. Which one of the following correctly designates increasing degree of volcanic activity ? 1 A) 4 Hawaiian —> Strornbolian ——>)Pli'nian —> Vesuvian -.7 Pelean —->. _Vulcanian B) Hawaiian ——> Vulcanian —) Strombolian —> Vesuvian —>. Peiean —-—) Plinian C) ll-lawaiian —> Strombolian —-> Vulcanian -> Vesuvian —> Plinian ‘-C) Peiean D) None of these. xlE91o| _ . ‘ I C 4 [Turnover .
  63. 63. UDGE ’ 64 " 158. n_jcfiluS)68I (3Lotj)ugIL: L5)6§k5r_'r; §: 2.L'_L; r_r)Lorr5 eltlumsar .9|®¢'r»@§, Qg, rn_as)Ij Ggfrs, : A) élmrrsfv — élum‘ — Qmn(3an -— Cgmsiénsiéxi — G35=. m'r B) ékorr — éluirréi — (3Lo66'ru}éu — QLorr(3e5rr — (35n'r'r C) éluirréo -— G)Lorr(Ba. rr —-— élmrr — <3m61fsIupa'i —-— (3a»rrr'r D) ®Lorr(3e, rr . —- éluméu —— élmrr —(3ms61Lq. s'u — (35.rrr’r. Select the correct’ sequence of layers of the earth from surface to bottom : A) _ Sial — Sima — Moho — Mantle — Core B) Sima — Sial — Mantle — Moho — Core C) Sial — Moho, — Sima - Mantle — Core - D) Moho — Slal — Sima —~ Mantle — Core. ' 159.‘ 6]'@j(98>lDll’RlT QL6)ll$liJG'0' esrreo agsirsiiessii : A] 6}@, ,,§]urré= ., I5lrfluJL1., m; rrr A B) guns. mjrr, L'i)rHu. L. s}@'5 _ C) 61575. t3lrfluJ| ;, ®urr£'r. ,_ mjir D) I5lrflu. n;. myrr, Qurré», 51575. - Ascending order for geological time units is A) Age. epoch. period. era ‘ A B) Epoch. ‘ era. period. age ‘ C) Age, period, epoch. era D) ’ Period. era. epoch; age. 160. u. |<3t; '6u'flu. ILb-238 sérgggsualj mrrgpéaanaifo A) 4.5 L5)a'1e5)m65'r ; g,as'zn'c»; &.s+r A . B) 4 iBléoa5lu: a'sr . %cdo'r® C) 4-5 diaiaiiuiasr . iu, eu= ar(, ia. §w .0) 4i51mS)uisar ‘. .9;5co'z: rc9a. s¢r. Half-life of Uranium 238 is A) 4-5 million years 7 B) 4 million years C) 4-5 billion years V D) l 4 billion years. ‘
  64. 64. 65 A UDGE 161. . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . grrczivr Gurrcérgg urreowp . =9{smwL‘. n.5)<; 'u 9.. ®6D')6TT siusim gmfigilser Gluwfr. A) (y)6'i6)5luJ66re>6fr . B) G)usm.9,(‘366rg C) 9_Q56u>s11 cuuismb D) 2_Q'9E_®§’: embfil mzsimfo. - . ... ... ... ... ... ... .. are long cylindrical surfaces in columnar structures. A) Mullions ' B) Boudinage C) Cylinders. D) Rods. 162. o5la>rSJe€)eu1Lb ®§)rn_ri' c)5|$lQ, p6a)g)er~.6a)err . =9)fl)l(, oa. L'n Gl£fll'J§‘€). lI"F A) Cfignbafu §z_n)| _'. :_a'sr ' B) s15la>a'))uJLb siuiélfi C) &rrr’rc)e‘m a3)uJe'> ' D) élgsiu. The law of fauna] succession was proposed by A) . James Hutton B) William Smith C) Charles Lyell I _ D) Suess. 163. ifilcsrcugfgib 5ufD@, |52R5)6TT Hssusurfiéléxi Giarrefwa : 15)s8rcuQ'5msmcug)g)sf1 srgbg, cuscsiss @€msIrEJ5.6‘r'r src5': _s'r<35.rrasm (gm) suuafiliai g(‘3errGlLoL; rfié. C: )§rr@, §)uS)s‘u LrF| g‘, _e_r, r're€)u. ]sr'r6ng). I. §lI_mrr6Urg)I_cirr amue'I»5.Q, pcr’r61r Qpéflficsrrswr (5D&: If3.I5'>6Tl ll. eréoam 3 .9)e'wré»mQ'gL'b @siiG)e1JrrQr; ,.(5pa'-.13) §; )cc§61Lste'r. é,)g)§) I III. 8 (96: §lI_L'o §3)sS. iC: )surrq5 Q. p5.L'o G)L. uj)IQ1s1'1err .9qL'_L_cu6o>a$6r ( Ill ) IV. Qcmm a)su'asar§'; §1i'o. V. @mLboI6fi= A) ’ lVLD[br_[))'1b 11 B) llior_i)@_)L'o ill (7) ‘ lI. n:u; 'org)ib III D] I. ll Lovjmgxib Ill. x 1933] [ 19000] - [Turn over
  65. 65. UDGE 66 Which of the following characters define an octahedron belonging to the isometric system ? C V 1. Solid with equilateral triangular faces II. Each face cuts all the three axes III. )8 faced solid each face having indices ( Ill ) IV. All of these. Of these statements : A) land 11 V - B) 11 and III C) land I'll ’ D) 1. 11 and III. 164. .9|i_)taS)ano §(3I; rr)'_| __5$lasme‘> LJ| §.$1)5'a€fT ejt_i)u®I. ‘o Gurrg) a_@a. Irr@Lb .9|anu>L'. u5la‘n Qunufr A] @9159 a)®é: ssamo)1:L| B) ' aqaaaicurficmo aggémmibuq V C) 5lJ’QJif)6a)9 a| ®&em)mUq . D) $Gr; rrL'. n_ sfilcow a{®$8:65)I. oCii. .|. The sediments left by the density currents commonly shows the structure. called A) I cross bedding B) ripple bedding C) graded bedding D) current bedding. V165. (3a. Ii3|u®§eSla'5I g§am_Q. pas>gouilaBr qpanmrraa ggyasfiléo . s;gbu®: .'n uqaflsefi gafhqfo @I_ai)5e11)r6_6r6u>o. ) A) . urremg) gypfoq ugglufilsisr Lo5é)u5)e'» B) urrcor_p ggboibq ugfluileéi ailsfilibdléi C) urrswp gaggpfofileér gsmrjuggélufilé) 'D) urrsum) ©Q| 'Dl. ))65'l.8II_. E!)l)’ tsggluiléo. In the process of difierenflaflon the minerals of early crystallisation concentrates ' towards A) centre of the igneous magma B) margins of the igneous magma C) floors of the igneous magma D) top of the igneous mass. * ‘
  66. 66. 67 _ UDGE 166. G); r,ti)<3cna$) eS)é. smccrL'. agnefifiléi, erg) §w)G)llJfl'll. l l5)| j'§&w)66Tl. lJl'| '85 2_6T'r61T§| A) Gu3(3eo 9.. _€fi61T maiaranasm gnfilgga) B) «wasted» anthem» mast» arr C) ‘ G)o. )i'. utG: )u. )®8.@nb Quicjfilgriaaaslr ‘ D) masfig, 555). In Neyveli lignite mines. which is considered more problematic ? A) Dumping of overburden B) Artesian water C) Eiccavating machines D) Manpower. ' 167. Qecimieafi, Qgtrgfiltfilau (gating) unis. .9)&mé= .ass1fls8) @gSlu5® L. il)‘é‘. )Ll| ) erfimnm Cfierreusnb Lnr, f)@)i'o Qugbgjsfisnanm A) ®6maimu. |rrc51 urrr; rru$’i'_L_rtsh) ( a)ena)('n’5.rre'u ) B) _ g]eu»casrui: j;g; _ungnt5.; ._rra): ) (. .94mcqGa, rréo ) C) eifilgélmrrstorrcm g§sm. 'o D). ®mfi)@)s1’I crgmgifilésauai. The orthorhombic system is referred to three crystallographic axes mutually at right angles" and having A) equal parameters V B) unequal parameters . C) different lengths‘ . D) none of these. 168. giisltfildir .9m. C)u@5lu§le'o a_el'rs11 agéafilasfl urreuagaeasfléi uqsuoorra: e. rrascrIL'. ILi®e£)r_t) grrg) _ . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . asst aqcmbpésssillugéalgyg). ‘ A) (3i_i)uSlGcars>qaa'sr Llll), €)Jlb B) G)9&»: f)(3s»o: ))s8I uuimzb . C) <3IJ$lu). u)suéo uI. q.cuL’o . D) . o0st$lGmcupeEs1 Liiq. €iJlb. Ore which is found evenly scattered in deep seated igneous rocks is called A) dissemination deposits I B) segregation deposits residual deposits ’ T D) sublimation deposits. V C) Eiilms ix 1 . mm