Choosing the right Agile innovation practices: Scrum vs Kanban vs Lean Startup : Roman Pichler


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Innovation can be a tricky thing: Not only does it means different things to different people, but creating a brand-new product requires different practices compared to updating an existing one. Some people claim that Scrum is best for innovation, some say Kanban, and others believe it's Lean Startup. If you want to understand better when to choose which agile method, then this talk is for you. The session introduces three innovation stages and explains how the process model and key practices are influenced by the amount of uncertainty present.

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Choosing the right Agile innovation practices: Scrum vs Kanban vs Lean Startup : Roman Pichler

  1. 1. agileinnovation practices
  2. 2. process
  3. 3. innovation  drives process Stage 3: Stage 2: Stage 1: Maintaining a Product Creating New Features Creating a New Product Innovation! Innovation! Innovation! is low! is medium! is high! Linear Kanban! Scrum! Scrum! Lean Startup! h8p://­‐product-­‐innova3on/choosing-­‐the-­‐right-­‐lean-­‐and-­‐agile-­‐innova3on-­‐prac3ces/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   4  
  4. 4. experiments
  5. 5. Sketch! the idea! Vision Learn and! Hypothesize! update the! and build! backlog! Product Backlog Product Owner Product Increment and Team Analyse! Obtain! feedback/data! the data! Stakeholders including Users h8p://­‐product-­‐innova3on/the-­‐scrum-­‐cycle/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   6  
  6. 6. ownership
  7. 7. the Product  owner role Collaboration incubator / colocation joint backlog grooming joint meetings Ownership Market vision and roadmap users come first empowerment user feedback drives budget learning Product Owner Value Features / UX business model incl. product backlog revenue sources, product canvas cost structure h8p://­‐page-­‐product-­‐owner/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   8  
  8. 8. incubator
  9. 9. Marketer Customer Product Team Owner Fail-safe! Sales Rep environment! Incubator! ScrumMaster User Service Rep h8p://­‐product-­‐innova3on/scrum-­‐startup/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   10  
  10. 10. power tools
  11. 11. Idea Vision Board Product Canvas Product Owner Product Increment and Team Stakeholders incl. Users©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   12  
  12. 12. let’s build a ...
  13. 13. Product vision Board Vision  Statement   Defeat the! empire! Target  group   Needs   Product   Value   Fast and! No. of! Private Intercept! agile! losses is pilots! ships! low! Easy to ! fly! Low total! Commer-! Win! cost of! cial pilots! dogfights! Recovers! ownership! from damages! h8p://­‐product-­‐innova3on/working-­‐with-­‐the-­‐agile-­‐product-­‐vision-­‐board/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   14  
  14. 14. Product canvas Defeat! X-Wing!Vision   the empire! Name   Fighter!Personas   Journeys   Ready  Stories   t! Sprin Goal! 1. Story! 2. Story! 3. Story! Epics   Design   Constraints   Hyper-! drive! 4. Story! Deflector! Perfor-! mance! Proton! R2 com- torpedos! patible! 5. Story! Inflight! repairs! Unit! Auto! 6. Story! nav! cost! h8p://­‐product-­‐innova3on/the-­‐product-­‐canvas/  ©  2012  Pichler  Consul3ng  Ltd   15  
  15. 15. thank you!