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  1. 1. Interactive Marketing Campaign Ideas 12.9.2013 JACQUELINE FRITZ
  2. 2. Based on market research and competitor analysis, this presentation explores potential ideas for activating Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez for Kmart across the digital/ interactive landscape and drive sales of the Spring 2014 collection.
  3. 3. Current interactive market Since direct competitor NMC is new, now is a good time to maximize SGDOL online reach while there is space •  Free concerts •  Appearances •  Ads/ commercials •  Free concerts •  Free gear •  Appearances
  4. 4. •  Sweepstakes/ co-brand partnerships •  Appearances •  Ads/ commercials •  Use of Rich Media Posts on social •  Celebrity shoots •  Ads/ commercials
  5. 5. Target Demographic SELENATORS Females, 15-21 yrs old •  •  •  •  •  Enjoy socializing and trying out new media/ technology platforms Want to feel special, beautiful, popular, and have fun/ laugh/ smile Want to be liked by others and love others Look to their friends for validity and approval Want to feel empowered “They take all that energy, all that circulating fire in their veins, and instead of letting it destroy them, they choose to love, ferociously. Be it a band, or a book, or a series of films. They do it to keep themselves sane…teenage girls find a buoy for themselves in the sea of emotional ruin, and they hold on tighter than anyone else.”! - Meghan Harper, via The Huffington Post, 10/24/13
  6. 6. Digital/ Social Channels Where are is SG DOL’s target audience and how are they using it? •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Mobile…mobile…mobile… Apps/ Games – girls love playing games on phones; fashion apps give them the fashionista experience Texting – older range of demo; younger range now moving into Snapchat Facebook – defacto network; being used less by younger audiences now adopting newer platforms, but still reaching older end of SGDOL demographic; Sharing images, poking friends, receiving likes Twitter – Millennial digital party; **26% of teens use Twitter compared to 18% of adults. Tweets w/ images get 2x more shares Instagram – Girls love taking pics and posting online to share with friends; great integration capabilities Vine – creating 6 second video shorts and posting; more mobile friendly than YouTube easily shareable SnapChat – younger range of demographic sends instant photo messages with 10 second lifespan YouTube – posting videos to share with friends; watching funny clips or music videos; not as mobile friendly Tumblr – posting images of cool stuff and commenting/ liking; *59% of users between ages 13-25 use Tumblr over Facebook; more teens here than on Fb or Instagram Pinterest – less popular with younger audiences; 15% of adults use Pinterest compared with 1% of teens. (more mature content: cooking, home design, etc.) *Garry Tan via Business Insider **Pew Research Center Studies from 8/2013, May 2013 and Feb 2013
  7. 7. Digital/ Social Channels *Garry Tan via Business Insider
  8. 8. Interactive Program Ideas 1. dreaME – Mobile app, interactive display build out + Facebook campaign 2. Dream into Spring – Instagram/ Tumblr eco-contest 3. Dream your design – Vine video series 4. DreaMobile – Fashion show/ Pop-up store 5. Dream Closet – commercial starter
  9. 9. dreaME app DOL dreaME app + Facebook Build mobile app/ game to mix and match DOL Spring 2014 garments with social integration Girls can interchange SG DOL images/ styles to create ‘looks’ via drag and drop collage functionality •  Call to action: Create look and share with 10 friends on DOL Facebook page to receive discounts on clothing purchases; also option to email to parents/ friends/ etc. for later purchase •  Selena picks one look per week on DOL Facebook page she likes best during campaign over 3 weeks; winner receives free ‘look’ •  ‘Looks’ with most ‘Likes’ at end of campaign get free $XXX shopping spree of SG DOL clothing at Kmart •  App soundtrack incorporates Selena songs Approximate cost for app development: $20-50K (depends on gaming functionality + developer) Approximate time for app development: 8-12 weeks
  10. 10. dreaME mobile app Why Facebook? Dream Out Loud already has a large following on Facebook that can be further incentivized, and it allows for Rich Media posts, which provide a more engaging, interactive experience with the collection through a scrolling mechanism that links directly to the Kmart online store. Selena videos modeling each collection piece can be integrated into the RMP’s as a display feature, as well as images of ‘looks’ and larger ‘collection posts’ that can be zoomed into, and clicked on to purchase directly from Kmart. By using this tactic in tandem with the ‘looks’ girls create and upload from the mobile app, Selenators’ parents on Facebook see what the girl wants, and easily purchases through RMP posts. It is easy to share, like, and view the collection in an interactive catalogue form without having to initially go to Kmart site. Conversions and engagement are easy to track.  
  11. 11. In store display In store interactive display screen Build out customized, interactive display screen/ panel to place in select Kmart stores •  Separate dreaM! app built for interactive display; larger version/ old school video game style of mobile app; two apps are connected and integrated with social media •  Selenators can pull up the ‘looks’ they created through the mobile app on the screen to get discounts on clothes in store •  Display serves as content repository Selenators can play with on site/ view various DOL online platforms and follow; Shopping with Selena in store videos can be made about outfits she likes to mix and match •  Selenators are directed to download mobile app they can play with on large screen (like old school video games) •  ‘Pin’ certain looks they like on Pinterest in store •  Display device can easily be detached and used at dreaMobile destinations as screen Selena will be streamed live on Approximate cost: $50-100k including mobile app and display device app to integrate mobile
  12. 12. Dream into Spring with Selena! Instagram/ Tumblr/ Twitter campaign – Part 1: Contest Enter to win a photo shoot with Selena Gomez in next DOL collection! Late January/ early February 2014: Kick off: Post animated GIF of DOL bird on DOL Tumblr page, with contest Terms and Conditions underneath Call to action: Selenators take Instagram selfie wearing DOL garment(s) while doing an environmentally good deed (i.e. planting a tree, recycling, conserving electricity, etc.) •  To enter contest Selenator must push Instagram selfie to Tumblr #dolbysel account •  Community Manager reblogs Instagram selfies to DOL Tumblr account for constant content •  Each week for the month of Feb, the selfie with the most ‘Notes’ is named a winner/ Finalist in contest •  Finalists are contacted by Selena asking them to create a 1min YouTube video about an environmental project they are implementing in their community, and its impact, why, etc. If they are wearing DOL while doing so even better! •  1st week of April the finalist videos are uploaded to YouTube (StyleSip) and voted on. On Earth Day, April 22nd, Selena announces winner
  13. 13. Dream into Spring with Selena! Instagram/ Tumblr/ Twitter campaign – Part 2: Drive Sales February – March/ April 2014 If a Selenator doesn’t want to enter the contest but still wants to spread Selena love… Listed as part of the Terms and Conditions in the animated gif blog post on Tumblr to kick off the campaign, Selenators can score discounts on DOL gear by sharing the DOL love with friends Call to action: Selenators must – 1.  Follow @dolbysel on Twitter 2.  Tweet 10 friends separately: Show your love @dolbysel @yourfriendstwitterhandle #dolbyseltumblrcontestblogpostlink •  Community Manager keeps track of which Twitter accounts tweeted 10 times and to which accounts •  After 10 tweets, Selena sends Selenator a personal ‘Love Bird’ image with individual discount/ QR code for Spring 2014 DOL collection •  Discount/ QR code may be used in store or online; only good for limited amount of time and can only be used once •  The ‘Love Bird’ reach expands as more Selenators tweet 10 of their friends…
  14. 14. Dream into Spring with Selena! Why Instagram and Tumblr? Both platforms are uber popular with teens and highly image based. Tumblr is excellent for creating an engaged community and activity can be tracked by number of registrations, photos uploaded, and via likes/ hashtags. 91% of teens spend time on social media posting pictures of themselves, and Instagram is the most popular photo creation app. SG has an active following on these platforms to further incentivize engagement with the DOL brand.
  15. 15. DOL dreaMobile dreaMobile – Fashion show/ Pop up shop - Be in a DOL fashion show with Selena! March 2014 – Part of Dream into Spring or can be used in another campaign dreaMobile is a Winnebago-style, electric vehicle that opens up into a Pop-up shop on wheels Based on locations generating the most selfie contest activity on Tumblr, the DOL dreaMobile will voyage to set up shop in corresponding Kmart parking lots (location selection TBD; number of locations TBD) ***if this kind of vehicle is not possible, a caravan of electric cars also works, i.e. Caravan of Dreams Call to action: Bring an old item of clothing to be donated to women’s charity (or UNICEF) to dreaMobile destinations to be part of a fashion show for Selena’s DOL Spring 2014 collection and get discounts on the gear! •  Selena promotes online her dreaMobile itinerary through Tumblr teasers, tweets, across all platform; Leading up to stop she tweets first 10-20 girls to meet the dreaMobile on site with their donations will be entered into the fashion show •  At sites girls receive ‘Love Bird’ shaped packets of bird, flower or tree seed with discount code on it in exchange for their clothing donation; code can only be used once, that day, instore or on line •  Girls entered in fashion show get to try on DOL Spring 2014 collection and put together one ensemble of their choice to walk down ‘runway’ •  Selena is streamed in live on large screen to judge ‘runway’ competition and winner gets $XXX in free DOL merchandise •  Video from fashion show and images from event put on Tumblr blog and girls take selfies in outfits
  16. 16. Dream Your Design Dream Your Design Vine + YouTube Video Campaign – Approximately 8-10 weeks DYD DOL dedicated microsite created as contest hub girls must sign in to with their Facebook account to get discounts on DOL Spring 2014 Collection (which girls can wear in Vine videos) •  Microsite hub holds Love Bird link for Twitter sharing •  Even if girls don’t want to enter Vine contest, they can still link up their Fb account/ follow @dolbysel on Vine to boost channel engagement, and follow on Twitter to get discounts driving sales Kick off: Selena posts a weekly video on Vine @dolbysel with a different ‘Day Dream’ (any slogan that aligns with the DOL brand) for 6 weeks Campaign continues on next slide… “Vine has proved surprisingly resilient, and as it turns out, it looks like it has a hidden killer feature: a distinct culture.” Mat Honan for Wired, August 2013 Why Vine? Vine is the fastest growing app in the world. Its user base grew 403% from Q1-Q3 2013.* Girls love creating mobile videos and sharing them; using the popular Vine storytelling platform encourages Selenators to get as creative as possible to express their dreams out loud, and they get 6 seconds of fame to engage with the brand on an emotional level *Statista using GlobalWebIndex 10/2013
  17. 17. Dream Your Design Dream Your Design Vine + YouTube Video Campaign Call to action: Go to DYD hub and sign in to get discounts on DOL Spring 2014 clothing. Each week Selenators submit personal Vine videos @dolbysel Vine profile in an outfit/ incorporating garment of DOL Spring 2014 collection they feel best represents/brings to life Selena’s Day Dream (they share these on Facebook to promote their Vine videos, and across platforms #myvinevideo) •  Vine contest shorts get ‘liked’ and video with most likes becomes weekly Finalist over duration of campaign •  6 Weekly Finalists are asked to create an extended, 1min personal video for upload on Stylesip YouTube of their own ‘Day Dream’/ t-shirt slogan explaining what it means to them and why their dream should get designed •  Vine campaign shorts could be made into longer video for posting on YouTube channel; these could act as a teaser/ content lead up to final round •  Selena chooses winning ‘Day Dream’ to be a slogan on a t-shirt in DOL Fall 2014 collection and winner helps design it •  YouTube video created showing SG + winner designing t-shirt, or winner going to factory, meeting with design team, day in the life of fashion designer DreaMobile can also be rolled into this campaign, asking girls to bring in old Tshirts to donate
  18. 18. Dream Closet Dream Closet funny commercial •  •  •  •  •  •  Selena is getting ready for a party in the kind of closet every girl dreams of (huge, millions of shoes, clothes, etc.), and is talking on phone with friend about an outfit she dreamt about but can’t remember She starts pulling out clothes and trying on outfits She gets a suprise text from the DOL logo bird, saying yay or nay to the outfits she tries on, in funny, candid humor: i.e. ‘Justin would like that’ or ‘ (like a bestie would give outfit feedback when getting ready for date) Selena is in disbelief but keeps trying on outfits, SG DOL Spring 2014 clothes Animated DOL bird starts appearing in closet as she is trying on clothes randomly; tension created between Selena and bird through funny commentary/ Selena dressing up As she slams closet door Selena’s songs blast from inside closet; she whirls around, opens door and finds the party is already going on …. Animated DOL Birds are everywhere and she realizes the party comes from within. Its about the clothes, DOL clothes to make you feel fabulous, but its all about the attitude and fun you have in the process of getting ready with your friends, expressing yourself
  19. 19. Measurement + Next Steps Each program/ element has been designed for easy tracking and performance analysis based on the following KPIs (among others): •  •  •  •  •  Reach/ growing brand awareness Likes, Comments, Shares on various platforms Contest registrations New account platform followers Conversions into sales online/ on site from discount codes In order to determine ROI, we need to first clarify the budget, which would be the next step. Soon to follow would be to bring on board a dedicated Community Manager to distribute and implement various campaign logistics. Depending on budget factors and Selena’s availability, we would organize her video shoots in January during Sundance.
  20. 20. THANK YOU