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Recommendation from lindsay harger


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Recommendation from lindsay harger

  1. 1. RecommendationTo Whom It May Concern:It is an honor for me to write a recommendation for Jason Wiese. I was the Director of Student Activitiesat Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana and I had the privilege of working with Jason for two years.Jason was a valuable asset and he possesses several personality and work-related qualities that madehim a vital component of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) staff.As a CAB member, Jason was responsible for working with nine other students to develop, organize, andevaluate events for the campus community. He had to attend weekly staff meetings and help advertisethe events. I was so impressed with Jason’s hard work, dedication to the job, and big ideas that I invitedhim to be my Student Director for the 2010-2011 school year. The Student Director responsibilitiesincluded organizing and managing meetings with students, supervising fellow CAB workers as theyplanned the campus events, and office paperwork. I found him reliable and successful in all of the tasksrequired of him. He worked well with others and was respected by his peers.One of Jason’s strengths is his ability to produce good work with little supervision. As long as heunderstands his task and assignment, he will always produce quality work and finish on time. He isdependable and will frequently volunteer for extra work when help is needed. Another aspect of Jason Iappreciated was his use of work time. In the office it was very tempting to socialize or use the computerfor personal business, but Jason would get all of his work done and ask for more work before he would doanything personal.Jason was one of the most professional students that worked for me. On a personal note, I thoroughlyenjoyed working with him and he brought so much laughter to the office. I recommend Jason because heis smart, professional, easy to work with, and reliable.Sincerely,Lindsay S. HargerFormer Director of Student Activities at Anderson