English biscuits manufacturers (EBM)


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English biscuits manufacturers (EBM)

  1. 1. Project: English Biscuits ManufacturerSubmitted to: Sir Yawar Abbas
  2. 2. Prepared by JAWARIA GHULAM HUSSIAN
  3. 3. Group Members Zunaira Raza Hira lateef Jawaria Ghulam Hussian Khadija Ayub Bushra Zaib Mehwish Tariq Nida Tariq
  4. 4. English Biscuits Manufacturer
  5. 5. EBM´s products areBiscuits
  6. 6. Vision StatementTo be a leading & forward looking Foodcompany committed to satisfy consumerswith a delightful, healthy & hygienic productrange
  7. 7. Introduction English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd was established as a joint venture company in 1965 with the name of PEEK FREANS PAKISTAN LIMITED
  8. 8. First biscuit company of superbrands in Pakistan to which achievedISO-9001 Certification incorrespondence with its institutionalslogan The Legend LeadsIt is the leading biscuits company inPAKISTAN covering 55% of theMarket Share
  9. 9. Objectives The EBM´s objectives are: Improve the knowledge-base of the cereal and baking technology Create awareness in people about hygiene and nutritional value of food Overcome the non-availability of the equipments for quality determination of raw materials
  10. 10. Bring our country on the top notonly for scientific and technologicaldiscovery but also for turning thatknowledge into new and qualityproducts and servicesProvide working facilities forM.Phil. and Ph.D studentsFacilitate advanced research
  11. 11. English biscuits are directly competed by“CONTINENTAL BISCUITS”(LU),
  12. 12. Competitor The major competitor of English biscuits is “CONTINENTAL BISCUITS” (LU), which has a significant share of the market in terms of sales volume. LU basically has five to six brands which it markets in comparison to English Biscuits Manufacturers.
  13. 13. Brand Value Peak Freans meansLeadershipVitalityHumanityTrust & Cofidence
  14. 14. Positioning EBM positions its porducts in the minds of its customers by Providing the excellent quality The large variety in taste and texture State-of –the-art and technology Sophisticated food safety system A pied piper icon 9001 ISO certificates
  15. 15. Segmentation EBM segmentaize its market on the following basis Demographic Age Less then 15 or 15-54 years persons It more focus on the¨ kids¨ segment
  16. 16. Our Products
  17. 17. EBM’S PRODUCT LINEPlain Sweet Nuts Cream Biscuits Crackers Biscuits Choco Vanilla Butter Puff Gluco Peanut Pik Sandwich Chocolate Marie Peanut Pista Marvell Sandwich Sooper Lemon Sandwich Saltish Rio Double TreatWhole Wheat Chocolate/ Slice Vanilla Rio Double Treat Strawberry/Vanil la Rio Vanilla
  18. 18. Product Features EBM’s features can also be used as the competitive edge. A wide product line  e.g it have the 97 types of biscuits Diversification
  19. 19.  A well implementing pricing strategies A strong distribution network Innovation in terms of new ingredientes Fulfilling its promise by providing the hygenic food Highly sophisticated food safety system
  20. 20. Pricing EBM´s adopted the market Penetration strategy and Its products can be divided into four categories on the basis of Price  Family Pack R.s 40  Half Rolls R.s 15  Snack pack R.s 10  Ticky pack R.s 5
  21. 21. Pormotion EBM ´s promote its products throughPied piper iconT.v AdsMagazinesNews paper &Posters
  22. 22. billboardsLeading Artists Alamgir,  Zuhaib Hassan, Ali AzmatAll have put their voices at different timesto sing the ¨PEAK FREANS JINGLE¨
  23. 23. Distribution EBM´s intensive distribution involves the delivery of sales orders to its customers It has two major suppliers  Habib sugar mills  Millac and saima packaging It ha smore than 350 distributers all over the PAKISTAN
  24. 24. Distribution Network
  25. 25. EBM´s also exports its productsto: USA, CANADA , UK, UAE, BAHRIN , SAUDI ARAIBIA, SUDAN AND SOUTHE AFRICA