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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Spacewar! is the first popularvideo gameArcade games are the firsttype of mainstream videogamesGames operated by insertinga coin into the machineSpacewar!
  2. 2. The Golden Age of ArcadeThe Golden Age of ArcadeGamesGames Video games began to become increasingly popular Space Invaders was the #1 game for years Soon replaced by Pac-Man, which became the most populargame
  3. 3. The Pinball Era Evolved fromshuffleboard andbocce ball Were originally usedas gambling devices Two bumpers, oneball, and a crazyplaying field Play for the highestscore
  4. 4. Home Computers Home PC’s were new wave of gaming Pole Position was very popular Dungeons of Daggorath featured in themovie Big
  5. 5. Early Online Gaming Many popular bulletin boards Players would play gambling games Played for points rather than money
  6. 6. Video Game Crash of 1983 Way too manysystems and games Poorly designedgames, including E.T.The Extra-Terrestrialmassivelyoverproduced Many companies wentout of business Video game marketlooked bleak
  7. 7. The Dawning of a NewEra Nintendo revitalizesan almost deadvideo gameindustry Becomes mostpopular consoleever, and paves theway for Xbox,Playstation, and theWii Super Mario
  8. 8. The Evolution ofconsoles
  9. 9. Atari In 1976 Atari 2600was the first gameconsole and one ofthe most successfulconsoles in thehistory.
  10. 10. Nintendo is a Japanese multinationalcorporation.In 1983 NES a 8-bit video gameconsole,was realesed. It helpedrevitalize the video game industryand set the standard for subsequentconsoles in everything from game tobusiness practices.
  11. 11.  In 1989 Sega genesiswas released in NorthAmerica. Sega was competingwith Nintendo and hadslogan such as “Genesis does whatNintendon’t”
  12. 12. Super Nintendo In 1990 SNES a 16bit video gameconsole wasreleased. Whichproved to be globalsuccess.
  13. 13. PlayStation A 32-bit video gameconsole of the fifthgeneration. Released by SonyComputerEntertainment in1994. The originalPlayStation.
  14. 14.  In 1996 N64 the 3rdgenerationof Nintendo game consoleswas released. N64 has sold over 32.93million game consoles.
  15. 15.  The 4thgeneration ofNintendo was released in2001 and was the mostcompact and least expensiveof its era of game consoles. The game cube wasdesigned for protability.
  16. 16. PlayStation 2 PS2 is a computerentertainment system issmall, slim, and networkready and has over 1400games to choose from. Online gaming Enhanced visuals andaudios DVD and CD player Dual Shock AnalogController Flip Top cover
  17. 17.  X-box was produced byMicrosoft, it was Microsoft’s firstinto the gaming console market. It was released in 2001. The X-box has an onlinemultiplayer gaming servicecalled X-box live.
  18. 18.  Released in 2005. It was the first to provide wirelesscontroller at launch. The console completely sold out atrelease.
  19. 19. PlayStation 3 PS3 is a brilliant highdefinition entertainmentexperience. Cell Broadband Engine Blue-Ray Disc Online Connectivity Six axis wirelesscontrollers PlayStation 3 comes witheither a 40GB or 80GBremovable hard discdrive.
  20. 20. The Wii is the fifth home video gameconsole releases by Nintendo. A newfeature that the Wii offers is iswireless controller which can be usedas a handheld pointing device and candetect acceleration in threedimensions.
  21. 21. Game Boy This was the firstsuccessful handheldconsole, and was thepredecessor of allother models of theGame Boy line. It was made in 1989,costing $89.95 at thetime.
  22. 22. Game Boy DS This handheld console wasreleased in 2004 in Canada,the U.S., and Japan. This console features aclamshell design similar tothat of Game Boy Advance. The DS has 2 screens onewhich is touch screen. It has a built in microphone soplayers can interact with oneanother when playingmultiplayer games or onlinegames. This was the 1stNintendogame console to be releasedin North America prior toJapan.
  23. 23. Game Boy Advance SP This game boy waslaunched in 2004also, but cost $99.99at release. The SP stands forspecial. It has a back-lit flipscreen, smooth lines,and color selection.
  24. 24. PlayStation Portable The PlayStation Portablesystem is the first trulyintegrated portableentertainment system. It was designed tohandle multipleapplications. Games (key feature) Music Video Photo Internet Wireless Connectivity
  25. 25. Virtual Junkies Almost 90 million adult Americans playcomputer and video games Like younger people, some play way toomuch This addiction leaves their real lives andfamilies to fall apart
  26. 26. Accessibility for Gamers Over 145 million Americans playedcomputer or video game in 2002That’s 60% of the country’s population age 6or older That’s reasonable when 45% ofhouseholds have a video game console In 2002 9 million consoles were soldThat equals out to two per household
  27. 27.  There are two forms of gamingOffline○ Games like Grand Theft Auto, that is playedon a computer or game console such as aXboxOnline○ Games such as EverQuest, that are playedwith a broadband connection(preferably) thatusually charges a small fee
  28. 28. What is Addiction? Video game addiction is not a statisticbut would be similar to any otherpsychological addiction It is considered to be an impulse controldisorder
  29. 29. Possible Causes According to AMA in June of 2007,those who overuse video games, do sobecause they are more successful inconducting virtual relationships thanreal-world relationships
  30. 30. Symptoms of Addiction Persistent thoughts of playing the game Use the game to escape problems Increased time spent with game toreceive same satisfaction Inability to control, stop or diminish thebehavior
  31. 31. Symptoms Continued Irritability when prevented from playingthe game Lying about extent of involvement withthe game
  32. 32. Affects of Addiction A 2004 study showed 4 commonindicatorsShynessLack of spiritual faithBelief of other controlling their livesElevated belief in chance as an influence ontheir lives