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Infopack Training Course Inside Out 3 - Alicante - Asociación Promesas


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Brochure with all the information to attend this Training Course in Alicante Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

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Infopack Training Course Inside Out 3 - Alicante - Asociación Promesas

  1. 1. Be the leader of your life 27 participants F r o m 9 E u r o p e a n organisations coming from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, P o l a n d , P o r t u g a l , Romania, Spain and Turkey. What? “InsideOut” is a process of self-discovery aiming self-empowerment in which participants will have the opportunity to confront the way they live with the way they are. Centro Amalur-Madre Tierra
 San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante (SPAIN) +34 652 80 23 25 Where? Special training courses require special places, participants will be surrounded by nature, animals and calmness near Alicante. 22-28th April Organised by: A Self-DiscoveryTraining Course Partners: INFOPACK
  2. 2. Be the leader of your life The concept of talent development has become very popular in many organisations and companies. It’s no longer associated with developing certain talents but rather as personal growth and lifelong learning. Talent Development is a process that starts from self-awareness and aims at self-empowerment. The training course “InsideOut” is designed as a process of self-discovery in which participants will have the opportunity to confront the way they live with the way they are. They will do that by reconnecting with their inner worlds of emotions, passions and needs. During the project we will reflect on the concept of identity and self-awareness, while exploring the connection between body and mind and finding our inner leadership as well as we will develop some skills that will enhance the process of talent development. Objectives of InsideOut 3: • To Reflect on the Concept of Identity, Talents and Passions • To Increase Self-Awareness of Participants and Use a Variety of Methods They Can Apply With Youngsters •To Explore Basic Concepts of Emotional Awareness and Body Awareness in the Context of Personal Development •To Stimulate the Creativity, Vulnerability, Confidence and Resilience of the Participants •To Encourage and Serve the Participants in Planning Their Learning Process Also After the Training Course and Also Implement With Their Target Groups •To Learn More About the Erasmus+ Program and its Actions, and Youth Pass as a Tool of Recognition of the Key Competences. Overall aim: to explore how to develop our talents and passions to increase the employability skills through the tools of self- awareness and self-discovery
  3. 3. The approach and methodology This training course will be based on non-formal and informal educa6on methods with a self-directed learning approach. That means the par6cipants are responsible for their own learning and throughout ac6vi6es facilitators guide the par6cipants through their own learning process. The training course will be characterised by highly par6cipatory, interac6ve and experien6al methods. The working methods will include case studies, working in pairs and small groups, team building ac6vi6es, physical exercises, movement ac6vi6es, relaxa6on techniques, storytelling, crea6ve expression exercises, discussions, and self- reflec6on. Some sessions will be completed by theore6cal inputs and all them will be followed by group reflec6on or self-reflec6on. Profile of the participants Youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers. We invite participants who work in education and have direct impact on young people. The project is financed by Erasmus+ and aims at rising competences of people actively involved in youth work. Therefore we highly recommend this TC for people over 25 who already have some experience in youth work and search for new opportunities of their personal development in order to increase their inner motivation and job satisfaction. Participants should be ready to share and reflect on their personal experiences and emotions as well as participate in physical activities involving body movement and physical contact with other participants. It’s also important that participants will have a chance to network, represent the sending organisation and take decision about future cooperation.
  4. 4. Dissemination After the training course participants will be asked to share the outcomes of the project and help to promote it on local level. They will be encouraged to prepare dissemination materials such as: articles, photos, videos and share with their partners using social media and websites of their organisations. They will be also asked to describe how they can implement their learning and methods into their work and design little actions they can do to promote the concept of talent development in their organisations and target groups. CONTACTS & PARTNERS Spain (Valladolid) - Asociación Promesas contact person: Javi Quilez, e-mail: +34 652 80 23 25 Belgium (Brussels) - JOETZ vzw contact person: Laurence Watticant +32 25 15 02 44 Czech Republic (Breclav) - EYCB: contact person: Jana Parolková +420 776 258 745 Estonia (Tallin) - NGO Youth Club Active, website: contact person: Darja Djatsenko +372 513 60 87 Portugal (Lisbon) - Edu2Grow contact person: Ricardo Marques +35 19 17 96 93 41 Italy (Padova) - Marga Pura contact person: Antonio Cargnello +39 32 95 66 71 82 Poland (Lodz) - Ferso contact person: Dana Solonean +48 42 63 27 977 Turkey (Izmir) - Pi Youth Association +90 23 24 83 03 14 contact person: Umut Yigit Demirci +90 232 483 03 14 Romania (Comuna Leu) - Edu2Grow contact person: Alina Marinela Iordache +40 723 25 09 23 As you know, there are 9 partner organisations involved in this project so here you can find more information about us, our work and our contacts. The participants from each country were chosen by the corresponding organisation so they will be your supporters and help in preparation.
  5. 5. INFORMATION ABOUT THE TRANSPORTATION, VENUE AND OTHER LOGISTICS Dates and place The training course will be held between the 22nd and 28th April. We will have 5 working days and 2 for the travel.You should arrive to Alicante on April 22nd before 20:00 and the departure is planned on 28th April before 12pm. Please plan your travel accordingly, because the training course will be held in an Eco-Village called “Amalur Madre Tierra” a villa located 20 away from Alicante city center, far enough to be isolated and surrounded by peaceful animals, and quietness. Further details on how to get there will be provided. 22nd How to get to Alicante We recommend you use or to find the most convenient flights to and from Alicante. Alicante’s airport (ALC) has cheap connections to London, Belgium and Cluj-Napoca (Romania) using Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair. So if you are struggling to fit your travel plans within your budget, try looking for flight to/from this places, then onto Alicante. There is also Valencia airport (VLC) which is 2 hours away to the North. Madrid is 4 hours away and Barcelona is around 8 hours away from Alicante by bus. Travel from Alicante Airport to Amalur Madre Tierra The simplest way to our accommodation at Amalur is to use public transport. You will need a Bus and a Tram to get to “University tram stop”. Once there our logistic support person (Javi) will pick you up from there.
  6. 6. S y l w i a F e d e r i c o Sylwia is a personal development trainer. Her expertise are emotional awareness and talent development. She has worked as a teacher and non- formal educator for 12 years. In the trainings she combines theoretical inputs on human development with interactive methods inspired by theatre, mind- body techniques, authentic movement and art therapy. “There are two worlds we live in, one within us and one that we see.The emotional connection is a bridge between them” P E R S O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T T R A I N E R THE TRAINERS D o m i n i q u e V e r s c h u r e n Dominique is a professional trainer and works with Connected Elephant (CE). His expertise is Inner Leadership and non-formal learning. Dominique believes that awareness and a practical understanding of our identity serves all our relationships, learning experiences and talent development. He delivers high quality trainings using innovative activities and coaching methods trainings, building real commitment with the participants, giving attention to ambiguity. Topics: vulnerability and confidence, powerless feelings and resilience, transition and accountability, curiosity and creativity. P R O F E S S I O N A L T R A I N E R
  7. 7. Part 1: The Bus You can get public bus C6 from Alicante Airport on the 2nd floor of the airport exit. The bus costs 3.85€ and it has free wifi on board. Please be aware you can only purchase tickets on the bus itself and in cash!. So please make sure you have a little Euros in your pocket when you arrive to Spain. The C6 departs from Alicante Airport almost every 20 minutes from 5:40am to midnight. Here are the departure times of the C6 bus from Alicante Airport Take the C6 bus to Plaza de los Luceros (it should be stop number 9) which takes about 30 minutes to reach from the Airport. Look out for a circular square. 
 Part 2: The Tram In Plaza de los Luceros, exit the C6 bus and enter this silver staircase to the underground. Here you need to get the L2 Line (Green) to “University Station”. The ticket costs 1.35€ If you completed the form Javi will be there to collect you and take you to the venue, otherwise you can reach him on: +34 652 80 23 25 Our venue is 15 minutes away by car from this point and there’s no public transport to get there. SPAIN!WELCOME TO Health & insurance We recommend you to get health insurance for your travel to Spain, as we cannot cover it from the project budget. In our venue there is a lovely animal farm (pigs, rabbits, hens, goats, sheep…) that will provide us with fresh eggs in the morning :) you don’t need to be near them but keep in mind we’ll be near in case you have any allergies...
  8. 8. Financial conditions This training course is financed by the Erasmus+ programme, meaning the costs related to travel, food and accommodation will be fully covered by the hosting organisation. The maximum reimbursement per participant for travelling from each country is as follows: Belgium: 275€ Czech Republic: 275€ Estonia: 360€ Portugal: 275€ Italy: 275€ Poland: 360€ Turkey: 360€ Romania: 360€ Spain: 180€   If the travel costs will exceed the amounts specified above, you will have to pay the difference, so you should look for the cheapest ways of transportation. Reimbursement will be done by bank transfer after your arrival home and after you send us by post all the original travel documents and the proof of their purchase (tickets, boarding passes, invoices, receipts, bank statement etc.). So please keep ALL the travel documents. Also, reimbursement of transport will be done only to participants who fully attend the training course activities and after filling the Mobility Tool Participant’s Report that you will receive after attending the training. If you need more explanations about the reimbursement ask your sending organisations from your countries for assistance. €for travelling Weather conditions The month of April in Alicante can be very fluctuant between 8 and 25°C over the course of the month. We will see the sea from the venue, at a far distance, but don’t expect a seaside weather, could be a bit harder. We suggest you to bring confortable clothes to be on the countryside in a relaxed way. 
 There will be a swimming pool in the venue that you could use if April’s temperatures are warm enough for you. 3 participants per country
  9. 9. What to bring? Because for this training we have chosen a specific location we’ll have to adapt ourselves to its requirements. It’s a “farm house” and the sharing of the accommodation will be part of the experience. We will have to bring: • Sleeping bag (ask Javi if you can’t get one) • Towel • Shampoo, toothbrush… The rooms There will be a variety of rooms, some people will be sharing the room with 1 person (in a double bed), 6 person (in bunk beds) and 8 person (in bunk beds). We know that sharing showers, even with double curtain, could be challenging for some people, if so we really hope you to take it as a “out of confort zone” experience. We’ll make our best to assure you feel confortable and your privacy is respected at all times. 6 bunkbeds room Shared showers with double curtain 8 bunkbeds room Shared bathroom 6 bunkbeds room
  10. 10. As we are a very big group we are looking for volunteers who would like to sleep on mattress on the floor, on another room with just 3 people. Or, if they prefer, we could plant a camping tent too outside. Room for 3 mattresses on floor The amazing meeting Room Room to Chill Out - CoffeeThe Swimming Pool Another Living Room Outside tables We suggest you take the virtual tour to the venue here:
  11. 11. Be the leader of your life ASelf-DiscoveryTrainingCourse Please join the Facebook group which will be our channel of communication. Here you can also meet other participants: https:// FACEBOOK GROUP Meals Food is the energy of our bodies and it affects our state of mind too, therefore we want to take it as part of the experience. We will have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on a Vegetarian basis. Please let us know if you have any special requirement (in case you are vegan) but for this training course please keep in mind that the food will be vegetarian. We will also have 2 coffee breaks during the day (coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit…)
  12. 12. Hope you feel prepared after reading this info pack. In case of questions, contact us or your sending organisation SEE YOU SOON !