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Safety equipment


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description of the safety equipment on board an aircraft

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Safety equipment

  1. 1. Fireextinguishers
  2. 2. Water extinguisher (H2O) There is 1 in each aeroplane Pre-flight check •Quantity and stowage correct. •Check copper/lead seal intact. •Check that gas cylinder (CO2 cartridge) is present in handle (by viewing through either hole drilled in the handle).
  3. 3. Halon extinguisher (BCF) There are 3 BCF extinguishers in the 737/400 There are 4 BCF extinguishers in the 737/800 ONE OF THE BCF EXTINGUISHERS ARE ALWAYS INSIDE THE FLIGHT DECK Pre-flight check•Quantity and stowage correct.•Pressure gauge arrow is in the green band.•Seal and safety pin are set.
  4. 4. Freon extinguisher Every aeroplane toilet has been equipped with a freon extinguisher Pre-flight check Temperature indicator strip has white/grey circles.
  5. 5. Fire axe There is one fire axe in every Futura Gael aeroplanePre-flight checkCCMs do not check any safety equipment located in the Flight Deck
  6. 6. Protective breathing equipment (PBE) THERE ARE 6 PBEs B 737/400 THERE ARE 7 PBEs B 737/800 Pre-flight check •Quantity and stowage correct. •The seal on the clamp is undamaged. •The yellow serviceability indicator is visible.
  7. 7. Fire gloves Pre-flight check Quantity and stowage correct.
  8. 8. Torches There is one torch per each Cabin Crew seat, 5 in the Boeing 737-400 and 8 in the Boeing 737-800 •Quantity and stowage correct. •The LED (Light Emitting Diode) blinking light flashes every 5 to 10 seconds
  9. 9. Oxygen Pre-flight check•Quantity and stowage correct.•Pressure gauge between 1,500-2,000 psi.•Metal seal intact.•One of the masks must be attached to the HIGH outlet.•An extra disposable mask must be available.
  10. 10. Remember: There are two types of oxygen masks Pre-flight check •Quantity and stowage correct.
  11. 11. First Aid kit (FAK) Pre-flight check•Quantity and stowage correct.•Must be properly closed and sealed (blue seal).
  12. 12. LIFE JACKETS 1 UNDER EACH PASSENGER SEAT 10% EXTRA (BABIES/ADULT) ONE CREW LIFE VEST AT EACH CABIN CREW STATION PRE-FLIGHT CHECK•Quantity and stowage correct (includingspare and infant)•The plastic bag must be intact.
  13. 13. Megaphones There are two megaphones in each Futura Gael aeroplane Pre-flight checkQuantity and stowage correct.Squeeze handle and check that the green battery light flashes.
  14. 14. Safety Briefing Cards Pre-flight check Ensure correct aeroplane Safety briefing card is present in each seat pocket
  15. 15. Dangerous goods kit (DGK) Pre-flight check•Quantity and stowage correct.•Properly closed and sealed.
  17. 17. A tick must be placed in the appropriate box after checkingevery item for the correct quantity, stowage and serviceability.If any item is incorrect, the CCMs will indicate it by a cross and explain in the “findings” section of the form
  18. 18. New items included in the Pre-flight safety equipment checklist