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  1. 1. RacismOmar Rojas and Javier Pulido
  2. 2. Vocabulary• Racism: The dogma in which a certain race of people feel superiority from another race based solely on physical differences.
  3. 3. Depth• Racism is mainly thought of as a illogical doctrine in which not only values and physical appearance are discriminated and generalized but intelligence and culture as well.• Racism has been part of every society since the beginning of agriculture, and maybe even before.
  4. 4. Science• Science hasnt worked much on really disproving the theories that racism has proposed.• In some cases, science has even helped racist ideals, such as the case of physiognomy.
  5. 5. Science (cont.)• One of the most frequently asked questions about racism is if certain races have a higher IQ level than others.• Science has proven that in some cases this is true, but only because of education levels. For example, in a WW1 test given to draftees, known as the Alpha and Beta tests, African Americans from the cities scored higher than whites from rural areas.
  6. 6. IQ scores• The IQ test, however, was not a viable measure.• Tested many subjects that were important for white communities, but not important for blacks.• Only test certain cultural settings.
  7. 7. The Bell Curve• Herrnstein and Murray.• Shows different IQ levels from around the world.• Racist book, lead to racist points of view in many Americans, because both authors were very important people in the United States.
  8. 8. Genes• Blacks have genes that are better suited for running.• Better in sports.• Genes can define that people from certain races are better than others from another race.
  9. 9. Thanks Guys :)