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Presentación Secundaria EEA


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Presentación del ciclo de Secundaria de la Escuela Europea de Alicante

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Presentación Secundaria EEA

  1. 1. ALICANTE Welcome to theSecondary School! Manuel Bordoy Deputy director
  2. 2. “Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in different cultures, it will be bornein upon them as they mature that they belong together.” Jean Monnet
  3. 3. •School Curriculum•A few rules•Practicalities•People•Questions
  4. 4. 1st Year 2nd Year Periods Periods Language I 6 Language I 5 Mathematics 4 Mathematics 4 Language II 5 Language II 4 Human Sciences 3 Language III 3 Integrated Science 4 Human Science 3 Art 2 Integrated Sciences 4 Music 2  Art 2 Physical Education 3 Music 2 Religion / Ethics 2 Physical Education 3 ICT 1 Religion / Ethics 2 32 ICT 1 periods 33 periods Music programme +1 34 Music programme +1 33 Complementary subjects +1, (+2) 34, (max. 35) Extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities
  5. 5. Music Programme Learn to play an instrument: Brass / Strings. Taught by a specialist. ♫ From years 1- 4. ♪ The school provides the instruments untilyear 3. ♫ Parents pay a small fee for tuition andinstrument rental. ♪ Possibility of participating in the schoolorchestra.
  6. 6. 3rd Year Optional subjectsCompulsory Subjects Periods Minimum Latin 4 31 periodsLanguage I 4 Art 2Mathematics 4 Music 2Language II 4 ICT 2 MaximumLanguage III 3Human Sciences (in LII) 3 35 periodsIntegrated Sciences 4Physical Education 3Religion / Ethics 2 Music programme +1 (spec. with Music) Max. 35 27 Complementary subject +1, (+2) Max. 35 periods Extracurricular activities 
  7. 7. 4th / 5th Years OPTIONS PeriodsCompulsory subjects Periods 1 Language IVReligion/EthicsLanguage ILanguage II 4 3 4 Latin  31/35Language III 3 Economics (in LII) periodsPhysical Education 2 27/29 per.+ ArtHistory (in LII) 2Geography (in LII)Biology 2 2 2 MusicChemistry 2 ICTPhysics 2Mathematics 4/6  Music programme 27/29 Extracurricular activities periods
  8. 8. 6th / 7th YearsCompulsory basic subjects Periods +4 periods +3 periods Bio Chem Phys Eco Adv MatLanguage I 4 OPTIONSLanguage II 3 Hist Geo Phil Lat Adv LI (Minimum 2)Mathematics 3/5 29p. Mus Art LIII LIV Adv LIIReligion / Ethics 1Physical Education 2History * 2Geography * 2 +2 periodsBiology * 2Philosophy * 2 Labo Bio Labo Chem Labo Phys Eco 21/23 periods Compl. Mus Art Spo ICT SUBJECTS Dib Tec LV Chin Soc Extracurricular activities 31/37 periods
  9. 9. A few basic rulesPunctuality!!!CorridorsNo running around, no bags unattended or blocking the waySchool courtyardNo ball games, please keep it clean: No cans, no papers onthe floor.Electronic devicesNo using mobile phones in the school unless it is for anemergency.
  10. 10. Basic Rules•La politesse, le savoir-vivre, le respect dautrui, le sens de la responsabilité, latolérance sont les fondements de la vie en communauté.•Respecter les locaux, les installations et le matériel de lécole•Être responsable de la propreté de lécole•Avoir une tenue vestimentaire adéquate.•Les couloirs et les cages descaliers sont des lieux de passage. Lattitude ysera correcte et adaptée: cris, bousculades, cartables et vêtements quitraînent, élèves assis par terre, courses, jeux doivent être évités.•Pendant les heures de cours, les élèves ne sont pas autorisés à errer dans lescouloirs•Pendant les heures de récréation, les élèves doivent quitter les classes et lescouloirs.
  11. 11. Code of conductFor academic successI will work hard and to the best of my abilityI will try to understand my education and take responsibility for itI will be organized and bring the right materials to each classI will be punctual and alertI will be helpful and never disruptiveI will listen, speak and participate at the right times
  12. 12. Code of conductFor good social relationshipsI will be friendly and courteous to everyoneI will respect the different backgrounds and cultures in thisschool community, and act fairly towards everyoneI will value co-operation and help everyone developpersonally and sociallyI will participate fully in school life and give helpful feedback
  13. 13. Code of conductFor a safe environmentI will keep the school a safe and secure environmentI will keep to the rules related to the health, safety andsecurity of the schoolI will try not to hurt anyone in any way, or causedamage
  14. 14. PracticalitiesYou can hire a lockerYou will need to get your secondary school sportclothesYou need to have your school books readyYou will have a school diary (agenda)
  15. 15. People•SC class rep.•Students council president•Subject teachers•Learning Support teachers•Class Teachers•Education advisors•Librarian•Secretaries•Deputy Head•Head
  16. 16. QuestionsThank you!!!