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Fiestas populares


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Fiestas populares

  2. 2. 1. La Peña 2. La Romería de Tuineje 3. Carnavales 4. Día de Canarias 5. Feria de artesanía 6. Feaga 7. Fuertemúsica 8. La Carpa
  3. 3. LA PEÑA In the municipality of Betancuria the festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Peña, a saint patron of the island of Fuerteventura, are held every year in the month of September, the most important is the pilgrimage which involves people from all corners of the island.
  4. 8. Romería de Tuineje Held in the month of September. People walk the whole way singing, dancing, eating, drinking and having fun. They grill and do pork chops.
  5. 10. CARNAVALES Held in the months of February and March because each municipality has its dates of those days. People dress up and hit the streets to enjoy this great festival that appeals to everyone.
  6. 20. DÍA DE CANARIAS (The Canary Day) It is a holiday for all the Canary Islands, on May 30. In Fuerteventura Taifas´s dances are performed in which people dance and sing folk music with their timples and guitars. It is at night and people go dressed in their costumes.
  7. 26. FERIA DE ARTESANÍA It consists of a fair in which many craftsmen display their products to the people, made by themselves. There are also exhibits of Canarian music and canary games. This fair lasts a few days and people love it.
  8. 33. FEAGA Animal fair where animals take part in competitions and are exhibited.
  9. 40. FUERTEMÚSICA Two nights on the beach where several music artists with different styles and from different countries perform.
  10. 46. LA CARPA Festival held in summer for three weeks and where windsurfing championships are organized and evening concerts with good music. All this on the beaches of Jandia.
  11. 49. I hope you have learned more about our island.