Nike brand audit


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Just a deck i did for my class in brand management. Comments?

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Nike brand audit

  1. 1. Nike’s story Began in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports Renamed Nike in 1978, after the Greek Goddess of Victory Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon
  2. 2. Nike’s story No. 25 Brand in the world No. 1 in Performance Today Sportswear Brand evaluated at $14.5B
  3. 3. Nike’s story = Wing of statue of Nike
  4. 4. Nike’s story =
  5. 5. Nike’s story From this
  6. 6. Nike’s story to this.
  7. 7. Nike’s story The Competitive Landscape 33% 22% 8% 3%
  8. 8. Nike’s story Target Consumers Primary Secondary Emergent• Young Males, 18-35 • Males, 35-60 • Females, 18-35• Independent • Fatherly • Rebellious• Discriminating • Indulgent • Single-minded Yuppie Buy-me Dad Tomboy
  9. 9. Nike’s story Purchase Motivations Primary Image• Young Males, 18-35• Independent Performance• Discriminating Yuppie Quality
  10. 10. Nike’s story Purchase Motivations Secondary • Males, 35-60 • Fatherly Child Satisfaction • IndulgentBuy-me Dad
  11. 11. Nike’s story Purchase Motivations Emergent Image• Females, 18-35• Rebellious Performance• Single-minded Tomboy Quality
  12. 12. Nike’s story Subsidiaries Brand extensions
  13. 13. Nike’s story Subsidiaries • Prestigious Dress Shoe Brand • Manufactures Other Luxury Leather Goods as Well • Recently incorporated Nike Air-Sole Technology for better comfort
  14. 14. Nike’s story Subsidiaries • World-renowned brand for soccer apparel • Official partner of English national football team
  15. 15. Nike’s story Subsidiaries • Immediately Recognizable Legacy Brand • Former market leader in basketball shoes • Currently being remodeled into a street fashion brand
  16. 16. Nike’s story Subsidiaries • Premium brand for skateboarding footwear • Prized for its lightness and comfort, compared to competitor brands • Also has beachwear
  17. 17. Nike’s story Brand extensions Nike+ • Line of Support Technology products for use in sports • Developed in partnership with Apple • Includes line of Nike- branded iPods designed for running
  18. 18. Nike’s story Brand extensions Air Jordan • Brand of performance sportswear and footwear inspired by Michael Jordan • Jumpman logo is one of worlds most recognizble • Launched the Athlete-as-Brand concept, carried through into today
  19. 19. Nike’s story Brand extensionsNike Skateboarding • Nikes attempt to break into the skateboarder counterculture • Colors are often quite loud and attention-grabbing • Regularly releases limited Collectors Edition SKUs to induce completionism and compulsion to buy
  20. 20. Nike’s story Brand extensions • Nikes line of high- performance golf products, including its own line of clubs • Not to be confused with the subbrand of Tiger Woods
  21. 21. Nike’s story Brand extensions • Brand of ice and field hockey equipment formerly owned by Nike • Bauer was sold off in 2008
  22. 22. Nike’s story Athletes-as-Brands• Nikes marketing strategy is to create brands out of athletes, and then to have those athletes represent what Nike itself is about.• These athletes become so recognizable, they reach "one-name status", meaning mentioning them by their first names alone will register immediate recognition.
  23. 23. Nike’s story For ExampleKobe LeBron Roger Tiger Rafa
  24. 24. Nike’s story and of course Michael
  25. 25. Nike’s story As brands themselves, brand athletes have their own logos
  26. 26. Nike’s story and all have their own advertising campaigns v=liHWygx8bSw v=mulAi7cno2Y desktop_uri=%2F&gl=PH#/home v=UG18vhRjGLI&feature=related
  27. 27. Nike’s story which are usually run by Nikes Agency of Record. • Relationship with Nike since its establishment in 1982 • Named Agency of the Year by AdAge in 2010 • Corporate offices in Tokyo, New York, London, Amsterdam, Delhi, Sao Paulo • Head office near Nikes, in Portland, Oregon
  28. 28. Nike’s story Greatness = Excellence Superiority
  29. 29. Nike’s storyMost of all, = Superstar
  30. 30. Nike’s story Strengths Opportunities• Extensive visibility • Almost limitless • Constant influx of potential Nike through brand-athletes resources for product athletes and teams provides regular development brand refreshing• Supreme confidence in • Diverse portfolio • Emerging brand equity with women branding message• Capital-intensive • Occasional mistakes in • Allegations of poor • Strong stance of M&A marketing initiatives athlete selection corporate social by main competitor responsibility Adidas of lesser brands Weaknesses Threats
  31. 31. Nike’s story Recommendations • Leverage emergent womens market with more female brand-athletes • Engage in more community-centered activities, such as fitness programs for children, to boost corporate social responsibility • Consider purchasing smaller players in the market to reduce playing field