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MidWorld Costa Rica

  1. 1. Manuel Antonio, QueposYour adventure starts here
  2. 2. Escape your world...come to ours Nestled within over 1,000 acres and bounded by 5 kilometers of riverfront and primary rainforest, MidWorld takes all the adventure the area has to offer and places it in one setting. Located only twenty minutes from Quepos, our numerous tours operate within the park, letting you spend more time on the activities and less time getting to them. Various unique features of the park include Costa Rica’s longest Superman line, the area’s only high ropes puzzle course, and the area’s only fully automatic ATV tour. In addition to operating the park, we strive to maintain Costa Rica’s natural resources through our reforestation efforts. By planting native hardwoods, we at MidWorld are working to ensure that Costa Rica continues to remain beautiful in the future.
  3. 3. Safety firstAt MidWorld, safety goes above and beyond. In accordance with the highest international standards of safety, all of our ziplines aredouble-cabled. We also feature brand new equipment, providing our clients with the best and safest rides.
  4. 4. Facilities/Transportation
  5. 5. Reforestation Program Reforestation is key in protecting and maintaining the endangered species of the rainforest. Many of the hardwoods and native trees are being over-harvested and it is our responsibility to aid in their return to Costa Rican forests. At MidWorld we are planting nativehardwoods and native fruit trees – some of these include almendro, cocobolo, ronron, mahogany, cacao, papaya, etc. Many of the trees we plant are also planted in an effort to return native fauna species to the area. Most specifically, we are planting almendro trees to aid in the return of the Scarlet Macaws. Because reforestation is so important at MidWorld, we want to share it with our clients and educate them on the importance of protecting the Costa Rican ecosystems. On a periodic basis according to the planting seasons, we will choose a client and a tree will be planted in thatclient´s name or a designee of their choosing. The client will be provided a certificate including the name of the tree, the date of the planting and name of the client or a designee. Also, a photo of the tree and GPS location will be emailed to the client. For a donation of $25, clients may also have a tree planted in their name or their designee’s name and again be given a certificate and email with photo and GPS coordinates. MidWorld is a natural corridor that sits between two habitation areas of Scarlet Macaws and other bird species and, as such, needs help in protecting the species of flora and fauna that come through the property and we at MidWorld take that responsibility seriously. Giving back to the land and protecting it is a core value here at MidWorld.
  6. 6. Super “mono” Rail The ultimate ride in Costa Rica. Sail through the air like Superman on Central America’s longest line. Begin your adventure by crossing our hanging suspension bridge, scenicallylocated by the beautiful Rio Cañas, and then stop off at our Rancho for some fresh fruit and refreshments. From there, take a motorized tour of our teak plantation up into heavy rainforest. Your flight begins on a forested mountain-top which boasts spectacular views of deep emerald hills behind and the Rio Cañas and Pacific Ocean ahead. Finally, begin your flight down our double-cabledSuperman line, which at over a kilometer in length is Costa Rica’s longest. Admire breathtaking views of the river, streams, rainforest, plantation, and mountains before concluding your journey back in the forest. After your flight, you’ll take a guided nature walk up PJ’s trail, a naturalist trail that begins in the plantation and winds into the pristine rainforest.
  7. 7. High ropes Puzzle CourseGet a monkey’s-eye view on the area’s puzzle/adventure course. This thrilling tour includes numerous game bridges, a tarzan swing, rappel line, and a monkey climb.
  8. 8. Canopy TourRace above the canopy on our 10 line, 15 platform tour. Compliant with the highest international standards of safety, we boast a duel-line system which ensures your security without compromising ride enjoyment. The tour also includes 2 rappel lines and a treetop suspension bridge.
  9. 9. ATV Tours Take a ride on the area’s fully-automatic ATV tours. Check out MidWorld’s spectacular scenery without the hassle of shifting gears. Ride through plantations and jungle while making stops at local sites, which include waterfalls with anopportunity to swim in a natural pool. At 330-350 ccs, we also boast the area’s most powerful machines.
  10. 10. Custom ToursAsk about our available custom tours. Options include hiking, photography and bicycling tours.