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Technical Writer


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I have 4 years and 1 months of work experience as Senior Design Engineer in CYIENT Ltd, Hyderabad.

Effectively honed my skills in areas of Design Engineering and Maintenance and I am now keen to utilize my skills with a reputed company as yours.

I also offer:

• Performs document quality check in accordance to Company document control procedures.
• Strategic management and planning with emphasis on ATA 100, ATA iSpec 2200 and Simplified English standards (ASD-STE-100).
• Expertise in creation, conversion and revision of aerospace technical publication manuals, as evidenced in the past.
• Experienced in handling training and managing the staff.

Published in: Engineering
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Technical Writer

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE MOHAMMED JAVEED, +971 556810747, +971 565910030, Dubai - UAE. COMPANYNAME  CYIENT Ltd. (FormerlyInfotechEnterprisesLtd.),Hyderabad,India. Durati4Zon  From March 01/2012 to April 01/2016. CAREER OBJECTIVE  To obtaina positionwhere Icancontribute myskillsasan experiencedprofessional,resultingina mutuallybeneficial growth relationshipbetweenmyemployer,myteamandmyself. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY  SeniorDesignEngineerwith4years and 1 monthof experienceinAerospace domainformaintaining, creation,revision andconversion of the manualssuchasComponentMaintenance Manuals,Ground EquipmentManuals,Service Bulletins,IllustratedPartsCatalogue and AircraftMaintenance Manuals. WORK EXPERIENCE IN GE AEROSPACE PROJECT Duration  From March 2012 to January2016. Job Responsibilities  Performedthe assignedtasks whichincludeDocumentsMaintaining, Technical Analysis andAuthoring, Preparingthe Illustration mockupsandcheckingthe Quality.  Performs documentqualitycheckinaccordance to company documentcontrol procedures.  Supportingthe teammembersand/orthe customersforsolvingtechnical issuesordiscussionwith designersandclient.  Meetassignedproductionschedulesanddeadlinesasperclient’srequirement.  Establishandmaintainprocedurestodevelopstandarddocumentationforthe projectand quality managementsystemimplementation.  Conductmeetingsonqualityprocessasperrequirement.  Performquality managementsystemaudit.  Create,prepare andimplementthe QualityControlplanandanyassociatedrelevantdirectivesand instructionsneededtosupportthe plan.  Resolve complex problemsassociatedwithtechnical supportandanalysis.  Trainednewcomersonprojectspecifictools,provideguidance andtechnicalsupporttoteammembers.  To do the peerreviewandtotake the corrective actionagainstthe mistakes,sothatthe same type of mistake will notrepeatnexttime.  Performsfile backuptoensure properstorage andarchivingof electronicregisters.  Prioritizingvalue streamsfordrivingthe organizational goals.  Wheneverteamleaderison leave I use to take care of downloadingthe inputs,deliveringthe product filesandsendingQueries.  Building,leadingandmanagingthe teammembersandfocusedondeliveringqualityservice operations. WORK EXPERIENCE IN DIEHL AEROSPACE PROJECT Duration  From February2016 to March 2016.
  2. 2. Job Responsibilities  CopyeditingandProofreadingreviewdraftsof productdocumentationandtrainingmaterialsforstandard style andconsistencywithoutchangingtechnical accuracy.  Provide technical supportbyanalyzing, resolvingtechnical problemsandsource errors.  To maintainproperenvironmentIusedtocheckall the cubiclesare cleanand all the chairs are placedin theirrespective places. ACHIEVEMENTS  Achieved Teamofthe Month foroutstandingqualityandontime deliveriesof revisionmanualsforthe monthof November2014.  Achieved Teamofthe Month foroutstandingqualityandontime deliveriesof revisionmanualsforthe monthof July2015 and receivedappreciationfrom the Customer.  Achieved Paton the Back for 5 times. TOOLS KNOWN:  MicrosoftWord.  MicrosoftExcel.  ArborText Editor(Epic).  Adobe Frame Maker. SKILLS  Work underpressure tomeetclientrequirements.  Abilitytosolve problemsquickly.  Able tocommunicate ideasinasimple andclearfashionand positivelymotivate others.  Positive attitudewithteammembers, multitaskingandability toadjustasperthe situation. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION  Successfully completedAircraftMaintenance Engineeringcourse inHeavyaircraftandLightaircraft (JetEngine andPistonEngine) streamwithaggregate of 80% approvedbyDirectorGeneral of Civil Aviation(DGCA),Governmentof INDIA inJune 2011.  Successfully completedIntermediate(XIIth standard) fromBoardof Intermediate Educationin March 2008 withaggregate of 61%.  Successfully completedSSC(Xth standard)fromBoardof SecondaryEducationinMarch 2006 with aggregate of 68%. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : MohammedJaveed Date of Birth : 11-Mar-1991 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single PassportNo : K2558661 (ValidTill Feb05/2022) LanguagesKnown : English,Hindi andTelugu(read&write) PermanentAddress : FlatM05, Al Badar buildingUAE, Opposite AstiroaHotel, MeenaBazar, Dubai – UAE. DECLARATION I herebydeclare thatthe above furnishedinformationistrue tothe bestof my knowledge. Place:Dubai - UAE, Yours Faithfully, MohammedJaveed