Indian Jugaad Technology (Frugal Engineering)


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Indian Jugaad Technology is drawing the attention of industrial community worldwide. It is gaining a positive reputation among researchers. If the ;
German Engineering is known for Perfection;
Russian Engineering is known for Ruggedness;
Japaneses Technology is known for Efficiency;
Indian jugaad Technology is known for its Creativity.

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Indian Jugaad Technology (Frugal Engineering)

  1. 1. Indian Juggad Technology (FRUGAL ENGINEERING) Achieving more with Fewer Resources S.J.A. Rizvi Assistant Professor Department of Petroleum Studies Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  2. 2. What is Frugal Engineering? The term "Frugal engineering" introduced by Carlos , the joint chief of Renault and Nissan. He said , "frugal engineering is achieving more with fewer resources."
  3. 3. Engineering Frugal is an engineering philosophy Stream Philosophy
  4. 4. Gandhian Engineering Philosophies of Gandhian engineering; -Ahinsa -Swadeshi - Acting in a selfless, compassionate, but unconventional manner to create a better world for all, not just a few. Judggad Engineering “I would prize every invention of science made for the benefit of all.” —Mahatma Gandhi Derived from Sanskrit word YUKTI  JUGGAT  JUGGAD Juggad term is applied to a creative or innovative idea providing a quick, alternative way of solving or fixing a problem.
  5. 5. Juggad Engineering: In its crude form
  6. 6. Juggad Engineering: In its Refined form Somaiya College st udents have designed a vehicle they claim can run 300 kmpl.
  7. 7. What is Essential for Frugal Engineering? 1. Common Sense 2. Common Sense 3. Common Sense
  8. 8. Thanks to Almighty Unique to Humans 1. Humour 2. Appreciation of beauty 3. Awareness of death 4. Understanding time 5. Meaning of life 6. Desire for worship 7. Creativity Use your brain
  9. 9. What % of brain do most of intelligent humans use? Answer is 0.67 – 1.5%. Einstein was the only person who could use his 2.28% of brain. if we are able to use even 4% ; - Faster than supercomputers. -Can predict the future. -And now about our previous life which is stored in the subconscious part of our mind. Source :
  10. 10. Practicing Frugal Engineering The Philosophy It Is Easier To Want What You Get, Than To Get What You want.
  11. 11. 1. Accept that you can be creative 2. Question traditional assumptions 3. Expand your problem-solving styles 4. Employ creativity techniques 5. Practice thinking in new ways 6. Search for Alternate
  12. 12. Explore Your Surrounding Scan Your Mind for any better Alternate use Learn from a child They are BIGGEST EXPLORER
  13. 13. The frugal way
  14. 14. Challenge the Obvious Re-examine the traditional approach Helios was a prototype high-altitude, long-duration unmanned solar-powered aerial vehicle. In 2001, Helios reached an altitude of 96,863 feet, breaking an official world record altitude for a non-rocket-powered aircraft.
  15. 15. Believe in yourself, Keep patience
  16. 16. Don't get emotionally attached to your innovation, One day you or somebody else will change it.
  17. 17. Every act of creation is first of all, An act of destruction Pablo Picasso
  18. 18. Analysis Paralysis Action without Vision Avoid
  19. 19. Theory vs. Practice In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice there is.
  20. 20. Perfection vs. Optimization Tank Battle : World War-II German TIGER tank vs Russian T-34 Counts=5,000Counts=2,500 Germans Tanks were highly precise in hitting their targets . But Production with very tight tolerance limit slow down the production of tank during II-WW Russian T-34 were not that accurate . Close machining tolerances were maintained only where it was a must. Therefore Russian were able to deploy the double strength of tanks. In the first day 60 Tiger and 328 Russian T-34 were lost. Tiger emerged as better tank BUT Germans lost the battle.
  21. 21. Obstacles to Workplace Creativity 1. Internal politics 2. Harsh criticism of new ideas 3. Destructive internal competition 4. Avoidance of risk and overemphasis on the status quo. 5. Extreme Work timing 6. Unrealistic expectations 7. Distractions
  22. 22. Frugal Innovations Six Sigma Certified Dibbawalla of Mumbai Collection Transportation Distribution Coding Supply Chain •Started in : 1880 •Avg. Literacy : 8th std. •Total Employee: 5000 •Coverage = 60 kms •Number of Tiffin’s : 2,00,000 •Error rate = 1 in 16 Millions •6 sigma performance: 99.99% •Cost of Service : Rs.300/ pm •Recipient of : ISO 9001-2000 •World record in Best Time Management. •Name in Guinness Book of World Record. •Stood high along with MNC’s like GE, Motorola etc.
  23. 23. Frugal Innovations Google Incorporation: Income from Advertisements Larry Page and Sergey Brin •Google began in January 1996, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, PhD students at Stanford University. •Google search engine was different from conventional search engines because it was based on relevance and importance of page to user rather than counting how many times the search terms appeared on the page. •Because of this new search approach , “PageRank Algorithm”, results were much refined and related to user. Very soon Google was favourite search engine world wide. •But still earning revenue was a million dollar question for Google Team. • They decided to incorporate user related advertisement along with search results. •Now Google is officially bigger than Microsoft Inc according to NASDAQ.
  24. 24. Some of my work
  25. 25. Tester for Electricians Advantages; 1. Extremely simple 2. Low cost 3. Easy to carry 4. Reliable result Drawbacks; 1. Difficulty in continuity testing.
  26. 26. Alternate design Additional 1. Two pin Plug (male/female assembly)
  27. 27. Parallel Testing
  28. 28. Continuity Testing
  29. 29. Servo motor Torque Estimation Calculation Result = 18 N.m Servo motor Cost = 2.5 lakhs
  30. 30. Torque Estimation: The Frugal way Calculation Result = 9.1 N.m Servo motor Cost = 1.45 lakhs
  31. 31. It is working perfectly
  32. 32. Microcellular Compression Moulding Machine from Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  33. 33. Results of Microcellular Compression Moulding Machine SEM Micrographs
  34. 34. Conversion of Microcellular Injection Moulding Machine in a Capillary Remoter Microcellular Injection Moulding Machine Capillary Rheometer
  35. 35. Rheology of Polymer/ gas Solution Development of Injection Molding Rheometer (IMR) Basic Assumption
  36. 36. Equations
  37. 37. Calibration of Injection Molding Rheometer Viscometric Plots for Polystyrene at 220°C. y = 5E-10x3 - 4E-06x2 + 0.0104x + 3.078 R2 = 0.9988 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00 20.00 0.0 1000.0 2000.0 3000.0 4000.0 5000.0 Shear rate (per sec) Viscosityratio cos _ IMR CR Vis ity ratio   
  38. 38. y = 5E-10x3 - 4E-06x2 + 0.0104x + 3.078 R2 = 0.9988 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00 20.00 0.0 1000.0 2000.0 3000.0 4000.0 5000.0 Shear rate (per sec) Viscosityratio
  39. 39. Viscosity Model for polystyrene/ N2 Solution at 220 C Truncated Power Law Model Bird-Carreau Model n1 n2
  40. 40. Supercritical gas Injector
  41. 41. Complete Setup
  42. 42. Disadvantage of Sintered Metal Injector N2 @ 200bar, RT Plastic Melt at 50 bar, 250 °C Metallic Barrel Sintered Metal Restrictor (Mott Corp) Pore size < 20 micron Gas Injector Melt Pressure Gas Pressure Sintered Metal SCF injector gets Chocked with plastic melt . It causes complete blockage of SCF delivery port.
  43. 43. The Frugal Engineering Approach
  44. 44. SCF Injector Assembly
  45. 45. • NASA command came out with extraordinary solution to construct a new CO2 absorber out of; • Plastic Bag, a hose, cardboard and Tape etc. 320,000 kilometres (200,000 miles) from home ....... ...... and we need a CO2 absorber! It Is Easier To Want What You Get, Than To Get What You want. Frugal Engineering in Space
  46. 46. About Author • SJA Rizvi is assistant professor in the department of Petroleum Studies at AMU – Aligarh. • He is Polymer Technologist/ Material Engineer by Profession. He has completed B.Tech. From HBTI Kanpur and M.Tech. , Ph.D. (ongoing) from IIT-Delhi. • He is compiler of “A glimpse of Indian Jugaad Technology”. He is practicing Jugaad Technologist or Frugal Engineer. • Many of his Jugaad innovations have surprised the world on the front of cost saving. • He is an industrial consultant on Frugal Engineering. • He has presented key note talk on Frugal Engineering in many reputed organizations such as Steel Authority of India Ltd. Rourkela Steel Plant, National Institute of Technology, RLK. • Presently involved with many Jugaad innovation for common people. Visit his Home Page Visit his Laboratory Home Page
  47. 47. Jai Hind Thank you Very Much