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IQC 2013 - Junior Finals - Round 4 - Current Affairs (Islamic World)


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Grand Islamic Quiz 2013

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IQC 2013 - Junior Finals - Round 4 - Current Affairs (Islamic World)

  1. 1. Round 4: World of Islam • Clockwise • 6 Questions • +10 Direct / +5 Pass
  2. 2. • ‘X’ wasborn in Meccain Nov 11, 1888 to a family of Muslim scholars. • Hebecamethe1st Education Minister of India and hisbirthday iscelebrated asthe‘National Education Day’ in India. • Several educational institutionsacrossIndia (including in Kolkata) arenamed in hishonour!
  3. 3. • With 202.9 million people, ‘X’ isoneof the largest Muslim populated country in theworld. • ‘X’ consistsof approximately 17, 508 islands!
  4. 4. • Thenameof thisIslamic month literally means: “Empty or Void”. • Scholarsbelieve, thiscould bebecause, even in thedays of Jahiliyya, the3 preceding months(Dhul-Hijjah, Dhul- Qadah and Muharram) wasbelieved to besacred and fighting wasbanned. So, after 3 monthsof waiting, peoplewould comeout to settleold scores! • They would defeat their enemiesand takeall their belongingsaway, leaving them “Empty”.
  5. 5. • ‘X’ wasbuilt by acommunity of Muslimsfrom the region of Kutch. Abdur Rahim Osman, theleader of the group funded theconstruction, which cost around Rs. 15 lakhsin 1926. • Thecommunity belonged to shipping industry. Hence, ‘X’ wasnamed thus, which literally means“Captain of a ship” • Every year all of us, look forward to an announcement madefrom ‘X’ at acertain timeof theyear!
  6. 6. • ‘X’sgrandparentswerefrom Surat in Gujrat. However, they emigrated to another country. • ‘X’ isranked thebest batsman in ODI format in 2012 by ICC. Also, ‘X’ isthefirst player from hiscountry to scoreaTest triplecentury. • Even though an alcohol company sponsorshis national team jersey, herefusesto wear them, since alcohol isharam in Islam!
  7. 7. •Metro servicelaunched primarily for what specific purpose?
  8. 8. •TheEnglish word for thispopular food item comesfrom Italian wordsfor “Little Worms” becauseof itsshape. •It comesin several varieties. Traditionally according to culture, it iseaten (more) during acertain timeof theyear!
  9. 9. Audience! !
  10. 10. • Baitul Muqarram. Oneof thelargest mosquein theworld. Which city?
  11. 11. • Themost authentic hadith iscompiled by Imam Bukhari, who was born in thecity of Bukharaand died in the city of Samarkand. • In which country isthe city of Bukharaand Samarkand located?