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Wading in to Sensor Journalism: Five Themes


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This is the lightning talk I gave at the Columbia School of Journalism Tow Center workshop on sensors on 6/1/13.

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Wading in to Sensor Journalism: Five Themes

  1. 1. Wading in to Sensor Journalism:Five ThemesJavaun Moradi, NPR@javaun
  2. 2. Gerald Martineau - The Washington PostAndrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images
  3. 3. Stages of Open Data1. Scrape data2. Release data (please!)3. Make your own data
  4. 4. 1. Look outside of journalism
  5. 5. 2: A playbook for collaboration
  6. 6. 3. Revisit Privacy and Ethics
  7. 7. • How do we avoid going into advocacy?• Protect our sources• There are analogs
  8. 8. 4. Data Control and Access“Who owns the data” is the quintessentialquestion of the 21st century.- Alex Howard
  9. 9. Public and Private Sensors• Health: quantified self, fitness, diet• Environment: pollution, air quality, radiation• Energy/utilities: water quality, smart metering• Consumer: automation, temperature control,• Cities: parking, waste, traffic, noise, structuralintegrity
  10. 10. 5. Double Down on Data Storytelling
  11. 11. XKCD:
  12. 12. How do we share?