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Published on is the default IP address for a number of popular broadband routers to include Belkin and SMC. Although not exclusive to these companies, the default IP is
part of the pre-blocked range of IP's by the IANA to allow for local use only. The address is also used to access the Belkin and SMC router configuration panel to setup
home or work broadband networks.

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  1. 1. Malware Dictionary
  2. 2. is the default IP address for anumber of broadband routers to include SMCand Belkin.
  3. 3. is a private IP address assigned bythe International Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA). These “private addresses are for use onLAN’s only.
  4. 4. IP Address ranges:• through• through• through• through
  5. 5. access the Belkin Router configuration page,connect your laptop to the router using anEthernet cable.Then, enter in the computer’s webbrowser address bar to call up the configurationpanel.
  6. 6. Router configuration pages are accessed ina similar manner to Belkin models.Enter in the web browser’s addressbar and press the “Enter” key.Typically, SMC routers will use, smcadmin, as thedefault router password, but the user’s manualwill also list what password to use.
  7. 7.