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On the eastern slopes of San Isidro southern Costa Rica, (Fair Trade City) lies a small aldea called Santa Elena. Santa Elena is an attractive mountain community of diverse cultures and peoples, who have a common goal of savoring the worthwhile things in life and leave the hustle and bustle to the city of San Isidro below.

Santa Elena is home to the most beautiful horse farm in the area and further up the mountain at the end of the road, it is home to many foreigners who are moving to Southern Costa Rica.

In the midst of all these beautiful developments and diversification from the traditional, there are still large quantities of small coffee plantations peacefully coexisting with their unique surroundings.

The Marvin Arias family is from Santa Elena and represent’s a Coop of growers and the San Jorge brand is made up of 6,000 of these local growers. San Jorge is SH classified (Strictly High) coming from a balmy and cloudy altitude of 3,000 ft. These coffees are some of Costa Rica’s best washed arabica’s. Traceability is a very important issue to the Coop and tools are in place for a roaster to be able to purchase direct from the Marvin Arias family. This coffee has a full body, clean cup, and a chocolaty, nutty flavor. Mr. Arias has this coffee available in the JavAlliance warehouse for immediate shipping! Add to cart. You can purchase today for $2.75

Mr. Marvin Arias comes from a family of 12 children and grew up in a home where survival was the theme. His difficult upbringing inspired in him the flame to not repeat history and at the age of 25 he made his way to the USA where he washed dishes in a restaurant in New Jersey for 8 years!

The never dying dream of someday being able to own a coffee farm of his own was his guiding compass during all these very difficult years and when he felt like he had saved enough he returned to Costa Rica and married the love of his life Mrs. Bernarda! God has blessed them with 3 beautiful children and their 10 hectare coffee farm supplies them with sufficient to provide for schooling, a small savings, and comfortable living.

Mr. Arias has been on CoopeAgri’s board of directors for many years and has wisdom far beyond what first meets the eye. His dream for Elias his (son) is to be an agronomist, and continue the (father) now families dream of consistently, continually growing better, quality coffee. From Mr. Arias’ history of achieving it is definitely being accomplished!

JavAlliance is excited to bring an awareness and the product availability of this fine San Jorge coffee to roasters in the US. We will keep you updated as our relationship with the Arias family continues and we welcome and assist anyone who wishes to visit the Arias family’s coffee farm. You may contact Mr. Marvin Arias direct at 011-506-8358-6775 Cell. 011-506-2738-1842 Home or marvinar@hotmail.s or a or call toll free: 1-800-580-3096

Be assured that you will not reach a high pressured salesman. You will either be in contact with Mr. Arias himself or a very helpful and informative JavAlliance member!

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