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Data Management and Information Design Session 1


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Master in Global Enviromental Change- Data Management and Information Design Session 1

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Data Management and Information Design Session 1

  1. 1. Session IData management and informationdesign
  2. 2. Data management and information designWelcome everybody!
  3. 3. Javier de la Torre
  4. 4. Sergio Alvarez
  5. 5. Andrew Hill
  6. 6. Data management and information design“The goal is to transform data intoinformation, and information intoinsight” Carly Fiorina
  7. 7. Data, information, insight...Make a difference
  8. 8. Data and analysis together can make a storyLearn how to tell stories from data
  9. 9. Global Environmental Change is about a lot of things...Learn the techniques and ideasBiodiversity is our background
  10. 10. The International Year of Biodiversity 2010
  11. 11. The International Year on BiodiversityThe year in which new speciescontinue to be found, butmore tigers live in captivity than inthe wild
  12. 12. The year in which 34 per cent of Asia-Pacific CEOs and 53per cent of Latin American CEOsexpressed concern about the impactsof biodiversity loss on their businessgrowth prospects, compared to just18 per cent of Western EuropeanCEOs (PwC, 2010)
  13. 13. The year in which there are 1.8 billionpeople using the internet, but 1 billionpeople still without access to anadequate supply of freshwater
  14. 14. What do we want from you?To Hack with data to save the planet
  15. 15. 2-3 million species
  16. 16. P.N.Ordesa 7-7-79
  17. 17. Dr. Scott Mori, an expert in the Brazil nut family and tropical forests
  18. 18. 7th July 1979
  19. 19. 7 de Julio de 1979 3 de Enero de 1979
  20. 20. foto de ordesa
  21. 21. Osmoderma eremita
  22. 22. Primary dataP.N.Ordesa 7-7-79
  23. 23. mapa de europa con el punto del bicho
  24. 24. Este es el mismo mapa con muchos mas puntos de donde se encuentra ese bicho en Europa
  25. 25. Este es el mismo mapa con muchos mas puntos de donde se Area de distribucion real de los puntos en europa encuentra ese bicho en Europa
  26. 26. Knowing where species areSystematic conservation
  27. 27. Lots of dataWe need data
  28. 28. datos primarios al final 175 million records on the web
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Knowing where species areBut when there is not enough data...
  31. 31. Este es el mismo mapa con muchos mas puntos de donde se encuentra ese bicho en Europa
  32. 32. Summer precipitation Winter precipitation Plano de condiciones ambientalesMaximum temp. summer Average height
  33. 33. Plano de distribución potencial de la especie
  34. 34. Plano de distribución potencial de la especie
  35. 35. Plano de distribución potencial de la especie
  36. 36. Distribution simulation of Carex bigelowii for different scenarios Pearson et al., 2002
  37. 37. Crotalaria pallida (FABACEAE)Rafael Luís Fonseca
  38. 38. Ocurrence data,specimen-observationdata +Environmental layers +Modelling algorithm =Distribution models
  39. 39. Books we want you to readBibliography
  40. 40. What about the classes?Organization and structure
  41. 41. Organization and structureTheoryScience modulesLabsHomework
  42. 42. TheoryIntro to data communicationData basicsData processingData visualization
  43. 43. Science modulesBiodiversity and TaxonomyBiodiversity IndicatorsNiche modelingPhylogeneticsGap AnalysisProtected Areas analysisEnvironmental Impact Assessments
  44. 44. All to be published on the blogHomework
  45. 45. What about the Syllabus?We are changing it...
  46. 46. Course structureIntroVisual communicationData, Data and DataPecha KuchaData ProcessingJon Hutton visitData VisualziationFinal project
  47. 47. Final projectWe want you to tell a story out of data, place it inInternet and promote it.We will help you with the data analysis andvisualization but we want you to pick up the story.
  48. 48. It is a lot of contentStay awake and be proactive
  49. 49. Internet,Internet and InternetCommunication is key
  50. 50.
  51. 51. We are here to @andrewxhill
  52. 52. Let’s compete!“They say Disneyland is the happiestplace on Earth, but I think that alaughing gas factory would be prettytough competition” - Greg PettitMost interesting blog postMost visited postBest project
  53. 53. Use in whatever is in your hands to promote your posts
  54. 54. Class toolsWiki demo
  55. 55. Probably I am missing things...Questions?
  56. 56. Session I - LABCreating your own online presence
  57. 57. Sign on...TwitterTumblrGithub
  58. 58. Session I - HomeworkFill a user profile on the Wiki
  59. 59. Session I - HomeworkDownload refine
  60. 60. Session I - HomeworkFind a good conservationdocumentaryThere is thousands on Internet, choose one andshare it over Twitter and Facebook.