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This is a presentation that was shared with the Gig Harbor Rotary Club on August 2, 2012. The presentation outlines shifts in technology that has led to the social media explosion of today. It also defines how a company can engage and measure business social media. Property of iQ Technologies, LLC.

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  • We makes businesses social with: Rich Social Media Platforms Facebook Tools Analytics Best Practices & StrategyCombine the social graph with the interest graph
  • Media – you are on the air 24/7The new influencers…
  • Media Convergence: A New Era
  • Most business social media tools address the following solutions/services:Customer Service & SupportProduct Innovation & Ideation Branding, Marketing & CommerceCustomer Analysis, Profiling & SegmentationThe market need for social media can be as broad as: Tighter relationships with partners, suppliers, employees, prospects & customersOwn and maintain user data for analysis, profiling, and segmentation Produce relevant & timely messaging to communicate more effectively Scalable & secure social media solution for internal and external purposes Enhance marketing outreach via integration with popular social media services Promote dialog to engage target audience increasing customer satisfaction Extend brand turning customers into advocates for products & servicesGenerate customer retention, product ideation, sales leads, and customer insightThe business goals of a social media initiative might include:Increase brand awarenessCapture e-mails and site registrations for sales leadsGenerate sales Support multi-channel marketing/PR campaign Increase customer loyalty and referrals Reduce the cost of handling large volumes of customer callsGenerate product ideas and service suggestions from customers Help customers and prospects get information more quickly Help customer get support more quickly Gather data on customer and prospect behavior for analysis of buying patterns, product preferences, and attitudes
  • iQ Technologies: Social Media Overview

    1. 1. Smart Social Media
    2. 2. Jim TischPresident & Founder: iQ TechnologiesTwitter: @jatischEmail: j.tisch@iq-technologies.com253.583.4463 Smart Social Media
    3. 3. About iQ Technologies• Greater Seattle-based social media technology company• Established in 2009• We provide business social infrastructure with social media platforms and services Smart Social Media
    4. 4. Types of Social Media• Consumer-based Social Media• Business Social Media• Marketing outreach via integration with popular social media services• Relevant & timely messaging for effective communication• Engage target audience with dialog increasing customer satisfaction• Customers as advocates for brand products, programs & services• Establish relationships with users and visitors – Smart Social Media
    5. 5. Technology Shifts Smart Social Media
    6. 6. 1980’s Smart Social Media
    7. 7. 1990’s Smart Social Media
    8. 8. 2000’s Smart Social Media
    9. 9. 2006 Smart Social Media
    10. 10. 2010 + Smart Social Media
    11. 11. Smart Social Media
    12. 12. Peer Recommendations Smart Social Media
    13. 13. Reputation Management Check In Level Up @ Apps Connect+12 SEO Rate it #Hashtag Post SEM Follow Smart Social Media
    14. 14. socialnomicshow social media transforms the way we live and do business Smart Social Media
    15. 15. Smart Social Media
    16. 16. Don’t BeReactiveSmart Social Media
    17. 17. Posting Rules: Know Your Audience Google+ = Passion-based community. Video network “hangouts” Post Visibility: Circles or Public Facebook = Friends & Acquaintances. Less serious in tone.. Post Visibility: “Edgerank” determines which friends can see your posts LinkedIn = Professional community. Business trends and insights Post Visibility: Any connection Twitter = Immediate Perspectives. Information network using 140 characters or less Post Visibility: Any follower as well as public Smart Social Media
    18. 18. Smart Social Media
    19. 19. Smart Social Media
    20. 20. Maturity Lifecycle of Social Media Strategic Proactive • AudiencesReactive • Objectives and metrics • Tactics to engage key influencers• Rush to action without a plan • Guidelines• Lack of objectives and measures • Marketing plan for promotion• No guidelines • Framework• Failing to engage audiences• Limited reach Smart Social Media
    21. 21. Are You Listening… Smart Social Media
    22. 22. Have an Authentic Voice Smart Social Media
    23. 23. Be Creative Smart Social Media
    24. 24. InnovativeEngagement @scobelizer "Quote" @Bromimaging #chLIVE URL Smart Social Media
    25. 25. 5 Reasons to Embrace Social Media1. You are already involved in Social Media • Discussions about your brand are taking place2. Competitive Advantages • Word of mouth is #1 influencer of purchases3. Revenue Growth • Top 100 brands using social media saw a 18% lift in revenue. • 91% of Inc. 500 use social media Smart Social Media
    26. 26. 5 Reasons to Embrace Social Media4. Must-have for Marketing • Brand Awareness • Community Relations • Recruiting5. Search Engine Rankings • Can produce great results Smart Social Media
    27. 27. You Can Track ROI• % increase in the conversation rate = # of comments (or replies) per post• % increase in the amplification rate = total volume of share clicks• % increase in the applause rate = total favorites or likes per post• % increase in unique users by engaging in social system• % increase in user profile updates• % increase in follow statistics % increase in overall site interaction• % increase in ads served• % increase in click through rates (CTR)• % increase in time spent on site = how many minutes or hours did visitors/users spend with branded social content• Economic value = sum of short and long term revenue and cost savings• Engagement value = # of fans & followers (active users)• Post Value = which type of posts generated (converted) to a paying customer for a particular event, service, etc. Smart Social Media
    28. 28. In Closing…1. Engaging in social media is a powerful force that will impact your business2. Be more strategic and less reactive3. It takes time to build a following so start now4. Know your audience Smart Social Media
    29. 29. Smart Social Media
    30. 30. Why engage with iQ?• Own and maintain user data for analysis, profiling, and segmentation• Scalable social media solutions for internal and external audiences• Relevant & timely messaging for effective communication• Engage target audience with dialogue increasing customer satisfaction• Customers as advocates for brand products, programs & services• Tighter relationships with employees, customers, prospects & users• Marketing outreach via integration with popular social media services• Enhance customer service & support Smart Social Media
    31. 31. iQ Creates RelevanceUnderstanding the User’s Interests• Who and where do they connect and follow | social graph• Who and where are their relationships | social activity• What are their reactions to content and conversations | like activity• What and when are they sharing, reading, watching, etc. | frictionless• What have they told you via their user profile | general informationEnables Relevance, Recommendations & Targeted Messaging• Targeted content, messaging and stories• Targeted advertisements for increased click-through rates• Targeted connections that have relevance Smart Social Media
    32. 32. Jim TischPresident & Founder: iQ Technologies@jatisch253.583.4463 iQ Technologies Smart Social Media