Entertainment Marketing and Brand building for movies


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different marketing styles for different kinds of movies.
Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, Lootera and ship of thesius

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Entertainment Marketing and Brand building for movies

  1. 1. Individual assignment – 1 Made by – Jatin Ghritlahre
  2. 2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deeewani Produced by Karan Johar under Dharma Productions and Directed by Ayaan Mukherjee. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in lead roles Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures 3rd highest grossing bollywood movie worldwide with Rs 270 Crore revenue.
  3. 3. The Marketing strategy The trailer of the movie was launched in a very grandeur fashion where Ranbir Kapoor urged his fans to watch the trailer before its actually release and this has become a trend since. Even before the movie there was a lot of buzz regarding the actual life relationship status of the lead actors (given their history) Press conferences held in all major cities along with different events which is the most usual mode of film promotion in Bollywood Brands’ association with films opens up a whole new channel of promotion. People will always remember Makemytrip when they see YJHD. Now movie plots are even moulded to make space for a brand. To resonate better with their target audience they managed to rope in Fox traveller and Jabong. Using social media to engage the audience in the movie before release. The movies soundtrack includes songs that are typically heard in parties and over loud speakers. With this also they managed to create a strong fanbase for the movie even before release.
  4. 4. Promotional tools Live events in various major cities
  5. 5. Promotional tools TV and Radio promotions involve promoting movie in reality shows, soaps and TV interviews. DID little masters(left top), Zoom(left bottom) and TV soap pyar ka dard( right bottom)
  6. 6. Promotional tools Social media in todays world is a platform that one just can’t afford to forget while promoting a movie whose TG are the users of these sites. The trailer was launched with big bang and within a span of few days the trailer had already received 3,192,783 views. The film constantly engaged fans through innovative and cool ideas which could be seen all over the internet. They had launched engaging applications on their FB page such as ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Travel Wall’, where audiences can upload their travelling pictures. Another application titled ‘My Badtameez Dil Wants’, where audiences have to spin a wheel and get a whacky answer to what your Badtameez Dil wants. There was also a unique image tutorial on Pinterest, where fans could learn the signature step of Badtameez Dil. Dharma Productions had released videos, titled YJHD Diaries, where the cast and crew talk about the movie and their experiences.
  7. 7. Brand placements with the movie The movie associated itself with make my trip as the protagonist was a travelling videographer and the plot provided an opportunity for promotion. Another tie-up was with Fox traveller the TV Channel. Ranbir’s character resonates with what Fox Traveller stands for - he revels in randomness, unplanned trips, unprepared quests and unexpected twists. The association represented the values the channel embodies in the true sense. As a part of this association the fox traveller crew travelled with the film crew to various shooting locations. Also they launched an interesting contest on their FB page related to the movie. Closeup, India's Market leader in gel toothpaste segment for over three decades announced a one-of-its kind collaboration with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. They launched a special pack that contains an autographed friendship band autographed by the lead actors in the movie. Jabong also tied up with the movie and launched several contests.
  8. 8. Analysis of the Marketing strategy This movie belongs to the category where story is secondary and the success of movie depends more on the star cast, songs, dance and all the other kinds of “masala” in the movie. Therefore a lot is left for the marketing part of the movie to do. It is important to create a buzz for the movie to attract audience to watch the movie. Given that this movie broke a lot of records in terms of revenue, it can be safely said that the marketing strategy proved effective and properly utilized all the platforms to extract the maximum revenue. I particularly liked the use of social media in a very aggressive manner that involved a lot of activities involving the engagement of users. Also the actors in the movie travelled a lot to promote movie outside India as well which was a brilliant move given the target group and the nature of the movie.
  9. 9. Lootera Produced by Ekta Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap and distributed by Balaji Motion Pictures Directed by critically acclaimed director Vikramaditya Motwane Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha were the lead actors. Made with a budget of Rs 27 Cr, the movie grossed at Rs 28 Cr in the box office. The story was based on the novel “last leaf” by O. Henry.
  10. 10. The Marketing Strategy As expected from all movies the cast of lootera did a lot of live press conferences for the promotions. Also the movie was promoted in TV and radio as is common for most bollywood movies these days. The social media campaign of the movie included twitter, Facebook Page and apps, lootera radio and vintage camera. To match with the old world theme of the film, the film launch was held at the Liberty Cinema in Mumbai, which was constructed in 1947 An extensive out of the home campaign had also been rolled out to create noise about the movie in the form of hoardings, etc. Also they kept on highlighting the critics’ positive reviews to intrigue the Target Audience.
  11. 11. Promotional tools Live Press conferences are a must do for all Bollywood movies
  12. 12. Promotional tools The movie was promoted aggressively on TV & radio as well
  13. 13. Promotional tools The movie had an interesting social media campaign which included a lot of activities on its FB page and contests. The challenge for the Lootera social media campaign was to build the right image for this film by blending in its period look with slick digital moves The FB app Lootera talkies where users could watch trailers & other exclusive contents once they invite 5 friends to the page For music promotions and to match the vintage theme of the movie Lootera radio was launched. It gave the experience of radio For engaging fans this instagram like app was made that applied filters from movies to the user uploaded images
  14. 14. Promotional tools Apart from the above tactics the movie also used some other methods to promote the movie. Balaji Motion Pictures had associated with WeChat for the promotions of the movie.Users can get the latest anecdotes on the movie from the closed sets by following the official account of Lootera, ‘LooteraTheFilm’ on WeChat.WeChat launched its ‘Meet the Lootera Stars’ contest, which will give fans an opportunity to meet the star cast of Lootera and interact with them. Digitainment India, also associated with Lootera as its media partner and launched its kiosks ‘Mobile Talkies’ in collaboration with SSK Retails. It’s a service wherein customers can purchase movies and other content from an extensive list, which includes a mix of new releases and old hits, at retail stores and get them transferred to their preferred devices including mobile phones, tablets, memory cards and USB drives for a nominal price. Apart from the digital media platform, Balaji Motion Pictures and Harlequin India launched a special edition Mills & Boon – Lootera Collection in order to commemorate the beautiful essence of romance The cast also made an appearance in fiction show Uttaran on Colors.
  15. 15. Analysis of the marketing campaign The tools used by the movie promoters were well thought of and in a way they managed to pull of the vintage theme of movie in the promotions also. The viintage camera app was an innovative marvel that used the movie theme brilliantly Also their associations with brands like Cbazaar was a good tactical move given the theme of both the movie and the e-commerce site have similar themes. In the radio app the users could tune the radio as in the 50’s was a good way to immerse the fans into movie’s theme. Even after all these efforts the movie did not manage to create enough buzz to involve audience who were not Ranveer or Sonakshi’s followers. The only field that they seemed to play on was the vintage theme of the movie and that probably limited the audience. A plus point for the movie is that they managed to differentiate themselves from other movies of the era.
  16. 16. Alternative campaign for Lootera Social media platform was used brilliantly but more campaigns must go beyond FB and Twitter. Since the movie had a theme from the 50’s there was a huge opportunity for using print media The live shows have become a norm for bollywood movies and they must have differentiated themselves in some manner. Apart from Cbazaar the movie did not associate itself with many known brands The TV promotions were extensive and aggressive, but did not resonate with the 50’s theme in the movie which was the pillar in all other modes of promotion.
  17. 17. Ship of Theseus Produced by Soham Shah and Directed by Anand Gandhi. The movie has actors Aida AlKhashef, Neeraj Kabi &Sohum Shah Distributed in India by UTV motion Pictures and under the patronage of Kiran Rao a famous director. It is in English, Hindi, Arabic and swedish languages. The film was shot over a period of two years on a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. Made with a budget of 2.5 cr, not much was spent in marketing the movie..
  18. 18. Marketing strategy The movie is an extremely low budget movie without any notable celebrity associated with it. The initial buzz about the movie was created by Kiran Rao who along with UTV motion Pictures released the movie in India It was premiered in Toronto Film Festival in 2012 and since then has received numerous critical acclaims. Also it came as a surprise for the audience that a movie about which they haven’t even heard has already received so many awards and critical acclaim. A movie that has not been made in the traditional way required a very untraditional way of marketing itself. The audience for this movie was also niche.
  19. 19. Marketing strategy The first step was to gain attraction for which a special star studded screening of the movie was organized. Even before the launch the movie participated in a lot of International film festivals and received extremely positive reviews. Prizes won, along with positive reviews of various critics, are heavily shown in the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5xt0cKasDw The team of the movie hosted a unique press conference in the city on Monday, where they invited internet media and bloggers to cover the event. The logic was that this film’s target audience is essentially online, so the makers wanted to promote it using the online medium. The film’s distributors had ruled out a wide spread release of the movie. They were Targeting only the major cities in India. Their target audience were people who “watch cinema which has a certain meaning and want it more than just to entertain them”
  20. 20. Marketing strategy The distributers are looking to make the movie popular through word of mouth publicity. They also started a social media campaign as they thought that most of their TG were internet users. “Vote for your city” digital campaign is a unique method of promotion. In this the users can log on to facebook and vote for this movie to be released in their cities
  21. 21. Analysis of the Marketing strategy Given the Target audience and the unique nature of the movie, online campaigns are the most effective mode of communication. The underlying theme of marketing for this film is ‘Think about it’ and all content has been created with this end in mind. By posing questions to engage with people on social media platforms the idea is to get people to think. This initiative was designed to generate a valuable database to identify cities where audience for art house cinema exists in sufficient numbers. Extensive on-ground activation at places such as art galleries, cafes and restaurants, colleges and theatres takes care of the offline integration element in marketing plan of the film. The only scope of improvement I can think of is to have a multi-pronged online campaign. They could have used social media to create discussions about the elements of the movie.
  22. 22. Ghajini Produced by Tagore Madhu and directed by A.R Murgadoss , Ghajini is a record breaking bollywood movie. Distributed by Geetha arts, Reliance Entertainment and Showman Pictures Casting Amir Khan in the lead role, the movie was a high profile release It is based on a Tamil movie of the same name. Made with a budget of Rs 45 cr, the movie went on to earn a total of Rs 290 Cr.
  23. 23. Marketing Strategy The movie was one of the most innovatively promoted movie in the bollywood. Amir Khan is known for doing Different things differently and this in itself was enough to create the initial buzz. The look that Amir Khan sported in the movie got huge reception amongst the fans. Be it the hairstyle or the tatoos or the much celebrated 8 packs. The digital promotion involving websites and PC game. Also Amir Khans own personal blogs where he kept releasing facts about the movie. Offline Promos at Theaters and Television appearances Co branding with a lot of brands like Tata sky, Samsung etc.. Barber on the street promotion strategy and viral SMS campaign.
  24. 24. Initial promotions The look sported by Amir khan in the movie became an instant hit in the country even before the release of the movie • Amir khan sported the look even after the movie. • The producers tied up with Big multiplexes and gave them the same look • Amir Khan personally cut the hairs of fans in the same hair style.
  25. 25. Online promotions Rather than doing one way communication Promoters of Ghajini made the users to get involved in the promotions. Websites like “wallofghajini” and “findghajini” were some viral websites with contents revolving around the plot of the movie. India’s first bollywod movie based 3-D PC game was launched along with the movie on the same date. Amir’s blog contained a full screen pic of Ghajini’s Amir.
  26. 26. Co Branding Tata Sky- They had organized a contest specifically for the movie. They also chose Asin as their new brand ambassadors. The videos of Amir Khan’s fitness regime were released by Tata sky which later became very popular. Van Heusen- They had launched a similarly-named collection for today’s confident young men that is inspired by the movie. Models sported Khan’s clothing style from the film, but also his hairstyle. Tata Indicom‘s outbound dialer service with Khan’s pre-recorded voice. In this a Tata Indicom service user will get a call in Khan’s voice, asking the caller whether he is Ghajini and will tell the caller that the film is releasing on 25 December. Samsung launched special Ghajini edition of models L700 and M200 of its mobile phones of L700 and M200 models. These handsets were pre-loaded with ringtones, pictures and songs from Ghajini. Ghajini is the first Indian film to release a handset as part of the film’s content.
  27. 27. Other promotional activities With the TV channels filled with Ghajini promos, Aamir went into overdrive with his interviews, which came in by the day on every news and entertainment channel. Not to forget the guest appearances on reality shows, which is now a sort of a norm. The 'Theater personnels with Ghajini hair cut' act as a part of the deal between Ghajini producers and Big cinemas. It was a direct confrontation with the movies releasing around the same date especially ShahRukh Khan’s Rab ne Bana di Jodi.. Aamir Khan personally gave patrons the signature haircut, mannequins with the Ghajini look were placed at multiplexes. The 8 packs developed by Amir Khan were also promoted profusely with the launch of videos of his training.
  28. 28. Analysis of Ghajini’s marketing camaign It was one of the first movies to do so much of spending just for promotions. Most of its marketing activities were directed towards engaging the audiences and involving them in the process of promotion. More over it perfectly leveraged the 8 pack buzz, as previously ShahRukh Khan had done with his six packs. It utilized the online platform perfectly and got the audience talking about the movie. More over the barber on the street act was a very innovative method of promotion. It involved live events and gained attraction not just through the events but also through the news channels talking about this unique event. The only scope of improvement could have been the use of social media for engaging the customers more. Also they could have used the movie soundtrack a little bit more to promote the movie. Another area they should have explored was merchandizing. They could have created more brand value through this channel.