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Barista sponsorship


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Sponsorship management and marketinf by Barista Lavazza

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Barista sponsorship

  1. 1. Barista Lavazza Sponsorships Barista lavazza local sponsorships of music and cooking shows
  2. 2. Lavaza global sponsorships Lavazza’s global sponsorship includes Wimbledon, and vogue fashion nights
  3. 3. Scope for Other sponsorships Barista has sponsored local music events in the past Barista Lavazza can sponsor music shows on a larger scale Hard Rock Café is one example of music themed store and sponsors music event Classical music shows can be sponsored by Barista without deviating from its core positioning
  4. 4. Scope for Other sponsorships Shobha De launching her book at barista store Many book launch events organized at Barista stores It can explore this area further For example sponsoring Book shows and festivals
  5. 5. Scope for Other sponsorships Sports events and TV programs provides far greater visibility TV reality shows can be a product placement opportunities Sponsoring popular sports tournaments could provide greater visibility Sponsoring cooking reality shows like master chef can also provide an opportunity