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Large number of emails – tips how to deal with them


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Large number of emails – tips how to deal with them

  1. 1. Large number of emails – tips how to deal with them Do you have problem with large number of emails and you simply don’t know how to deal with them? Don’t worry, Jatheon is offering email archiving solution and this solution is what you need only because it will save your time for sure. With this solution you don’t need to spend so much of your precious time to organize your company’s email box. How? It’s simple and everything is automated. You just take Jatheon email archiving appliance which is driven by email archiving software and you can rest easy because your email is safe. Jatheon is an email archiving leader and this is very big reason why you should choose them. Did you heard about Hipaa email compliance? Don’t worry about it at all because you are ready to comply! With this solution not only that you will save your company’s money, you will also save your time! That means no manual email box organization anymore. You know how much is difficult to keep all those business emails in perfect order and ready to be searched. There are email archiving appliances for all business size! Take a visit: and determine right size for your business.