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Greece ogp open education


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OGP and Education

Published in: Education
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Greece ogp open education

  1. 1. Strategies to support the effective adoption of Open Education Javiera Atenas Open Education Working Group, Open Knowledge International Latin American Initiative for Open Data
  2. 2. Open Education – Key elements When we speak about Open Education, is not only about MOOCs, OER, Open Data and Repositories, but also about movement, a philosophy and politics, as to ensure that Open Educational Practices are adopted it is required to develop policies, commitments, strategies, declarations and guidelines at institutional, local and national level.
  3. 3. Open Education Commitments (OGP) • Greece • Slovak Republic • United States • Spain • Romania • Chile • Italy • Brazil
  4. 4. Policies on Open Education • Open Educational Policy, Open University • Operational policies, Leeds Beckett University • Open Educational resources, U of Leeds • Open Educational Resources, U of Edinburgh • Open Educational Resources, Glasgow Caledonian U • Mainstreaming OER, Germany • Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale
  5. 5. Open Education Strategies • Foundations for OER Strategy Development • Open Education Strategy in a mixed mode university • From Vision to Action – A Strategic Planning Process Model for Open Educational Resources • Using Open Educational Practices to Support Institutional Strategic Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Scholarship
  6. 6. Open Education Declarations • Wales Open Education Declaration of Intent. • Scottish Open Education Declaration • Morocco Open Education Declaration • Cape Town OE Declaration • Paris OER Declaration
  7. 7. Open Education Guidelines • Guidelines for open educational resources (OER) in higher education • Guidelines for QUT Open Education Resources • Guidelines for Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources • Open Educational Quality Initiative (OPAL)
  8. 8. Strategies to support the adoption of Open Education • Promote the development of national and institutional policies • Commit funding to support Open Education projects at national and institutional level • Promote the use of Open Licenses national and institutional level • Design instruments to reward the educators that open up their resources
  9. 9. Strategies to support the adoption of Open Education • Create promotion mechanisms for scholars committed with Open Education and Open Science • Support the creation of toolkits and capacity building programmes to enhance the adoption of Open Educational Practices • Develop impact indicators to support the promotion of Open Educational Practices