Piece of the puzzle


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PowerPoint used at the MPCA Community HealthCorps Site Supervisor Advisory Meeting on September 20, 2011.

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Piece of the puzzle

  1. 1. Piece of the PuzzleMPCA Community HealthCorps Advisory Meeting
  2. 2. Today’s AgendaItems for Ongoing Discussion Purpose Discussion Item One – Intensive Program Evaluation You are the missing piece Survey Results Discussion Item Two – Your Thoughts Answers are coming Federal Discussion Item Three – The Environment in Washington Priorities Our commitment to Michigan OnCorps Discussion Item Four – A Tool for Better Supervision Reports Accountability develops a better program & more effective members In-Kind Discussion Item Five – There is Nothing to Fear Contributions Regular coaching to get you to your goal Final Thoughts Discussion Item Six – We Want to Hear You! You are the real strength of our programming
  3. 3. PurposeTo Strengthen Our AmeriCorps Programming Statewide• Greater Impact at Your Site You are the Missing • Development of a Stronger Team Piece!!!!!!! • More Effective Members • Increased Accountability • Greater Impact • Improved Development • Greater Alignment in Goals
  4. 4. Survey Results We Must Know to Improve!!!!PRIMARY USE OF AMERICORPS RATING: 1 - 5• Access to Health Care • Quality of Service: 3 – 5 (5)• Health Promotion Initiatives • Value of Program: 4 – 5 (5)• Disease Prevention • Staff Support: 3 – 5 (5) • OnCorps Reports: 3 – 5 (3)
  5. 5. Federal Priorities • Disaster Services • Economic Opportunity • Education • Environmental Stewardship • Healthy Futures • Veterans & Military Families
  6. 6. CNCS STANDARDIZED MEASURESMeasure OutputH1 Number of unduplicated individuals who are uninsured, economically disadvantaged, medically underserved, or living in rural areas utilizing preventive or primary health care services and programs.H2 Number of unduplicated clients to whom information on health insurance, health care access, or health benefits programs is deliveredH3 Number of unduplicated clients enrolled in health insurance, health services, or health benefits programsH4 Number of unduplicated clients participating in health education programsH5 Number of unduplicated children and youth engaged in in-school or after-school physical education activities with the purpose of reducing childhood obesityH6 Number of unduplicated children and youth receiving nutrition education with the purpose of reducing childhood obesityH7 Number of unduplicated clients receiving language translation services at clinics and in emergency roomsH8 Number of unduplicated homebound or older adults and individuals with disabilities receiving food, transportation, or other services that allow them to live independently
  7. 7. Final Thoughts!