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Te309 text sets karen, jean, sarah the for real final


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Published in: Education
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Te309 text sets karen, jean, sarah the for real final

  1. 1. Welcome to Open House Night Tonights Focus Content Area ReadingPresented By: Sarah Mrozinski, Karen Rider, & Jean Strohpaul
  2. 2. Does this look familiar?
  3. 3. Content Area ReadingThat’s because reading ina content area is verydifferent from reading abook before bedtime.
  4. 4. Do you read everyinch of a newspaper? –A science book –A math book –A social studies book
  5. 5. What Now?
  6. 6. MathCounting
  7. 7. Learning Counting with Fiction
  8. 8. Learn Counting with Non-Fiction
  9. 9. One 1Two 2Three 3Four 4Five 5
  10. 10. Websites for Further Learning• m• ex.htm
  11. 11. Social StudiesMichigan and Michigan History
  12. 12. Activate Prior KnowledgeWhat I KNOW What I WANT What I to Know LEARNED
  13. 13. Learning From Fiction
  14. 14. Learning From Non-Fiction (nish NAW bey)
  15. 15. Websites for Further
  16. 16. Science The Environment
  17. 17. Learn Science with Fiction
  18. 18. Learn Science with Non-Fiction
  19. 19. Text FeaturesGlossary Water pollution kills off wildlife Caption
  20. 20. Text Feature ChecklistIs there a text Yes Nofeature?GlossaryIndexCaptionHeadingsSubheadingsGraphsTable of Contents
  21. 21. Interactive Websites oom/activities/actio n/way04.html
  22. 22. For More Information…