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powerpoint on astronaut(class X)


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powerpoint on astronaut(class X)

  1. 1.  1. 2. 3. 4. This PowerPoint gives a review of the four women astronauts who are:Peggy Whitson Pamela Melroy Sunita Williams Barbara Morgan There are also videos of their space travel experience
  2. 2. Alma mater NASA Astronaut Selection 376 days 17hrs 49min 1996 NASA Group Total EVAs 6 Time in space Nationality Status American Active Iowa Wesleyan College Rice University Total EVA time 39 hours, 46 minutes Born Other occupation (1960-02-09) February 9, 1960 (age 53) Mount Ayr, Iowa Biochemist Missions Mission insignia STS-111, Expedition 5, STS-113, Soyuz TMA-11, Expedition 16
  3. 3.     Pamela Anne Melroy is a retired United States Air Force officer and a former NASA astronaut. She Was born on 17 September 1961 She served as pilot on Space Shuttle missions STS92 and STS-112 and commanded mission STS-120 before leaving the agency in August 2009. After serving as Deputy Program Manager, Space Exploration Initiatives with Lockheed Martin, Melroy joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 2011, where she was a senior technical advisor and director of field operations for the FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation.
  4. 4.      Selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in December 1994, Melroy reported to the Johnson Space Centre in March 1995. Melroy served as pilot on two flights (STS-92 in 2000 and STS-112 in 2002), and was the mission commander on STS-120 in 2007, making her the second woman to command a space shuttle mission (after Eileen Collins). The STS-120 crew visited the station during Expedition 16, commanded by Peggy Whitson. Whitson was the first female ISS commander, making the STS-120 mission the first time that two female mission commanders were in orbit at the same time. She has logged over 924 hours (over 38 days) in space.
  5. 5. NEEMO 5 crew members are pictured in the bunkroom aboard the Aquarius research habitat. Top, L-R: Garrett Reisman, Emma Hwang; Middle: Whitson, Clayton Anderson; Bottom: James Talacek, Ryan Snow.
  6. 6.     STS-92 Discovery (October 11–24, 2000) was launched from the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida and returned to land at Edwards Air Force Base, California. During the 13-day flight, the seven member crew attached the Z1 Truss and Pressurized Mating Adapter 3 to the International Space Station using Discovery’s robotic arm and performed four space walks to configure these elements. This expansion of the ISS opened the door for future assembly missions and prepared the station for its first resident crew. The STS-92 mission was accomplished in 202 orbits, travelling 5.3 million miles in 12 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes and 25 seconds.
  7. 7. Peggy Whitson preparing for spacewalk from ISS during Expedition 5.