Stock portfolio management


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In General people invest on stocks. They need to monitor the various investments made and need to track the profit or loss occurred in the investment. There are many Stock Exchanges in the world if any one need to track the investment he may need to go through each and every stock and related currency and get the profit/loss to be converted in to his currency In order to do this operations automated we thought to develop a web application that tracks all the investments and converts his profit/loss on individual stock and overall spent.

Presented by Manoj Kumar Shivanathuni and his friends

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Stock portfolio management

  1. 1. Project Guide: ByI.Lakshmi Manikyamba K.Kranthi Kumar(08011A0515)(Asst Professor) S.Manoj Kumar(08011A0517)CSE -JNTUH S.M.Nadeem(08011A0518)
  2. 2.  Introduction Project Description Modules Tools used Screen shots Conclusion
  3. 3.  The stock of a business entity represents the original capital invested in the business. Generally stock is a set of shares. Stock may fluctuate in quantity(no of shares) and share price in every second. Stock Portfolio: A collection of companies with their shares and that are owned by a person.
  4. 4.  It is an online application through which the users can maintain their portfolio easily. With this the users can monitor whether their investments on particular stock renders them profit or loss. The portfolio gets updated for every 20 seconds by retrieving current price from yahoo finance. The users can update their portfolio according to their trade of shares.
  5. 5.  Profit or loss on each stock is displayed in rupee currency even though stocks belong to different stock exchanges. Conversions from different currencies to rupees will be done by retrieving the current value from Presently we are concerned with only four stock exchanges(NYSE,NASDAQ,BSE,NSE). So only dollar to rupee conversion is made.
  6. 6. requests invoke Presentation Service Business Logic generate return operation Invoke data Send resultThree tier architecture:I.Presentation Layer(Presentation) DataaccessobjectII.Business Logic Layer(Service,Business Logic, DAO) and update Access DataIII.Data Access Layer(Database) Send data Database
  7. 7.  Presentation module: This module contains html pages for presentation. Service module:This module contains JSP pages which will be executed in Web server and may also generate web page for presentation. Business Logic: This module contains actions performed based on the requests from JSP module. DataAccessObject:This module is resonsible accessing and updating database through database server.
  8. 8.  IDE: Netbeans Database: MySql Webserver: Apache TomcatTechnologies: JAVA, SQL, HTML, JSP, JSON.
  9. 9. Screen Shots
  10. 10.  By this application a user can easily manage and monitor the investments made on different stocks.