Screen sharing software TeamViewer


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TeamViewer is ranked #1 in C|Net and PCMag gave it 4.5 out of 5

It's my favorite remote sharing system software

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Screen sharing software TeamViewer

  1. 1. Presented BySanjeev Jaiswal (Jassi)Admin, Alien Coders
  2. 2. TeamViewer Introduction Why TeamViewer How it works For whom it is Version History Any alternatives Suuport Us
  3. 3. Overview Introduction  Screen sharing , online meeting, online conference and file sharing application  Ranked #1 in C|Net ( ) under remote sharing apps  Free for personal use  Best application for remote online troubleshooting  Can chat (audio/video)  Records presentation  Can use VPN  Available for almost all O.S.  Available in more than 30 Languages  And many more
  4. 4. Why TeamViewer Pros  Easy to use even for non-tech people  Free for personal use  Can do video chat  Can troubleshoot system while sharing the screen  Easy file transfer  Can remotely access through smart phones  Easy to install and fast to connect to other systems Cons  V7.x can connect to lower versions but lower versions can’t connect to v7.x  File sharing and VPN connection is still little complex for common man
  5. 5. How it works Connect to partner’s system (internet connection) using 9 digit id and 4 digit password Either allow the partner to access your system remotely Or ask id and password to access partner’s system remotely You can opt for various modes:  Remote connection  File transfer  VPN connection  Online Meeting (either host or join other’s meeting )
  6. 6. How it works (continued)•For full access to online meeting and to increase no. ofparticipants it requires paid version (upto 25 participants)•Sharing files and presentations is allowed in free versions too•If predefined password set for your computer, you can accessit from anywhere through internet
  7. 7. Who can use it Personal  One can share systems, can do audio/video chat, can share files directly  Can troubleshoot or can learn from an individual Small business  Can help clients through remote assistance  Through video chat and by showing presentation Corporate  Online meeting  VPN connection  Team work
  8. 8. Version History and Download Links Version History  It’s first release was way back in 2005 and gained popularity in no time. Latest versions are:  Windows: v7.0.12979 (3.4 MB) added on 19th March, 2012  Linux: v7.0.9348 (17.2 MB) added on 19th March, 2012  Android: v7.0.335 (1.7 MB) updated on 13th March, 2012  iOS: v7.0.9413 (19.5 MB) added on 7th February, 2012  Mac: v7.0.11023 (25.5 MB) on March, 2012 Official website: Download Link 
  9. 9. Any AlternativesYes it’s always there but my choice will be TeamViewer amongst all  Windows remote desktop Ultravnc Tightvnc LogmeIn Shomypc Dimdim Mikogo
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