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Online event management


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UTicketIt was made for this! You can easily register and set-up a custom event page for free. It takes only a few minutes and you can be promoting and selling tickets in no time.

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Online event management

  1. 1. Tips to Make a Successful Online event management
  2. 2. Online event management helps you to distributing and selling live event tickets and online tickets. An excellent online event management system will definitely do magic for your event by providing you positive feed-backs as well as results; it requires well planning and arrangements to make it successful.
  3. 3. A perfect event management is very necessary for all types of event to make them successful. Online event managing of an event is not an easy work. It’s not just the number of people that makes a show.
  4. 4. Find Right Partners to promote your event - It’s easy to say yes to every little mailing list and meet up group that asks to promote in exchange for free passes. Be sure to track sales through those groups. By having their support and branding on the website, you illustrate the authority of your event, and through their networks you reach a targeted group of buyers.
  5. 5. Create a Targeted VIP Guest list – Plan to let 15-20% of your attendees in as VIP guests. This list should be highly targeted. Those are the people other attendees want to meet, and as an act of thanks for the complimentary pass, they may let their network know they will be attending.
  6. 6. At the Right Time Publicize Your Attendee List –you make your attendee list public, if and when you choose. Be careful to pick the right time to do this. Having a list of attendees will influence whether someone wants to sign-up. Be sure to get your speakers, sponsors, and VIPs registered before you make the list public.
  7. 7. Attend Relevant Events – By attending industry-related events, you show potential attendees that you stay up to date on what’s going on, know the right places and people, and thus imply that you can bring the right crowd to your event as well.
  8. 8. Create a Safe and Proactive Environment – This will affect your future shows. Finally, we set a good example ourselves, being friendly, open, and interested in every attendee’s story at the conference, and coming with business plans and sketches ourselves.
  9. 9. Even if your event is smaller than expected, if you get high-quality attendees and business actually gets done, it will be an event to remember. Promoting an event well is as important as to create and manage it properly. Proper event promotion of your event plays a key role in making it a success. As an event planner, your top priority is to ensure the success of your event by getting maximum attendees.
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