Virtual Team Building International Week


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Virtual Team Building International Week

  1. 1. Christine Cope Pence Catharina Wulf March 2009 VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDING “TRAVEL GEMS” Academic Advisors To International Relocation Consultancies quot;we help you get the cultural message rightquot; 1 ©ccpence-cwulf
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction of Pence & Wulf  Desired learning outcomes  The project assignment  The completion process  The final outcome  Lessons learned 2 ©ccpence-cwulf
  3. 3. Pence & Wulf 3 ©ccpence-cwulf
  4. 4. Desired learning outcomes  Business relevant  Academically sound  Virtual team skills  Creativity  Innovation  Cultural awareness skills 4 ©ccpence-cwulf
  5. 5. The project assignment The Project: Working virtually with team members on two continents (USA and Europe), you are to develop a training module which could be used by consultants and trainers specialized in international relocation services. Consider that those conducting the training and those being trained may be from different cultural backgrounds and may not share the mastery of a common language. They may not be in the same physical location. Your training module is an online offer (using your newly minted Wiki on and should be attractive to the user both in terms of content and delivery. Develop your training module around a new scenario for the Outsourced film using one of the following situations. Be sure to indicate clearly the differences and reasoning for these differences. Handle socio-cultural stereotypes with care as they might lead you down a false path toward the confusion of cultural/nationality traits with individual uniqueness. - The outsourcing takes place in another Asian country (specify) instead of India. - The expat manager is from the UK. - The expat manager is from a country (specify) other than the US. Team Development Journal: Design a team journal-manual which illustrates the evolution of your team and its members through documents such as chat discussion logs, versions of files, discussion forums, images, and daily blogging events. Maintain an ongoing annotated bibliography of reference material from academic and practitioner sources using APA formatting. This should be done on your Wiki site. You must add the course professors to your Wiki: and 5 ©ccpence-cwulf
  6. 6. The completion process 6 ©ccpence-cwulf
  7. 7. The completion process 7 ©ccpence-cwulf
  8. 8. The completion process 8 ©ccpence-cwulf
  9. 9. The completion process 9 ©ccpence-cwulf
  10. 10. The completion process 10 ©ccpence-cwulf
  11. 11. The final outcome Something about Cambodia : Country Profile Once you arrive at the airport Immigration: How to move to Cambodia This is what we believe: Culture/Religion/Traditions in Cambodia Healthcare system/Education/Infrastructure in Cambodia Business: overall condition and courtesy Business Environment Making the best of your stay Going home: Is everything still familiar? In a nutshell Pilolo's aim Expat's links Bibliography of References Pilolo Conversation History 11 ©ccpence-cwulf
  12. 12. The final outcome  BLOG ARCHIVE ▼ 2009 (16)  ▼ March (9)   Team Pilolo: A Wonderful and Unique Learning Exper...  Break the ceiling is definitly possible!  A fantastic opportunity  All's Well That Ends Well  A surprising journey  A completed task: From Mr. Todd to Jane Goodman  Working on our story/scenario  Things are looking up!  Challenges and Frustrations.... ► February (7)  12 ©ccpence-cwulf
  13. 13. The final outcome THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2009 Working on our story/scenario 'Teammates, why I am the only one contributing to this blog'? You guys are making me feel like I have too much time on my hands . Anyway, I was faced with a little problem a few days ago, regarding our project. During our meeting via msn, I offered to help some of my teammates - by giving a few ideas towards the scenario/story. As a result, on the task list that we had posted, my name was included as being assigned that task. I tried really hard not to take responsibility for this task since I had other parts of the project to complete. After I was done with my part, and I realized that the scenario had not yet been created, I was a little bothered. Just the simple fact that my name was written next to the task had me worried. I just was not comfortable having my name next to an uncompleted task. I talked to Dr. Pence about it, and although she said not to worry too much about it, I could not let it go. Eventually, inspired by a fellow teammate in France who worked really hard on Tuesday afternoon/evening, I decided to come up with the scenario. Task completed and all... I was left wondering why I just could not wait and let things play out. My name being attached to the task played a big role in my decision. I remember being told over and over again when I was growing up, by my parents and teachers, 'Always remember the family from which you come, and that in everything you do, you are representing your family name'. On the other hand, with regards to completing assignments, I hate waiting until the last minute. However, when working within a group, you have to adapt to other people's ways of doing things. I guess, at the end of the day, all that matters is that the job gets done. 13 ©ccpence-cwulf
  14. 14. The final outcome 14 ©ccpence-cwulf
  15. 15. Lessons learned My notes from their presentations Our reflections 15 ©ccpence-cwulf