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Edineb Presentation Malaga 12.6.08


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Presentation edineb conference malaga EADA

Published in: Technology, Business
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Edineb Presentation Malaga 12.6.08

  1. 1. Web 2.0 & Executive education
  2. 2. Y generation Web 2.0 Executive Education
  3. 3. Y generation & web 2.0 • Technology • Collaborate, make things together, collective intelligence • Create, mix & share
  4. 4. Y generation & web 2.0 • Give your opinion, dialogue, make mistakes & learn • Network (flat organisation) • Work anywhere, anytime
  5. 5. Y generation & web 2.0 • Here & now • Effort + feedback & reward
  6. 6. 2008 2013 2018 2023 4% 0% 0% 0% Tradicionales 26% 14% 6% 2% BabyBoom 51% 48% 39% 24% Gen X 19% 38% 52% 49% Gen Y
  7. 7. Network
  8. 8. Example: Change management • Pre-work: Readings about culture and change management. Joining the wiki – Making a script to interview a CEO – • session 1: Mystery Main concepts about culture – The group holds an interview to a CEO to make the company diagnostic – shopping • Wiki work: Writing the diagnostic in the template. – Feedback • Session 2: from the Case analysis. New concepts about culture & change – teacher • Wiki work: Improving the diagnostic. First ideas about the change. – • session 3: Case analysis. New tools about change management. – • Wiki work Writing the whole assignment – • session 4 Group presentation. Discussion about the key concepts & feedback – • Evaluation of the wiki: Feedback using a video
  9. 9. RESULTS • Very good relationship between learning and individual effort. • Permits to develop many competences: – Teamwork, networking… • The alumni satisfaction is very high • The methodology is very motivating • Gives a lot of flexibility to work in your preferred time and place. • There is a learning curve that can be accelerated (team leaders, roles, key tech users, etc) • Knowledge comes from many sources and is shared among the groups. • The teacher have control on the group evolution and can give a lot of feedback • Permits the self-evaluation, 180º evaluation and the teacher’s evaluation. • Using a video to give feedback at the end of the assignment increases the learning experience
  10. 10. Recommendations • Help people who dislike technology, creating the role “IT expert” • Make a very clear methodology for the assignment. Use templates and create the role “shaper”. • Give feedback very often . Motivate… • Advise the groups about creating their own rules: Using – RSS, respecting and making comments about other people ideas, voting before making decisions… • Technology is changing quickly, and there are many companies developing new tools. Instead of developing your own tools, start renting or using for free
  11. 11. Team roles Resource action mental investigator Creative Shaper Evaluator Implementer Finalizer Specialist COORDINATOR Team social Worker
  13. 13. Other tools...
  14. 14. – – – – – –